Rebirth: Chapter 63 (Part 1)

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Chapter 63: Meeting again when school reopens, Call me Yaoyao
(Part 1)

“Oh? Like this ah……” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth lifted in a beautiful curve.

The dishes were served up consecutively by the waiter. At this time, Artha who went to clean up her skirt, has also changed into a newly bought dress and returned carrying a paper bag. She sat into her seat and smiled at the four extra people who suddenly appeared and used Mandarin to introduce herself briefly, silently guessing that these four people should be Lu Anran’s classmates as they were all about the same age.

Chu Yao and everyone else gazed at Artha, who looked more beautiful and delicate than a doll. With a face full of surprise, she awkwardly laughed and introduced herself. Another dish was served up and Lu Anran gestured for everybody to start eating.

During the meal, nobody said anything, the price of the dishes was not very high and was about $80 per head. For the general public, it was a place well suited for family dinners and small friends gathering. On the other hand, there were also restaurants targeted at rich people under the Lu Corporation banner where it was about $800 per head and was a very suitable environment for business negotiations.

Also, the taste of the Lu Family cuisines was very authentic and was deeply loved by the citizens of S City. The decorations of the restaurant was simple and unsophisticated, the attitude of the staff was also very polite and good. Everyone was very happy eating and dining at restaurants under Lu Corporation’s management.

After the meal, Lu Anran paid 720 Yuan for it and then first sent Artha back to Kai Long. Ling Yingying and the other three felt a little embarrassed about Lu Anran’s invitation to dinner. For Lu Anran whose family owns a large business, $700 probably does not mean much to her, but for Ling Yingying and the other three people, $700 was not a lot but it was also not a small amount. Earlier, Chu Yao invited them to eat and they were prepared to go to fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, where they could settle their dinner of four people with no less than 200 Yuan. All of them agreed to this plan, but $700…..was really a bit much ah…. Although Lu Anran treated the three of them, but they did enjoy themselves, right? At this moment, she was rather embarrassingly thanking Lu Anran repeatedly in her heart.

“Don’t worry about it! There is still another two days until school starts, everyone let’s meet again then!” Lu Anran said as she waved her hands.

“Bye Bye!” Ling Yingying and the other three people also said their goodbyes. But Chu Yao did not leave with Ling Yingying and the others, instead she proceeded to scrutinize Lu Anran with an unhappy facial expression. After not meeting for a while, it seemed like Lu Anran has become even prettier than before, really making her feel so infuriated.

“Chu Yao, where are you planning to go later ah?” Lu Anran felt super uncomfortable being stared at by Chu Yao, but still outwardly gave a calm face to her.

“Later?” Chu Yao retracted her gaze and replied. “I’m not going anywhere, Dad said that a guest is coming today, so I’m heading home directly later.” Recalling Chu Wanhai’s imposing appearance this morning, Chu Yao speculated in her heart that this person should be related to the mysterious person over in Kyoto, and most possibly connected to the scheme to kill Lu Anran. Thinking about this, Chu Yao felt very happy.

“A guest?” Lu Anran frown slightly and then gave her a faint smile, “then you should go back quickly! It’s also time for me to go home, Grandpa is very strict on my curfew time.”

“En! Bye Bye! Chu Yao waved and turned around to leave.

Gazing at Chu Yao retreating back, Lu Anran’s mood was not very good. Chu Wanhai’s guest was most likely related to the mysterious person, and it looked like they were about to take new action again….

Seeing Lu Anran’s worried face, Ji Ling and Lu Anhu could only apprehensively look at each other. “Anran, what’s wrong? What are you thinking of?” Ji Ling reached out and nudged Lu Anran’s arm.

“Nothing much.” Lu Anran smiled faintly and shook her head. “Ji Ling, do you still have anything you need to buy?”

Ji Ling thought for a moment, “nope, I have already bought everything I need.”

“I’ll let Uncle Zhang send you home.” Lu Anran replied. “There is still another place Anhu and I need to go.”

“Ok!” Ji Ling nodded her head, “I’ll go home now that both of you have somewhere else to go, also I’ll be fine without Uncle Zhang, I can just take the public transport home!”

“It’s alright, after all I don’t need the car right now. After Uncle Zhang sends you home, Uncle Zhang can come back to pick me up, I still need to go to a place near here.” Lu Anran smiled and stretched out her hand to ruffle Ji Ling’s hair.

“Don’t do that la! I won’t be able to grow taller if you do that!” Ji Ling waved her fist about in protest, her smiling baby face puffed up in anger and was unspeakably cute.

“I got it la!” Lu Anran also smiled. “Quickly go home!”

“En!” Ji Ling waved her hands, carried her backpack and skipped off. Lu Anran gazed at Ji Ling’s retreating figure, gave a phone call to Uncle Zhang to tell him about Ji Ling and then turned around to look towards Lu Anhu. The corners of her mouth were tilted up slightly.

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  1. Jesus christ how many chicken nuggets do they need to order TO GET A TOTAL OF $200
    *coughs up blood*


    Aaaaaanyway I humbly thank u for the translations u share with us :3!!

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  2. Thaaaank you so much for the chapter!! So I guess it’s gonna be Anran’s scumb*g husband on her first life 😬 but uuuuuh I can’t wait for the school arc and srsly though 700$. I mean 80$ per head. That’s like a lot for a dinner between friends. Srsly…I wish I was as rich as these peeps in the novels 🌚😂😂😂

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