Rebirth: Chapter 61 (Part 2)

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Chapter 61: Absurd Eldest son (of a rich family), Feng Corporation to the rescue

(Part 2)

“Feng…… Feng Corporation!” Luo Hai was shocked. No matter how ignorant he was, he has heard of the renowned Feng Corporation ah! Who does not know of Feng Corporation in Country Z? In Country Z, Long Corporation practically controls all of Country Z’s economic resources while Feng Corporation monopolises the medical and military matters. This person was not someone who he, a trivial mayor’s son of S city, could afford to offend ah!

“Hng!” Feng Sihan coldly snorted and said, “Hurry up and get lost, if I ever see you harassing other maidens again, I’ll also break off your other arm! Scram!”

After hearing Feng Sihan’s words, Luo Hai gritted his teeth and hurriedly climbed up from the ground while enduring his pain. Covering his arm, he ran away and parted the crowd who gathered to watch a good show. If he rushed to the doctor now, his arm could definitely still be saved!

Observing that even Luo Hai has escaped, the girl that was with Luo Hai also quickly got up from the ground and ran towards the crowd to chase after him.

Seeing that both eyesores has already left, Lu Anran smiled gratefully at Feng Sihan, “Thank you for just now.”

“You are welcome! Just a small matter!” Feng Sihan waved her hand and said, “Ling Long, let’s go!”

“Yes Miss.” Ling Long followed behind Feng Sihan.

Turning around overbearingly, Feng Sihan softly asked Ling Long who was beside her, “Ling Long, was this Young Miss cool just now?”

“Cool!” Ling Long responded expressionlessly.

“Hng hng hng~” Feng Sihan became even more smug, and her steps became even wider.

The pair of master and servant gradually disappeared in front of Lu Anran.

Feng Corporation? Gazing at the back of the two’s departure, Lu Anran slightly frowned. Why did the Third Miss of Feng Corporation come to S city at this time? Feng Corporation was equally renowned as Long Corporation in Country Z. There were also tenant shops under Feng Corporation in Long Corporation shopping centre. Their visit this time was probably due to the collaboration with Long Corporation…… Thinking in this way, Lu Anran nodded her head and the matter passed.

“Anran!” Lu Anhu squeezed through the crowd while carrying two cups of drinks, “What happened?”

“Nothing!” Lu Anran shook her head and took the drink from Lu Anhu’s right hand, “Let’s go! Let’s go and buy some stationary.”

“Okay.” Ji Ling pulled on Lu Anran’s hand, “Anran, why are there so many people gathering around here ah!”

“I’m also not sure.” Lu Anran answered vaguely, “Let’s quickly go and buy some stationaries. After buying, I’ll take you to eat some delicious food!”

“Okay ah! Long live!” Ji Ling happily raised her hand and cheered.

Seeing Ji Ling laughing so happily, Lu Anran was also infected by her smile. During the last 100 days of school, she pretended to break off all relations with Lin Da, and the person who was hurt the most was probably Ji Ling. She consistently consoled them and mediated between Lu Anran and Lin Da by running errands and telling both of them great things about each other. But, Lu Anran and Lin Da still did not talk to each other, and Ji Ling has also cried many times because of this.

If it was not for fear of affecting Ji Ling’s high school entrance exam results, Lu Anran was prepared to keep it a secret until Lin Da returned from abroad, but because she could not bear seeing Ji Ling in a daze every day, so she briefly told Ji Ling what happened between her and Lin Da. Ji Ling was much better after hearing it, and concentrated on her studies, she did well on her high school entrance exams and entered First Middle in S city with Lu Anran.

To Lu Anran, meeting Lin Da and Ji Ling these two good friends after her rebirth was enough to make up for her regrets of having no friends in her previous lifetime.

The three of them bought schoolbags, notebooks, different coloured tabs and so on. Lu Anhu felt that it was good as long as it can be used but Lu Anran and Ji Ling picked and chose and bought a bunch of stuff which he thought were fancy.

Lu Anran also bought a new diary. This diary was an A5-sized navy blue, hardcover spiral bound book. What attracted Lu Anran was the large golden lettering on the cover ‘This is so me”. She was about to begin her high school life again, the darkest part of her previous lifetime. In her previous lifetime, when she was in high school, she fought, was advised to quit schooling, and was involved in a scandal. Even after transferring school, everyone feared and shunned her. For the whole three years, she muddled passed aimlessly, regularly skipping classes and playing truant…… Since she was living her life again, this time in her own arena, she wants to make up for her regrets from her previous lifetime. She will be the one singing the main theme in this lifetime. No one will be able to control her life!

After paying, Lu Anran took Ji Ling and Lu Anhu and headed straight for the third floor. The third floor of the shopping mall was a dining area. When Lu Anran brought them into a restaurant, the maître d hurriedly came forward, “Eldest Young Miss, you are here.”

“En!” Lu Anran answered. Taking the lead, she sat down at a four- person table by the window of the restaurant. She then smiled at Ji Ling and Lu Anhu and said, “What do the both of you want to eat ah?”

Only now did Ji Ling realised that Lu Anran has brought them to a place that was under Lu Food and Beverage Corporation. Ji Ling flicked through the menu and said, “I also don’t know what to order.” She was most afraid of making decisions and has decidophobia. The thing she hates most in exams is multiple choice questions! Ji Ling shifted her eyes from the menu to Lu Anran, “Anran, since this is your family’s restaurant, you can order it!”

Lu Anhu also pushed the menu away, “I’m fine with anything, you can just order!”

Lu Anran nodded, “Sure.” Lu Anran flipped open the menu and firstly ordered four meat dishes for Ji Ling and Lu Anhu, “Five-coloured shredded eel (top left), Squirrel fish (bottom left), stir-fried beef tenderloins with king oyster mushroom (middle), and also three delicacies of sea and land.” After ordering, she ordered two vegetarian dishes for herself, “Buddha jumping over the wall (bottom right) and stir fried four mushrooms (top right).”

“Okay.” After the waiter in charge of the menu responded, he asked, “Eldest Young Miss, would you like to order some drinks?”

“Are three cups of freshly squeezed orange juice ok?” Lu Anran looked at Lu Anhu and Ji Ling.

“Ok, ok!” Ji Ling and Lu Anhu nodded. So much food, even if four more people came, they might not be able to finish! Can they even finish it? Ji Ling looked at Lu Anran and then looked at Lu Anhu. She then shook her head helplessly. She does not understand the world of the rich.

After the waiter left, Lu Anran glanced out of the glass window and noticed two familiar figures, “Bro Anwei?”


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