Rebirth: Chapter 61 (Part 1)

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Chapter 61: Absurd Eldest son (of a rich family), Feng Corporation to the rescue

(Part 1)

“Scram!” Lu Anran did not feel like wasting any saliva speaking to this person.

“Don’t leave ah! Don’t you know who I am?” The man’s eyes lingered on Lu Anran’s body. Such a beautiful girl ah! Although she looked very young, but he can predict that in another two to three years, she would turn into a great beauty ah!

“Don’t you know who I am!” Lu Anran lifted her head in annoyance and coincidentally met the lewd eyes of the man. A wave of nausea poured into her heart once again.

“Ha ha ha! I really don’t care who you are! I only know that this is S city and this territory is under my, Luo Hai’s, control!” The man, named Luo Hai, laughed arrogantly. So amusing, he cannot believe that there was actually someone in S city who dared to compare status with him.

Luo Hai? Lu Anran frowned. After recalling who this person was, she smiled scornfully, “I thought who it was? So it is Mayor Luo’s son ah!” Lu Anran remembered that in her previous lifetime, Luo Hai was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assault. His father Luo Zhong was also dismissed from his post because of this incident. At that time, Luo Hai’s incident was even ranked third on the annual selection of top ten most unfilial behaviour. As it happened in S city, Lu Anran still remembered it very vividly.

This Luo Hai was indeed an ignorant and condescending bastard. For him to have bred out such a son, Luo Zhong was definitely not a good person either. Being dismissed was also not bad!

Noticing that Lu Anran was not afraid even when she knew his own identity, Luo Hai frowned and started to scrutinize Lu Anran from head to foot. Looking carefully at her face, it seemed like he had seen it somewhere before…… But could not remember for a moment.

“Before I get angry, you’d better scram immediately!” Lu Anran coldly harrumphed.

Luo Hai became a little hesitant. Indeed, this girl does not look like a commoner, her imposing manner also seemed unusual, but this face and this budding little figure was just too tempting. He was simply unwilling to just give up ah! Clenching his fist, Luo Hai remembered his father is a mayor. He gnashed his teeth. What was there to be afraid of! Doesn’t he still have a father? Even if the sky collapsed and became a hole, as long as he was still Luo Zhong’s son, Luo Zhong would never disregard him. So, he hardened his heart and evilly laughed, “I don’t know how to scram, but I am skilled at shaking the sheets! Come with big brother, big brother will let you know what a real man is! Ha Ha Ha!”

“Despicable! Bah!” Lu Anran pooh-poohed.

Once Luo Hai heard that Lu Anran also dared to curse him, he became furious instantly. No matter who this girl was, he must do her today! Thinking this way, he stretched out hands to pull Lu Anran.

“Ling Long!” A crisp feminine voice sounded, and immediately after, a black shadow flashed across. Before Lu Anran could see clearly, Luo Hai had already fallen onto the floor, and the right arm that he was going to use to grab Lu Anran was now turned at an incredible angle. Looks like his hand would be crippled for life.

Luo Hai was stunned for a few seconds before letting out a mournful wail that was equivalent to a dying pig, “Ah! My hand! My hand! Ah!!!”

The girl that was with Luo Hai was instantly frightened. She had never seen this kind of scene before. Slumping onto the ground, she stared restlessly at the short-haired woman, fearing that the other party would also break her own hand.

“Hng!” The woman who was named Ling Long was in her early twenties and dressed in a black professional suit. She had short-hair that was very practical, and an attractive face with a cold expression. After glaring down disdainfully at Luo Hai who was wailing and howling continuously, she returned back to the girl who issued the order.

The girl had approximately the same physique as Lu Anran and seemed to be of the same age. She had short shoulder length hair, an oval face with large round bright eyes, and appeared to be a girl full of vigour. She was wearing a navy-blue dress, white leggings and red leather shoes. At this time, both her hands were at her waist and had an air of full of haughtiness.

“You! Who are you! How dare you hit me! Do you know who I am?” Luo Hai was in pain, so much so that his forehead was soaked in sweat, yet he still noticed that the girl in front of him was also a beauty.

“Hng! I heck care who you are!” The girl’s words were full of disdain, “Ling Long, tell him who I am!”

“Yes!” Ling Long replied and begun her introduction, “This is the Third Young Miss of Kyoto’s Feng Corporation, Feng Sihan!”


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      1. Chapter 59 part 2. She forced her way into Long Yuxing’s room to talk to him because she saw another woman leaving the villa. LYX threatened to take away her company’s store in the Long’s new shopping centre to get her to leave.


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