Rebirth: Chapter 62 (Part 1)

Sorry for the late update… The horrible exam period is here again but we will try our best to update as per scheduled~ (ノへ ̄、)

Chapter 62: Eating together, meeting Chu Yao again

(Part 1)

“Hm?” Lu Anhu followed the direction Lu Anran was pointing at and saw Lu Anwei. The girl at his side was Artha, the French girl whom they met previously at Kai Long.

“Ask them to come in!” Lu Anran said, slightly frowning.

“Okay!” Lu Anhu obeyed and jogged out to stop the both of them from entering a Western restaurant. After saying a few words with them, Lu Anwei and Artha entered with Lu Anhu.

Lu Anran greeted Lu Anwei and Artha when they reached the table and asked the waiter to bring one more chair over. When she saw the pairing of Lu Anwei and Artha, Lu Anran also felt they were quite suitable, but wasn’t Qin Shuhan the one that Lu Anwei liked? Isn’t this relationship in a bit of a mess ah!

Meeting Lu Anran’s scrutinising expression, Artha joked and said, “It was I who asked Lu Anwei to accompany me for lunch. Miss Lu, please don’t misunderstand ah!”

Lu Anra drank a mouthful of the freshly squeezed orange juice and faintly smiled, “What is there for me to misunderstand? It is all thanks to Miss Artha’s exquisite skill that Bro Anwei’s face has now become so handsome ah!”

“Miss Lu must be joking.” Artha’s large eyes shone brightly. She has stayed in Country Z for more than three years and spoke Mandarin well, “Anwei was originally already very handsome ah!”

Hearing Artha’s praise, Lu Anwei smiled and politely nodded. If it was not for Lu Anran’s suggestion, he probably would have never gone for scar removal treatment or whatnots for the rest of his life! But for the sake of his duty, he also does not have a choice, right? Lu Anran had also asked him to go for his treatment early this morning as well. Artha’s hands were so soft and comfortable, the ointment that was smeared on his face had such soothing fragrance so much so that he had no knowledge of the head and neck decompression massages that Artha gave him during his treatment, as he would be sleeping. He always felt very at ease.

Chewing on a straw, Lu Anran gazed at both of them, trying to guess the relationship between them. Just guessing was indeed somewhat unsuitable. Lu Anran’s mind whirred and she cleared her throat before asking Ji Ling, “Ji Ling ah! You sent me a message telling me that you have seen Teacher Qin, where did you see her ah?” While saying this, she observed Lu Anwei.

“Pa” The white porcelain cup in Lu Anwei’s hand fell onto the table, and a splash of tea splattered onto white dress of Artha who sat next to him.

“Oh my god!” Artha stood up, shocked.

“Sorry.” Lu Anwei realised that he has lost control of himself and hurriedly handed paper towels over to Artha.

“Its…. It’s fine.” Artha smiled awkwardly.

“Waiter, being more paper towels over!” Lu Anran called out. This response of Lu Anwei has already made everything clear!

“Its… It’s okay.” Artha waved her hand and said while smiling, “I’ll go to bathroom.” It would be better to wash off the tea water with water. If it dried naturally overtime, it might leave a stain behind.

It was only after Artha left that Ji Ling answered Lu Anran’s question, “Teacher Qin ah! I saw her at the city centre yesterday, seems like she has just returned to China! She was with her brother.” Ji Ling smacked her little lips, “Teacher Qin’s brother is so handsome ey!”

“Why do you have a look of wanting to eat someone……” Lu Anran could not help teasing, “Even your saliva is dribbling out!”

“Che……” Ji Ling waved her tiny hands and said, “As the ancient saying goes, the desire for food and sex is part of human nature!”

“Don’t blame on the ancient people!” Lu Anran helplessly shook her head, “You may not grow any taller!”

“Anran!” Ji Ling waved a small bun- like fist and protested while making threatening gestures. Her indignant face was exactly like a cat whose tail has been trampled on.

“Ok ok ok! I won’t say anything any longer, won’t say it!” Lu Anran truly felt that Ji Ling was very cute ah! They were both at the same age of fifteen, but Ji Ling was a little shorter than 1.5 m. Previously, she has seen Lin Da walking quickly with her head bowed whilst thinking about god-knows-what, and Ji Ling jogging by her side, while saying something. That image had filled her with indescribable happiness.

“Hng!” Ji Ling hmphed and turned her head away expressing her displeasure. She was suddenly taken aback again. Pointing at the nearby figure outside the transparent glass window, she said, “It’s Chu Yao!”

(;´д`)ゞ Chu Yao has appeared again!

12 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 62 (Part 1)

  1. Author seems to have memory loss. Two-Three months ago, Artha was speaking broken mandarin – now it’s drastically improved because she’s been living here for several years?
    Lu Anwei just needs to move on. I very much disliked the drama that was his short-lived relationship with Qin Shuhan – utterly unnecessary and badly written. If they had some sort of history which went way back, it would have been more tolerable – like the main CP – but these two blockheads only knew each other for one summer when she was there to tutor Anran. Talk about melodramatic…


  2. Realmente detesto a Anran cuando se trata de Anwei… ¿cómo puede ser tan insensible para decir que ahora se volvió hermoso? Artha misma piensa que ya era guapo antes, pero Lu Anran parece que sólo podía ver una cicatriz y no la cara de su primo…


  3. Hey, not cool. She had figgured out what he really was and true to give him a clean break, sorta. And besides, if Anran thinks they’ll be good together, what say you?


  4. My. Gods. Chu Bitch ugh.
    And oh god.
    Qin slut.

    I am entirely against Qin. She does not deserve the Cinnabon that is Anwei.
    She BROKE his heart. Crushed and stomped on it.
    Though, Anwei is a bit at fault too. If he has persevered and talked to her, then maybe.
    But Qin slut stomped and crushed it.
    Gods. I quite like Artha she’s honest and very friendly and nice. So much better then Qin slut.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And you don’t think that Teacher Qin tried??? She was hung up on him for years and Anwei knew about it, he just decided to AVOID THE SITUATION LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES. So how was Teacher Qin supposed to know that he would actually realize that he loved her after sleeping with her? With her past experience with Anwei, of course she would assume that he would either go back to avoiding it LIKE ALWAYS or he would try to take responsibility ONLY out of duty. Can you think of how devastating it must have been for her to believe that those were the only two options facing her that morning???? Like most human beings, her response was to protect herself. Which turned out to be a horrible and cruel decision for everyone involved, yes, and I feel terrible for Anwei too because ouch what a whammy to hear first thing in the morning. But let’s not forget that it took two people to get this point. Look I know that this is fiction or whatever, but some fucking human empathy would not be out of place.

      Thanks for the chapter chestnut translator(s)


      1. I understand your point clearly. And I KNOW. Why she did that.
        But to correct your points, they’ve only known each other for a couple years? It started when she was hired as tutor. And THAT much Time hasn’t passed. And the only things they really did was “longingly” look at each other from a distance. And interacted in a fairly formal manner. So they both didn’t know each other on such a deep enough level.
        But, I understand why she did all of that and was very cruel and mean.
        But I’m on Anwei’s defense.
        He was TRYING to explain okay.
        When something bad happens between two people. The best way to resolve said situation is to calmly talk it out and try to understand each other. But she shot him down hard. And she saw the look on his face too.
        TEacher Qin KNEW how much she hurt him.
        She knew he may have been cold on the outside. But he was very sensitive and kind inside.
        She knew what she was doing.
        Anwei, READS ROMANCE BOOKS, as fellow readers of romance. I’m sure the both of us know a lot about relationships and people. He knew what he had to do and was going to straight out tell her.
        But when he did, she shot down ALL attempts and wouldn’t listen.
        And I’m just saying, she doesn’t deserve Anwei, you can’t just shatter someone like that.
        That, is not nice.
        It’s very cruel.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It wasn’t even a couple of years – it was several months!!! Now it may be going on a year since Anran has graduated and is now in middle (high) school. Let’s be realistic here – their relationship was hardly anything substantial for them to be acting the way they did and Teacher Qin practically blackmailed Anwei emotionally into sleeping with her. I cannot respect her as a woman or as a character.

          Liked by 1 person

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