Rebirth: Chapter 58 (Part 2)

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Chapter 58: Allergic to alcohol, business negotiations

(Part 2)

Long Yuxing frowned unhappily, “Not seeing!” This Ah Lin was really… Didn’t he see how unwell he is?

Ah Lin paused and said out the other half of the sentence from the messenger, “Aside from that, Miss Anran is also downstairs waiting to see you.”

“Anran?” Long Yuxing frowned and said, “Bring her up here. Don’t turn on the lights.”

Ah Lin nodded his head in response, “Understood Young Master” and closed the door on his way out.

The room was in darkness once more. Long Yuxing closed his eyes and recalled his childhood memories.

The sunset on that day was probably the most beautiful sunset he has ever seen! And that park, the last time he passed by, he discovered that the park has already been demolished and has changed to a neighbourhood full of residential buildings.

At that time, he followed his grandfather to attend a meeting in S city., and in the end, because he wanted to play, he ran out but got lost at a park. As it was getting late, the entire park only left him and another little girl who was on the swing the entire time. Just as he was hesitating whether to ask the little girl for directions, the girl looked up first and asked him, “Hey, you don’t have a father either? Did you also run away from home?”

The sunset at that time was so red, and the redness glowed on her face. He had never seen such lonely expression, it was as though she was a little girl who came from a painting. He looked at her blankly, and only replied her after a long while, “I also don’t have a father, but I didn’t run away from home. I…… am lost.”

“Like that ah……” The girl swayed on the swings again, ignoring him.

The two of them stayed this way, the girl swaying on the swings while he stood there staring at her in a trance……


A gentle knock on the door interrupted Long Yuxing’s thoughts. He said in a hoarse voice, “Please come in.”

Pushing the door open, Lu Anran walked in. The room was dark, only seeing an outline of a figure on the bed. Once the door was closed, the whole room was enveloped in total darkness.

In darkness, Lu Anran felt extremely uneasy and her eyes were vigilantly staring at the figure on the bed.

Long Yuxing opened his eyes and used them to see the outline of Lu Anran, “Miss Lu, please have a seat.”

Lu Anran gradually adapted to the darkness. She groped around and sat on the leather sofa that was closest to the door. The sofa was very comfortable, Lu Anran felt slightly at ease, “Young Master Long, why don’t you turn on the lights? Could it be you are trying to save energy?”

The corner of Long Yuxing’s lips lifted and faintly answered, “Excuse me, I have an eye disease and just applied medicine. Can’t be exposed to light for the time being.”

After hearing Long Yuxing’s words, Lu Anran frowned and was a little embarrassed, “I’m really sorry for the sudden visit.” Seems like she has disturbed other’s rest.

Long Yuxing smiled and said, “Miss Lu is being polite.” In darkness, he could still see her bright eyes, “I wonder what brought Miss Lu to specially visit?”

Lu Anran replied, “It’s like this, as far as I know, Long Corporation’s shopping centre will be completed by the end of September this year. This time, I’m here to discuss about Lu Food and Beverage Corporation’s occupancy in the shopping centre.”

“Pfft……” Long Yuxing could not help laughing out loud, he was really unused to Lu Anran saying such serious words. A little fifteen- year- old adult, how cute~

“Uh……” Hearing Long Yuxing’s laughter, Lu Anran was a little embarrassed. What does this mean? Does he think that she was not qualified enough? Lu Anran frowned discontentedly, “Young Master Long, you may think that I am still very young, and a member of the fairer sex. But today I’m here to represent Lu Corporation! The last time during my Grandpa Lu Jianhao’s birthday, he has also officially announced that the management rights to the 100th branch will be entirely entrusted to me. If Young Master Long is unsatisfied with anything, you can just say it.”

Long Yuxing also did not expect Lu Anran to be so angry so he said, “Miss Lu, please don’t misunderstand. I am not looking down upon Miss Lu, just that I felt Miss Lu’s age was about the same as my younger sister yet the lines you said were so adult- like. I could not help thinking of my playful sister. If there are areas that I have upset Miss Lu, I will apologize to Miss Lu right now.”

It was only after Lu Anran has listened to Long Yuxing’s explanation that her tightly knitted eyebrows gradually eased up, “I was being too sensitive. Let’s continue to talk about the collaboration!”

Long Yuxing smiled. “What does Miss Lu want to talk about? The store location and rent has already been settled previously!”

Lu Anran answered, “This time, I came to find Young Master Long is to discuss about advertisement of this branch store of Lu Corporation in Long Corporation’s shopping centre.”

Long Yuxing was slightly astonished, and the corners of his lips lifted. Truly an intelligent girl. To actually look for him directly to discuss about the most profitable advertisement space, and being so frank as well, “I don’t understand what Miss Lu mean……”

Lu Anran also went straight to the point, “I want the advertising rights in the main hall on the first floor Long Corporation’s shopping centre.” Lu Anran knew how important and rare that position was, “Of course, I will not want it in vain. Young Master Long can state a reasonable price.”

Long Yuxing’s eyes flashed a hint of deliberation, “And if I said I want you?”

Lu Anran was visibly stunned, then she smiled and said, “Young Master Long, please stop joking. How can Anran enter the eyes of Young Master Long? Anran is only here today to discuss about business.”

Long Yuxing sized up Lu Anran, the doting in his eyes became increasingly deep, “I can let Lu Corporation have the advertising rights on the first floor of Long Corporation’s shopping centre for free for two months!”

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  1. Sooo…they spent one afternoon together as kids, barely spoke more than three sentences and he fell ‘devotedly’ in love…? I understand that kids are very impressionable and childhood memories are quite deeply embedded in the conscious of our minds but – do I just blame this on poor writing by the author? Doesn’t make any sense, like, why is he so infatuated with her!

    I hope there’s another part to that flashback memory we haven’t been told yet…perhaps she inadvertently saved him from ill-intentioned adults or helped him when he was about to be kidnapped or…called the ambulance because he was under a sudden asthma attack or….


  2. At 15, I was an otaku who dedicated her life for anime. There may be times I appear smart but in reality I’m dumb asf. Can’t even run to save my life. Anran is so amazing to be able to do all these things. Yes she’s been reborn, but the amount of wisdom she has gained after that horrible event is astounding. Looking forward to see her grow more and become closer to Yuxing. Thank you for the chapter, translator-nim!!

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  3. At 15, I would be scared shit if I got a proposition like that! I mean in this story we know Long Yuxing. But in real life, there are wolves who love fresh young meat. 😱

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  4. Awww…Long Yuxing getting his ins…Excited for the next chapss..

    Thanks for translating, translator.
    Thanks for editing, editor.
    Thanks for writing it, author.

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