Rebirth: Chapter 59 (Part 1)

Just thought we should mention that the person Lu Anran is engaged to (now) is probably Lin Haosheng (in Chapter 1) and Sihan from Feng family is a new character… >< There are too many characters in this novel...

Chapter 59: Call me Young Master Long, honourable daughter of Feng family

(Part 1)

Lu Anran beamed with delight when she heard Long Yuxing’s words. Even if it is only two months, it can also lay a solid foundation for Lu Food and Beverage Corporation when they enter Long Corporation’s shopping centre but…… Lu Anran was also a little confused. If they were to bid again, the advertising rights to the first floor for just two months could most certainly reach a few tens of millions of dollars. Why would Long Yuxing offer this to her for free?

Noticing that Lu Anran was neither elated nor grateful to him, Long Yuxing could also roughly guessed why, so he smiled and said, “Miss Lu need not to think too deeply. The advertising rights for two months is merely a financial bonus I created for Lu Corporation who has just entered Long Corporation’s shopping centre. I will divide equally the advertising rights from first to fifth floor to the five brands as a form of support from Long Corporation. But since Miss Lu personally came here today, letting me see the sincerity of Lu Corporation, then the best advertising position at the first floor will be handed over to Lu Corporation!”

When she heard Long Yuxing’s explanation, Lu Anran put aside her doubts and was extremely thankful that she sought out this Young Master Long on her own initiative today. Only, what on earth was the name of this Young Master Long again ah? Just that she heard everyone calling him Young Master Long, do not really know what his name is. Lu Anran thought for a while and said, “Much obliged to Young Master Long. How should I address Young Master Long?”

The corners of Long Yuxing’s lips raised and said, “A name is merely a code name. Just call me Young Master Long.” How could he tell her his own name? They were about to become schoolmates ah! He was still hoping that Lu Anran would genuinely fall in love with him. If Lu Anran was to know who he was, then it would be bad.

After hearing that, Lu Anran did not ask further and instead nodded, “In that case, Anran won’t disturb Young Master Long’s rest any longer.”

When he heard that Lu Anran was leaving, Long Yuxing was a little reluctant but he still politely said, “Take care.”

Lu Anran got up and left, considering the fact that Long Yuxing’s eye disease cannot be exposed to light, she could only lightly push the door open just enough for her to squeeze through the crack and quickly close the door again after.

After giving a final glance at the figure disappearing behind the door, the corners of Long Yuxing’s lips lifted creating a satisfied curve. He was really looking forward to their next meeting. At that time, he would not be Young Master Long but the real him – Long Yuxing!”

Closing his eyes, her perfume still lingered in the air. It was ‘Encounter’ by El. A fresh and elegant floral fragrance, just like her…… His mind seemed to recall the incident at that time again……


The young him gathered up a lot of courage before talking to her again, “Aren’t you going home?”

The girl shook her head, “Not going. Chu Yao said as long as I leave home, Papa would definitely get worried for me and come back.”

“Chu Yao? Who is Chu Yao?” He frowned. What kind of stupid idea is this?

The girl beamed and said, “Chu Yao is my best friend!”

He could not help shaking his head. What kind of best friend is this ah!

At this moment, three drunkards came in from the park entrance and staggered towards them, “Yo, such beautiful children ah! Where is your Mom?”

Long Yuxing pulled the girl from the swing swiftly and protected her behind him, “Who are you?”

Seeing the situation, the three drunkards guffawed, “HAHAHA! It’s too funny! Is he protecting his own girlfriend? Oi! Little brat, are you going to marry her? Why don’t you lend your little girlfriend to uncle to use first ah? HAHAHA!”

Listening to them, Long Yuxing only felt a burst of disgust, he then glanced at the girl behind him out of the corner of his eyes, she was already trembling, grabbing at the corner of his shirt, and frozen.

“Come on, come over! Uncle will treat you to a lollipop! Come!” One of the drunks stretched his hand out to pull the girl. Once his hand was stretched, Long Yuxing viciously bit on it.

“Ah!” The drunk that was bitten hurriedly withdrew his hand. He then cursed, “Damnit!” and gave Long Yuxing a slap on the face.

This slap was so heavy that Long Yuxing became dizzy and disorientated, his ears were also buzzing.

The girl was really frightened, tears as large as beans trickled down and pounded on shoulder of Long Yuxing, “You… Are you okay? Does it hurt?”


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