Rebirth: Chapter 58 (Part 1)

Chapter 58: Allergic to alcohol, business negotiations

(Part 1)

Long Yuxing escaped from the banquet and returned to his room on the second floor of the villa. The room had good soundproofing so despite the singing, dancing and noisy music, the room was still very quiet.

After he took off his suit, undid his tie and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt collar, Long Yuxing fell head first onto his own large bed.

The pounding headache caused him to frown involuntarily, his throat and stomach burned as though it was on fire, his chest was so stuffy that it was extremely hard to breathe, even his body had a layer of abnormal flush. Feeling so weak that he was unable to take off his mask, Long Yuxing called out, “Someone come!”

The bodyguard who stood outside the door knocked gently before entering. Seeing the Young Master that he protected from young in this condition, the bodyguard’s eyes flashed a trace of distress, “Young Master, how may I help you?”

Long Yuxing felt his own consciousness becoming somewhat sluggish, “Ah Lin, I want to drink water.”

After responding, the bodyguard named Ah Lin withdrew and quickly brought over a glass of water and a bottle of medicine, “Young Master, drink some water and take the medicine.”

Long Yuxing lifted his hand and took a few sips of water. He then ate the three tablets of medicine that Ah Lin poured out before drinking up the rest of the water in the cup. It was only after a long while that Long Yuxing felt his throat no longer hurt that much, the turbulence in his stomach has subsided, his chest was also no longer that stuffy. Taking a deep long breath, he fell headlong into the bed again.

Ah Lin hesitated for a long time, yet he still started to say, “Young Master, you know perfectly well you are allergic to alcohol, why did you still drink that glass of liquor?” His entire heart was stuck in his throat when Young Master was drinking alcohol. Although Young Master was only mildly allergic to alcohol, but after downing that cup of Deep Bomb, even he would be unable to endure it.

Long Yuxing took a few deep breaths, closed his eyes and weakly answered, “Her taste buds are a lot more sensitive than others. If she drank that cup of alcohol, it will injure her tongue.”

Ah Lin stopped talking after hearing that, Young Master was like Old Master, both are the passionate type. Otherwise, he would not have defied the entire clan just to come over to S city but…… Ah Lin raised his head to look at Long Yuxing, “Young Master, Miss Anran may not remember you!”

Although both Long Yuxing’s eyes were closed, his eyelids twitched, “I know……” After all, Anran was still too young at that time.

Ah Lin kneaded his fists, “Also, Miss Anran she…… is engaged!”

Long Yuxing suddenly opened his closed eyes and looked at Ah Lin. The expression in his eyes was full of arrogance and tyranny, “If I want to take her away, who would dare to say no!” Long Yuxing was not at all concerned who was the other party of Lu Anran’s engagement. As kids, Lu Anran has already promised to marry him after she grew up, so she Lu Anran was his wife! Other people should not even think about it!

Seeing Long Yuxing’s determined attitude, Ah Lin could only tactfully shut his mouth. Seems like Young Master has already decided, then he should fully support Young Master.

Long Yuxing closed his eyes again, “Ah Lin, what happened to the matter I asked you to investigate the last time?”

Ah Lin replied, “Three months ago, Miss Lu Anran was kidnapped at the Wild Nature Reserve in S city and was rescued by Xue family’s Young Master Xue Dingan. Xue Dingan and Miss Anran’s cousin Lu Anming are best friends. At that time, Lu Anming also requested Xue Dingan to protect Miss Lu.”

With a frosty look, Long Yuxing asked, “Who was the kidnapper?”

“Dawn Alliance” replied Ah Lin.

Hearing that, Long Yuxing clenched his fists. Dawn Alliance only accepts assignments that take human lives. They want Lu Anran dead ah! Long Yuxing was somewhat angry that Lu Anran landed in such danger even though he himself was in S city, and blamed himself, “Who ordered it?” If he was to know who it was, he would definitely let this person live in utter misery!

Ah Lin lowered his head ashamed and said, “We don’t know yet. The person over at Dawn Alliance is very tight- lipped.”

After hearing that, Long Yuxing remained silent for 2 minutes and said again, “I don’t care how you do it. Within three months, I want Dawn Alliance to be under Long family.”

When he heard the words of Long Yuxing, Ah Lin was instantly taken aback in shock. Young Master was really furious this time. It was only after a long while that he responded with a single word, “Understood.”

The room became quiet once more. Long Yuxing still felt very uncomfortable all over, his eyelids were very heavy, and he had a dull throbbing headache. All in all, he felt very unwell, “Ah Lin, go out! Turn off the lights!” He really want to sleep for a while.

Ah Lin asked worriedly, “Young Master, do you want to go to the hospital?”

Long Yuxing rejected, “I’m fine. Turn off the lights.” It was so bright that his eyes hurt even when he closed them.

Ah Lin responded by turning off the lights. Just as he was about to turn around, there was a knock on the door, Ah Lin opened the door and bodyguard outside the door said something into Ah Lin’s ear. A vexed look appeared on Ah Lin’s face. Turning towards Long Yuxing, he said, “Young Master, Miss Sihan from Feng family has come to see you.”

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