Rebirth: Chapter 57 (Part 2)

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Chapter 57: deep water bomb, Anxin causing trouble

(Part 2)

The bartender finished making the drink, placed it in front of Lu Anran and gestured to her with a “please” movement.

Lu Anran frowned and reached out her hand to pick up the glass of alcohol, but just when her fingers was about to touch the glass, a white and slender hand took away the glass before her and gulped it down in one mouthful.

Along with the masked man drinking down the glass of alcohol in one shot, the audience broke out in a thunderous applause instantly.

Lu Anran gazed at the man, who wore a mask, in front of her a little mesmerized. She felt more and more a sense of familiarity that gave off by this man, as if they had met before…..

The punishment was over, and the banquet was underway. On the stage, the current hottest band were singing and dancing to the main song of their newest album. The guest chatted to one another while glancing from time to time at the two people who stood in the middle of the banquet venue. Everyone was also very tactful and did not go over to disturb.

Lu Anxin tightly clenched her teeth. She hated this Lu Anran to death! Why has she not die? As both her hands formed fists, Lu Anxin took a few deep breaths. She then carried a wine glass and swayed over, “Anran! Why are you so late ah!” After saying that, she stood in the middle of the two of them, “I’ve been waiting for you for so long!”

Lu Anran sneered silently, “Didn’t Sis Anxin just yelled asking others to chase me out just now?”

Lu Anxin was stunned. Just now, she was hidden in the middle of the crowd, plus she wore a mask on her face, she thought Lu Anran would not notice that it was her! But now…… Lu Anxin gritted her teeth and decided not to admit it even if she was beaten to death, after all Long Yuxing was still here, “Anran, what are you saying? Really love to joke around! I am your blood- related older cousin sister, why would I chase you out? If Grandpa knew about it, wouldn’t he scold me to death ah!” Despite her words, Lu Anxin’s eyes flashed a hint of jealousy. Why is it that they were both girls, yet Lu Jianhao was so biased and fond of Lu Anran? She was obviously also an honourable daughter of Lu family ah!

Lu Anran smiled and said, “Then Sis Anxin, what’s the matter?” Lu Anran really wanted Lu Anxin to get lost. She still has a lot of things to ask this masked man next to her!

Lu Anxin’s mind whirred, “What other matters would I have ah! It’s my Dad. He was worried that you may make mistakes your first attendance at such a large banquet and lose your sense of propriety, so he specially told me to take good care of you ah! See! Your third uncle is always treating you like a child!”

Lu Anran coldly smiled and felt a whiff of nausea welling up involuntarily. Why was Lu Anxin so strong in her ability to brazenly lie? Was she not afraid that the strong wind might cut her tongue? But since there were still outsiders around, Lu Anxin was also embarrassed to let others know about the disharmony in Lu family, so she smiled and said, “Sis Anxin, do you still have other matters? If there isn’t, could you let me chat with this gentleman alone?”

Alone? Definitely cannot ah! Lu Anxin immediately cried out involuntarily, “How can!” Long Yuxing was hers! No one should think of snatching away!

Both Lu Anran and the masked man were surprised to see such agitated response from Lu Anxin. What does this Lu Anxin mean ah!

Lu Anxin was also aware that of her loss of self- control and hurriedly explained, “You are only fifteen plus this banquet is hosted by Long Corporation! How can you follow others blindly? You have to stay by my side!”

Lu Anran frowned unhappily while Long Yuxing glared at Lu Anxin with even more disgust.

Catching the disgust in Long Yuxing’s eyes, Lu Anxin only felt her heart aching as though it was about to shatter to pieces but even so, she would absolutely not give Lu Anran and Long Yuxing time to interact alone. Absolutely not!

When Long Yuxing saw that he had no chance to chat with Lu Anran alone, he instantly felt extremely disappointed. His head also felt a little dizzy and was throbbing after the liquor he drank just now, so he took up Lu Anran’s hand and stamped a kiss on the back of Lu Anran’s pale hand, “I’m leaving first.”

Lu Anran dumbfoundedly looked into Long Yuxing’s eyes, “Will we meet again?”

Long Yuxing determinedly nodded with a smile in his eyes, “Yes! Absolutely!”

After saying that, Long Yuxing turned and left Lu Anran’s line of sight.

Seeing Long Yuxing’s affection, Lu Anxin’s flames of jealousy and anger was set blazing. Lu Anran turned and looked at Lu Anxin, “Sis Anxin, you know this man?” She really could not understand why would Sis Anxin obstruct with all sorts of means in this way. Other than Lu Anxin having feelings towards this man, Lu Anran could not think of any other reasons.

Lu Anxin gazed at the direction Long Yuxing has disappeared to and said unpleasantly, “How would I know him, he’s even wearing a mask! Who knows which Young Master he is of some small business in S city!”

Lu Anran replied, “Really?”

Lu Anxin was a little flurried, “It’s up to you to believe!” After saying, she turned and wanted to leave.

Lu Anran hurriedly stalled Lu Anxin, “Sis Anxin, didn’t you say that Third Uncle wanted you to take care of me?”

Lu Anxin showed a face full of dislike, “Already so old, do you think you will be lost?” After saying that, she did not even turn her head and instead walked away. She still has to find Long Yuxing again! No time to stupidly stand here to accompany Lu Anran ah!

Seeing the direction that Lu Anxin vanish off to, the corners of Lu Anran’s mouth frowned in disdain. Could Lu Anxin be any more obvious? This time, there was no need to even guess. Lu Anxin definitely knew who the guy was just now, and she definitely liked this guy a lot!

However, Lu Anran also knew that according to what happened just now, Lu Anxin would never tell her the identity of the male! Taking back her gaze at the direction the masked man disappeared to, Lu Anran frowned and remembered the main aim of her attendance today. She was here to visit the heir of Long Corporation today ah!

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