Rebirth: Chapter 56 (Part 1)

Chapter 56: Arriving at the banquet, sharing a dance

(Part 1)

The car reached the parking bay of Kai Long very quickly. Lu Anran alighted from the car and headed for the main entrance of Kai Long with a spring in her steps. When one is in a good mood, even one’s step will become light!

Lu Anhu and Lu Anwei looked at each other and shook their head helplessly. Taking the paper bag containing Lu Anran’s dress, they followed on as well.

This time, Lu Anran’s dedicated hairdresser Dennis just happened to have some free time in his hands and started doing Lu Anran’s hair as soon as she arrived. Lu Anran asked Lu Anhu to take out the hairpin that Xiao Ruyan had made from the remaining gauze after altering the dress from the paper bag. She handed it over to Dennis and said, “Make use of this!”

Seeing the hairpin, Dennis could not help praising, “What a beautiful hairpin.”

The corners of Lu Anran’s lips lifted, her eyes revealed a pleased countenance. Auntie Xiao’s craftmanship is of course beautiful la!

Dennis suddenly stopped working again, “Miss Lu, are you going for a banquet? If so, I suggest that you change into the dress.” This way, not only they can prevent ruining the completed hairstyle when wearing the dress, it can also give the hairstylist some inspiration.

After going to the second floor to change into the dress, when coming down the stairs, they shocked everyone on the first floor. Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at Lu Anran and was in a daze. This dress was really truly beautiful ah!

Lu Anran returned once more to Dennis’ side, “You can begin!”

Only then did Dennis come to his senses and nodded his head, “Okay.”

Seeing herself in the mirror, a smile emerged once more at the corners of Lu Anran’s mouth. She was really looking forward to meeting them later ah!

Meanwhile, Lu Anxin and Chu Yao who were at the banquet venue concurrently felt chills go down their spine, they then looked at each other. What the hell was going on ah? Why would they suddenly feel a chill? A trace of uneasiness rose in their hearts. They have already ruined Lu Anran’s dress by tearing the outermost gauze, and no one had seen anything. By the time she realises it, it would be too late to even change her dress! Maybe she would not even show up tonight!

Thinking about these, Chu Yao and Lu Anxin were in an excellent mood and gently clinked the cocktails that were in their hands together.

Chu Yao started to say, “Sis Anxin, it’s all thanks to you who brought me here today. If not, how could I have an opportunity to experience such a huge event!” Chu Yao said as she looked around restlessly.

A faint trace of satisfaction flashed through Lu Anxin’s eyes as she said, “It’s no matter, just relax and enjoy!” After saying that, she turned towards another heiress to exchange conventional greetings with her.

Seeing Lu Anxin’s back, Chu Yao’s eyes were filled with disgust. The corners of her lips also curled downwards in contempt. Hng, if it was not for Lu Anran that fool who suddenly went everywhere without her, she would still need to beg this Lu Anxin? What did Lu Anxin count as ah! Does she not just have a better family background? Bah!

Even though that was what she thought, Chu Yao still very rapidly concealed that expression of contempt on her face, elegantly downed the cocktail in her hand, and switched to her signature gentle smile again.

Chu Yao was indeed pretty, and this was enhanced by the dress that she wore. The dress was originally intended for Lu Anran to wear on her Grandpa’s birthday and was tailored by a famous person specially invited by Ji Rou. Eventually, it was snatched by her, in her heart, she felt that Lu Anran the idiot was not worthy of such a stunning dress.

Gradually, there were people who came to chat with Chu Yao. When these people asked whose family’s heiress she was, Chu Yao would deceive them with a smile. In her heart, she knew. Today’s party was the first step Long family was taking to completely enter S city. Everyone who turned up were famous and prestigious people, a girl with her kind of status could only enter by following Lu Anxin. The check at this banquet was extremely strict. All reporters were restricted outside the door, and 78 bodyguards kept patrolling around the banquet location, clearly showing Long family’s style and strength.

Lu Anxin chatted with her friends while searching all over for Long Yuxing’s figure. Today was the banquet of Long family, and as the successor of Long family, he would definitely appear. She also came for Long Yuxing himself. This time, to attend Long family’s banquet, Lu Junan specially transferred 1.5 million yuan to her card and asked her to dress well. At that time, she was very delighted, but now thinking back, it cannot even compare to the decorative diamonds on Lu Anran’s skirt. Lu Anxin felt a sudden anger but thinking about how Lu Anran’s skirt has already been personally destroyed by her, Lu Anxin’s annoyance disappeared with a poof.

After a while, Long Yuxing wearing a white suit appeared at the scene. His appearance attracted the gaze of everyone, and everyone started guessing. Which family does this Young Master belonged to?

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  1. Why does this Chu Yao keep banging on about having a better status and family background? What family background? Her dad is a secretary and her mom a stay-at-home wastrel…


  2. I don’t get it…How come Chu yao is in the banquet???Isn’t her status just the daughter of a qsecretary who didn’t even get to attent in grandpa Lu’s birthday party?😕😕

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  3. Aaa I could not wait to see Lu Anxin and Chu Yao cry with blood hdjskaksjs. Being ambitious is good, but too much is toxic.

    Thank you for the chapter! ^ ^.

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  4. thank you for the chapter! i wish the bitch chu yao would just disappear from the story already. she’s so annoying, i hate reading about her

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