Rebirth: Chapter 56 (Part 2)

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Chapter 56: Arriving at the banquet, sharing a dance

(Part 2)

Long Yuxing climbed onto the stage, took the microphone, and swept a glance over everyone at the venue. When he did not see the figure of his beloved, Long Yuxing felt a little disappointed, but this hint of disappointment was not expressed on his face. Long Yuxing cleared his throat and said, “Welcome everyone, thank you for honouring us with your presence. Today, at the last moment, we have prepared masks for everyone and these can be brought home as souvenir after the banquet! Since there are masks, there are naturally rules to the game. Tonight’s rule is to never ask the identity of the person under the mask. Those that violate this rule will be invited out of the banquet. We wish everyone a good time at the banquet organised by Long family!” After saying this, Long Yuxing let the stage. From the beginning to end, he has never mentioned his own name, perhaps doing it on purpose.

Lu Anxin’s eyes followed the figure of Long Yuxing, her hands tightly clasped. A long time has passed since the last time they met at Lu family’s home, this was only the first time she was seeing Long Yuxing. Her heart had begun jumping wildly from the moment he appeared. During this period, she has asked Long Yuxing out, but each time Long Yuxing used all sorts of excuses to evade her.

After Long Yuxing left the stage, the banquet MC began to coordinate a popular singer and band to perform on stage. Long Yuxing pinched the bridge of his nose tiredly. Banquet or whatever is too troublesome! Just that the clan has said this was the first step of Long family into S city, so he not only has to attend, he also must have some achievements! These days he has been busy with the construction problems at Long Corporation’s shopping centre in Xin Dong. Long Corporation’s shopping centre was about to be completed, he has to pay more attention.

In a room on the second floor, Long Yuxing looked out at the people under the window, looking for the figure of his beloved once more. Again, she was nowhere to be seen. Long Yuxing’s disappointment struck his heart once again and his pair of handsome brows tightly frowned.

This time, the bodyguard who has been standing behind Long Yuxing, took out a silver mask which could cover the upper half of his face. Long Yuxing took the mask and wore it as he said to the bodyguard, “What of men I asked you to arrange?”

The bodyguard replied, “All of them are already dressed exactly the same as Young Master.”

Long Yuxing smiled, “Then let them begin!” After saying that, Long Yuxing took the black suit that was handed over by another bodyguard and changed into it.

“Yes!” The bodyguard responded and announced the commencement order using a receiver. Immediately, 20 people who wore the same clothes as Long Yuxing wore previously, entered the banquet venue from different directions. This time, the eyes of people who wanted to seek connections with the Young Master of Long family were blurred.

Everyone was dressed exactly the same, their height and figure were almost identical, even their face mask was also the same. Who should they butter up to ah!

Lu Anxin was also fuzzy for a while, but when she fixed her eyes on them, she was certain that none of these 20 people was Long Yuxing. Long Yuxing’s temperament was definitely more noble! Lu Anxin secretly sought out Long Yuxing’s figure.

When she finally realised, the figure of the person who stood next to the pool was very much like Long Yuxing, except that this person wore a black suit, and was wearing a mask that was different from the 20 people. He was tasting a cocktail at the long table in an elegant and noble manner. Lu Anxin was a little hesitant. Just as she hesitated, there was a stir in the crowd.

Lu Anxin looked at the entrance wide eyed, unable to believe what she was seeing – Lu Anran actually came!

As soon as Lu Anran entered, she saw everyone wearing masks looking at herself. She was confused. Was today a masquerade ball? How come she has not heard of it ah!

At this time, Chu Yao has also seen Lu Anran’s appearance and was so surprised that she was unable to close her mouth. She was still wearing that Le Stelle Re dress. A dark purple strapless dress revealed her shoulders, the corset design at her waist showed off her slim waist even more, the exquisite makeup made Lu Anran’s facial feature more three dimensional. Her waist- long hair was not tied up and was instead naturally hanging down at her waist. Her hair at both her temples were braided and fixed in place with a hairpin that was extremely matching with the skirt of her dress. The gauze skirt that originally covered her legs has been altered to one that was often seen in bridal dress where the front layer was two inches above the knees, making Lu Anran’s beautiful legs even more slender. Under the lights of the banquet, the diamonds on her body reflected tiny starlight, as though the whole night sky was draped around her. A vast night sky speckled with stars……

Just when Lu Anran was confused, a male in black suit wearing a silver half mask appeared in front of Lu Anran. He bowed gentlemanly, and then with his left hand at his back, his right hand stretched out in front of him.

Lu Anran naturally stretched out her right hand. Immediately, the lights of banquet venue gradually dimmed leaving only a main light shining on both of them. Lu Anran looked at the masked male who had infinite tenderness and affection in his eyes.

The singer, who was originally singing pop music, withdrew, leaving silence in the banquet venue. Gradually, music began to echo, it was The Blue Danube Waltz.

The male naturally pulled Lu Anran into his arms, encircled her waist and began stepping through the dance steps of the waltz.

Following the male’s lead, Lu Anran danced with him, swaying to the music in the center of the banquet venue. Everyone that gathered around stared in amazement at the dancing pair. The girl was young and beautiful with her dress dazzling under the light while the male, although his face was covered, but his dance steps were elegant and noble with a perfect temperament. These two were simply the perfect match ah!


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