Rebirth: Chapter 55 (Part 2)

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Chapter 55: Drinking coffee again, International friendship

(Part 2)

Looking at the foam in the coffee cup, the corners of Lu Anran’s lips rose. She took up the coffee cup and sipped before placing it down, “Could you please pass on a message.”

The shop assistant was stunned, “What?”

Lu Anran said, “Tell the barista who made this cup of coffee that the time taken for the milk to foam was two seconds less, also, the last few reverse stirrings during the frothing process made the taste less exquisite.”

The shop assistant froze, nodded and jogged to the back once more. A few moments later, the Italian man who brushed past previously, came out wearing a barista’s attire. He personally brought out a cup of coffee and placed it in front of Lu Anran. He then towered over her. As soon as he arrived, he heard the shop assistant Xiao Xia telling him about this girl who was also the person wanted to meet him previously after drinking his coffee. She came again this time but to another person’s coffee, she either sipped before stopping, or asked for another cup after a single glance. He felt curious, so he served up a cup full of defects. Although it was defective, but it was actually a lot better than the coffees other baristas have made. However, he never expected the other party to notice it in the end, and even find out about his trick! This time, he could no longer keep calm, so he personally made a cup and served it. He was also very interested in getting to know people who really understood coffee.

Seeing this Italian man who brought over the coffee personally, Lu Anran smiled. She then lifted the coffee cup and gently took a sip. The taste of the coffee was delicate and smooth, the aroma of the coffee flowed between her lips and teeth, the milk foam was velvety while the coffee was acidic, the two were perfectly in harmony creating a new taste. Most importantly, Lu Anran could taste the mellow aroma of steamed milk, showing that this barista was extremely skilful at steaming milk! Lu Anran’s eyes shone. Surprisingly, it was even better than the one she drank the last time!

At the same time, Lu Anran thought about the Tao Te Ching that Grandpa had lent it to her. Although these few days, she has already read it over and over till she could already completely recite by heart, but she was still unable to understand what Grandpa meant. However, after drinking this coffee, Lu Anran seemed to have some understanding. The mellowness of the milk, smoothness of the foam, acidity of the coffee…… All three mutually contrasted and restrained, making this cup of coffee different from all the ones she had drunk before.

Generally, during the process of brewing coffee, other people would want to either rid of a coffee’s bitterness and acidity or mellow it down, but this cup is different. This coffee has largely displayed its bitterness, tartness and acidity, but because these were controlled by the milk and foam, it integrated into perfection! Similarly, as the milk and foam were controlled by the coffee, it was able to demonstrate its best features without overdoing it…… Lu Anran could not help lifting her head to look at the Italian barista to give him an admiring look.

To think that she managed to gathered such a harvest when she only wanted to drink some coffee. Lu Anran’s eyes were discernibly joyful.

When he saw Lu Anran’s expression, he knew that this seemingly young girl from Country Z really understood his coffee, so he generously extended his hand, “Tom Smollett.”

Lu Anran also stretched out her hand to politely grasp Tom Smollett’s hand, “Lu Anran.”

Tom Smollet smiled and complimented, “Lu, An, Ran? Very nice name.”

Lu Anran smiled and said, “Tom Smollett, is not bad either ah!”

Tom Smollett waved his hands and said, “Just call me Tom.”

The two of them gazed at each other. There was a kind of “heroes respecting heroes” overtone. Tom sat in the empty seat beside Lu Anwei, directly opposite to Lu Anhu and diagonally to Lu Anran, “You also know how to make coffee?”

Lu Anran smiled as she shook her head, “No, but I can taste.” Lu Anran was also telling the truth; her taste buds has never let her lose face.

Tom was somewhat disappointed after hearing Lu Anran’s words, but to have someone who understood his coffee this well was also not bad! Thinking about this, Tom’s expression became a little better, “Besides cappuccino, do you understand other coffees?”

Lu Anran nodded, “As long as I have tasted it, I will never forget it in this lifetime.”

Tom exclaimed in surprise, “Wow! Cool!” He then quickly stood up, “I’ll go and make a few more cups of coffee for you to taste!”

“Okay!” Such tasty coffee, Lu Anran naturally would not refuse.

After that, Tom continuously made five different kinds of coffee, even the coffee beans were changed to those that were produced in different countries. Unexpectedly, not only did Lu Anran accurately name the process of making every cup of coffee, she was even able to name the coffee beans and the roasting time of the coffee beans, letting Tom admire her from the bottom of his heart.

Seeing that it was almost time, Lu Anhu spoke out reminding Lu Anran that it was time to go. Only then did Lu Anran bid goodbye to Tom, Tom was also reluctant to let her go and told her to definitely come by again. Because of coffee, the two has formed a deep international friendship.

When they asked for the check, Tom originally told Lu Anran not to pay and to regard it as his treat, but Lu Anran saw the table full of coffee, she smiled and shook her head to refuse. After paying, she led Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu to the entrance of Pedestrian Street where Old Zhang’s car was already parked there waiting.

Old Zhang asked, “Eldest Young Miss, where are we going now?”

“To the banquet.” After a pause, Lu Anran suddenly changed her mind and said, “To Kai Long.”

Lu Anhu was surprised, “Isn’t it already close to the starting time of the banquet?”

Old Zhan also advised and said, “Eldest Young Miss, this is your first public appearance after Old Master’s birthday. This time the banquet is also hosted by Kyoto’s Long family. It’s not good to be late……”

Lu Anran smiled and said, “It’s okay to be late. Head to Kai Long.”

Since Chu Yao and Lu Anxin were so eager for herself to be disgraced, then would they not be disappointed if she showed up on time? Let them be pleased with themselves first la! Lu Anran smiled as she thought about it. If Chu Yao and Lu Anxin see that her dress has not been ruined and became even more gorgeous, what would they think? She really could not wait to see the expression of those two.

Seeing Lu Anran’s smile, Lu Anhu could not help feeling chills down his back, “Anran, stop smiling…… I’m scared……”

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  1. Tom Smollet? Really? The author could have given him an Italian name like Anthonio Russo or something.


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