Rebirth: Chapter 29 (Part 1)

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Chapter 29: Aid and support the wicked1, Scheme to kill Linda

(Part 1)

“I know.” Linda took the duster to clean the chalk writings from the blackboard. “ I switched days with her because she has something on, what’s wrong with that?”

“You….” Chu Yao was rendered speechless by Linda. “ As the class monitor, she shouldn’t be like this!”

“She shouldn’t be like what? She shouldn’t have something on?” Linda felt very amused.

“In the past, she was never on the cleaning duty rooster, now she is in the preparation class and even became the class monitor, so she shouldn’t remain unchanged from before!” said Chu Yao relentlessly gripping on the fact that Lu Anran has never done cleaning duty before.

“Previously, I have also never seen her name appear on the cleaning duty rooster before ah!” Linda said as she wiped the blackboard. “Also, she never refused to be on cleaning duty ah! She only changed the day of her cleaning duty with me ah!”

“…” Chu Yao bit her lips. “Linda, Lu Anran and I are childhood friends. I understand her more than you!” In the end, she and Lu Anran have been together for 15 years, how can their relationship compare to Linda who have been sitting together with Lu Anran for a such short period of time? Also, so what if she did it on purpose? She just simply cannot stand Lu Anran being happy, so when she knew that Lu Anran have something on today, she purposely arranged her to be on cleaning duty today, so what? What is wrong with that?

“I’m still saying the same thing! You understand her, but does she understand you?” Linda wiped clean the last bit of the homework instructions written and put down the duster. “At the very least, it is Teacher Qin who appointed me to assist Lu Anran, if you have any problems with that, you can go and report to Teacher Qin directly.”

“Teacher Qin appointed you to assist Lu Anran in managing the class and not aid and support the wicked1.”

“Which part of me is aiding and supporting the wicked?” Linda was very calm in face of Chu Yao’s aggressive and overbearing behaviour. “Just my action of changing cleaning duty days with her is called aiding and supporting the wicked? This label you are trying to sticking on me is too big!”

This…This is all for Anran!” quibbled Chu Yao.

“Oh?” Linda looked at Chu Yao, the corner of her mouth hooked up in a mocking smile. “Is that so!”

“You!” Feeling like her own thoughts were laid bare, Chu Yao’s embarrassment almost caused her to lose her cool. “Linda, don’t be too much!”

“How am I too much? Isn’t it just changing cleaning duty days?” Linda also does not have any intention to back off, she simply cannot stand this Chu Yao!

“…..” Chu Yao clenched her fist, her eyes turning slightly red due to anger, her facial expression becoming even more ferocious. Fortunately, there was someone at the side who stood out to mediate, and let her regain her calm just in time before she revealed her real face in front of her classmates.

“Both of you don’t fight anymore!” the person who stood out to mediate was Ji Ling, the newly elected committee member. “Both of you each say less to each other!” Ji Ling is exactly like her name; although she look small and has her hair tied up into a cute bun, but she is very quick-witted. When she observed that the situation was not going well, she quickly jumped out to stop it from getting worse. “This is only the first day of the preparation and the academic committee and the general committee are fighting with each other! How appalling! All of you should spend all these effort on your studies!”

“Yeah!” Other students also voiced their agreement.

“Hmph!” Linda coldly snorted and dusted her hands of the chalk dust. “I’ve finished cleaning the blackboard already, I will be leaving first.”

“Linda! Wait for me! Let’s go to cram school together!” Ji Ling also completed her allocated task, grabbed her bag and hurriedly chased after her.

When Linda exited the school gates she was still boiling with anger and so walked very swiftly.

Ji Ling legs was too short to keep up with Linda, so she followed behind in a small jog. “Linda! Linda! Linda!”

“Ai….” Linda let out a sigh, and slowed down to wait for Ji Ling to catch up to her and then walked together to cram school.

“Linda, what is wrong with you today?” Ji Ling and Linda are familiar with each other, they were in the same class in primary school, and in first year of middle school even though they were in different class, they were in the same cram school. Usually, when Linda meet this kind of things, she is very indifferent, as if other than studying she was not interested in anything else. Ji Ling found it unimaginable that Linda would also have a day that she would stand up and defend someone.

“Nothing much.” Linda found it difficult to talk about the matter. “Anyways I just can’t stand the sight of Chu Yao.”

“I also don’t like her pushy and arrogant behaviour, but I think I remember hearing that Chu Yao and Lu Anran are best friends? Base on what I saw today, it don’t seem to be true?” Ji Ling saw Chu Yao and Lu Anran together before, both of them looked a little strange because Lu Anran was following behind Chu Yao, but they still looked harmonious.

“Hmph!” These few days Linda had clearly seen Chu Yao true colours. “ What best friends, Chu Yao only sees Lu Anran as her portable wallet!”

“Ah?” Ji Ling involuntarily took a shocked breath at the unexpected news. “Really!”

“Let’s hurry up! If we miss this bus, we’ll be late!” Linda not prepared to discuss the topic any further, pulled Ji Ling to chase after the bus that just pulled into the bus stop.

“Driver! Wait! Wait!” Ji Ling also saw the bus, and yelled for it to wait as she ran to get on.

The bus driver was also a kind-hearted uncle, so when he saw it was 2 students, he waited for them to get on before driving off.

1 助纣为虐 (zhù zhòu wéi nüè): this is a idiom that refers to Emperor Zhou of the Shang dynasty, he was a tyrannical rule who indulged heavily in alcohol and behaved immorally. More information could be found here . Literally, it means to aid the tyrant Zhou in his oppression. Figuratively, it refers to someone taking side and aiding the wicked/ evil-doer.

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