Rebirth: Chapter 29 (Part 2)

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Chapter 29: Aid and support the wicked1, Scheme to kill Linda

(Part 2)

On the other side, Chu Yao was rendered speechless by Linda once more, and had to suffer suppressing a stomach full of anger. She did not even go to cram school and directly went home. The moment Chu Yao stepped into the house, she saw Lin Meifeng lying on the sofa, watching TV and eating melon seed. This kind of attitude and pose made Chu Yao feel all the more fed up as she watches longer more. She involuntarily knitted her eyebrows into a grimace.

“Why are you back so early today?” Lin Meifeng was very curious, usually she only comes back when the sky is dark.

“Is Dad back?” Chu Yao took off her shoes, placed it on the shoe rack and wore the house slippers.

“Your dad is not back yet!” Lin Meifeng was very displeased with Chu Yao’s action of avoiding her question and questioned her closely. “You didn’t go to cram school today?”

“No!” Feeling irritated that Lin Meifeng kept asking her questions, she slugged on her backpack and when upstairs without looking back. She only left behind a sentence before closing her room door, “Don’t call me for dinner! I don’t feel like eating!”, and slammed her door shut.

“You!” Lin Meifeng was so furious that she glared with round eyes but could not say a single word. Whoever has a daughter that have this kind of attitude to her mother! Simply outrageous! Lin Meifeng did not dare to go upstairs to scold Chu Yao, and could only lay back down on the sofa and scold her as she furiously bit at her melon seeds. “I really raised a thankless wretch! You don’t even think who was the one who gave birth to you! You have become capable huh! Hmph! If I raise a dog, it will be more reliable than you!”

Even with the door shut, Chu Yao could still hear Lin Meifeng’s endless hurling of insults and abuses. She tossed and turned on the bed. The more she hear it, the more infuriated she felt. Chu Yao picked up a glass cup on the table and forcefully threw it at the door. When it shattered against the door with a huge sound, the insults from outside the door also stopped.

When the air was finally filled with silence, Chu Yao buried her head into her pillow, her eyes turned red due to anger. Why must her mother be this kind of person? Why? Chu Yao bitterly clenched her fist and thumped her bed a few times. As she discontentedly closed her eyes, her tears rolled down her cheeks. On what basis was Lu Anran always so lucky? Why was it that the whole world always revolved around Lu Anran, but her own life was so hard?

Borned in a secretary’s household, with a mother who only wants to eat, and wait for death while on a look out for petty advantages and was so vain that she does not even want to find work every day! Damn Lu Anran! She will definitely personally ruin and snatch away everything that Lu Anran has! If not, she will find it so hard to calm down her hatred ah!

“Da Da Da” 3 knocks sounded at her door, and from outside her door, Chu Yao’s father, Chu Wanhai’s voice sounded, “Yao Yao? You are back?”

“En, I’m back!” When she heard Chu Wanhai’s voice, Chu Yao rubbed her face against her pillow, casually wiping dry her face full of tears and sat up. “Dad, come in!”

Chu Wanhai entered Chu Yao’s room. “Yao Yao, you said before! Your school wants to organize a excursion to let the third year students relax before embarking on the last 100 days to the final examination date, is it happening these few days?”

“Yes, it’s this Saturday.” Chu Yao listened to Chu Wanhai’s words, and her eyes brighten. “Dad, you mean you’ve decided to use my previous suggestion?”

“That’s right!” Chu Wanhai closed the room door, not planning to beat around the bush. Now that this Lu Anran has entered Lu Jianhao’s house, the people that he had sent all failed and never returned. Lu Jianhao was really training and protecting Lu Anran as Lu Corporation’s successor, other than Chu Yao’s previous suggestion, he cannot think of any other ideas. Unless it was the last resort, he really did not want his own daughter to come into contact with all these dirty schemes ah!

“I’ll give my full cooperation with your arrangement Dad!” Chu Yao hesitated for a moment and said. “But I hope Dad will be able to help me to dispose of a person!”

“Who?” Chu Wanhai asked.

“Linda!” Chu Yao said and gnashed her teeth! No matter if it is Lu Anran or Linda, whomever who offend her definitely will not have a good ending!

“Okay!” Chu Wanhai agreed immediately. The Kyoto side was hurrying him too much, he could only think of this method. “Tomorrow, you just need to lure the both of them to the place!”

“Got it!” Chu Yao nodded, her eyes full of determination. Then as if she thought of something, she said to Chu Wanhai. “Dad, you know there is only another 100 days until the final examinations, can you help me hire a home tutor? At cram school, the teacher always wants to care about those weak students and repeat and emphasize to these students the points that they need to know. It’s such a waste of time, and it also delays my learning progress, I want a home tutor!”

“Hire a home tutor?” Chu Wanhai was a little confused. “Based on your result, it should be no problem for you to enter S City’s First Middle School, why did you suddenly think of having a home tutor?” He just ended his sentence, when he remembered that Lu Jianhao was hiring a home tutor for Lu Anran regardless of the cost and immediately understood. He let out a sigh and said. “Yao Yao, ever since you were little, as long as Lu Anran has, you would insist on having one too, from the clothes to the refurbishing of this house, it is all exactly the same as Lu Anran! Are you….?”

“I just want to have the same as Lu Anran, not only like this, I want to be even stronger than Lu Anran!” Chu Wanhai’s question seem to have pressed Chu Yao’s painful point, her voice became even louder. “ What Lu Anran has, I also want to have! Not only do I want to have, I also want to be even better than Lu Anran!”

“Good!” Chu Wanhai clapped his hands and said. “ My daughter must have this kind of ambition! I will hire a home tutor for you tomorrow! All you need to do is to be stronger than Lu Anran!” His daughter definitely cannot be worse off than Lu Anran!


20 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 29 (Part 2)

  1. To all the comments wondering about CY, I think she’s actually pretty realistic in her emotions if not her actions here’s why:
    I think it’s just a matter of the two girls meeting when they were young. The MC is beautiful, rich, smart, and pampered, all things she was born with. Meanwhile, CY has a lazy privileged mother, and a father who works for the MC’s family. She’s pretty, but not as pretty as the MC. She’s smart, but not as smart as the MC. She’s no where near as rich.
    Eventually, jealousy turned to hatred. It’s the kind of hatred that says “I’m working so hard but you get to casually coast ahead like it’s nothing. Why?” CY hates and covets everything the MC was born with and her father and mother undoubtedly feed and twisted that feeling until she became the little murder she is at 15. It is especially easy to manipulate hate in teens because they have fully developed the emotional part in their brain but not the decision making analytical part. She was well trained to be this twisted. That is all.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Just wonder.. In every novel i have read why must MC family is look like god who know everything but always fail against some schame like this novel.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. She fell for the scheme because of emotional bonds. Thats normally everyone’s weakness. although not as intense as theirs, its enough to blind yourself into thinking otherwise. Plus, she considers those little murderers as her only kin,well, because they killed the rest of her real family off. (except junfeng’s family?)


  3. Even though I’ve read all this way, I can’t say I particularly enjoy this novel. The writing of the characters are just ridiculous – I’m talking about this Chu Yao. I mean there is no premise, no basis for her hatred whatsoever. Simply being jealous is not enough to warrant such a behaviour on her part. Is she mentally ill? How can a 15 year old be plotting to kill someone just because they spoke out of turn and what right does she have to Li Anran’s property – it’s not like they’re half sisters or related in any way…!!

    She is just a badly written character that seems to be evil just for the sake of it and it’s starting to grind my gears!


    1. Tbh at 15 I’ve wanted to kill someone but it wasnt someone I’m jealous of. More like someone who causes me and my family harm but like teenagers and kids can be malicious creatures and sometimes it doesnt make sense to us as the bystanders but in their own minds it make sense to them. Some people are easily jealous and some arent and chu yao is the former and is overruled by her emotions.


  4. All comments are about how CY is cray-cray… But I am here wondering why the hell is she so jealous of MC’s life? Like I dont get it, yeah if CY was MC’s sister or half sister i could get the jealousy but she has absolute no right whatsoever… I just cant understand the logic. I mean she looks at the newspaper and goes: “that should be me.” But she isnt even from part of the family to want to be in anything related to them. You get me?
    Well I am done… Thanks for your work 🙂

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    1. Ooh should have read your comment first but yes I feel the exact same way! She has absolutely zero reason to demand or covet Lu Anran’s possessions. I can only surmise that she has a mental illness which the author has somehow failed to mention.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Her mother and father fed her jealousy until it became hatred I’d be bitter about someone having it easy when I worked my butt off as well especially when fed the bs her parents fed her did you see her dad’s response? It’s environment and human nature.


  5. Now I get it where her character comes from. It’s her father. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Such a devious person. I hope you reap what you sow.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Thank you so much for the chapter and to Z for sponsoring it ✨🙇🏻‍♀️

    Srsly, thou that Chu Yao. This has gone way beyond your normal jealousy, she’s just a murderer at this rate. 🌚

    Liked by 7 people

  7. -_- righhhhhtttt… you do know that your daughter would not hesitate to toss you out when all gone wrong.

    Like the 9 years old girl in the witch persecution history where she testify against her own family and neighbours as witches to save herself from getting hanged.

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