Rebirth: Chapter 28 (Part 2)

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Chapter 28: Becoming the class monitor, Linda’s help

(Part 2)

“No….I am not really interested.” Linda directly continued Lu Anran’s words, cooperating with the repetition of her conversation with Lu Anran before.

“Then forget it.”

“I think you can try to be the class monitor or academic committee. If you can go a step further in simulating your learning, it is also not bad ah!”

“Don’t want ah!” Lu Anran finished the conversation and looked at Qin Shuhan. “Just all these….we finished repeating.”

“I feel….” Qin Shuhan thought for a moment.” Linda’s suggestion is very good! Let’s just decided it this way!”

“Huh?” Lu Anran and Linda were unable to react for an instant.

“Lu Anran will be the class monitor and Linda will be the academic committee!” said Qin Shuhan. “As it happens, you can simulate your interest towards learning! Student Linda, you have to assist Student Lu Anran and take good care of this class ah!”

“!…..” This end result was unimaginable to all the students seated!

“Tsk….” Chu Yao frowned, and sullenly clicked her tongue. The class monitor should be her ah! This stupid Lu Anran sure knows how to cause trouble!

Following closely behind in the remaining time, the other class academic committee was selected before the end of morning reading time. Chu Yao only became one of the committee members who do work, a huge difference to her as a class monitor before.

One day of lessons finally ended, in this one day many thing happened. Lu Anran who was never associated with the word “studying” had gotten good results and entered the Exam Preparation class, and also oddly managed to snatch Chu Yao’s position as class monitor. It is so interesting ah!

“OK! Today’s class will end here.” Qin Shuhan who was standing at the podium closed her book.
“Everyone, copy down the homework from the blackboard and you can go. Also, this Saturday, the school is organizing an outing to give the third-year students a chance to relax before embarking on the first 100 days of the final examination. At that time, the academic committee must assist the class monitor in taking care of their classmates’ discipline and order. Everybody should bring this form home and let your parents see and sign. Early tomorrow, everyone should bring 320 dollars which includes car fees and excursion fee together, those who are not going should also write an application form and state the reason.”

Qin Shuhan patted the stack of form placed at top right hand corner of the podium and said. “Class Monitor, hand all these out.”

“Ok.” Lu Anran stood up, walked towards the podium and started handing out the forms one by one.

“After handing out the forms, you all can go!” Qin Shuhan stretched her waist, picked up her teaching materials and slowly walked out of the classroom. Before stepping out, she glanced at Lu Anran, who was handing out the forms, and a smile appeared on her mouth.

After she handed out all of the forms, Lu Anran started to pack up her books and stationaries and slung on her bag. She has already been delayed for a while, will the chauffeur waiting outside feel anxious? As she lifted her leg and wanted to begin walking out of the classroom, she was suddenly stopped by Chu Yao.

“Anran! Wait!” Chu Yao shouted to stop Lu Anran who was about to leave the classroom.

“What is it?” Lu Anran asked as she looked at Chu Yao who stopped her.

“Anran, you are on duty today.” Chu Yao said smilingly.

“Duty?” Lu Anran’s eyebrows raised, growing up till now, she has not done duty before!

“Yes!” Chu Yao eyes were filled with mirth, even if she was just a general member of the committee, she still has her own power. “Even if you are the class monitor, you still have to be on duty ah!”

“I have something on today, arrange for me to do duty on another day!” Indeed, Lu Anran has something on day, she already arranged a time with her home tutor, if she was late on her first meeting, then that was not very good. It shows that she does not respect the person then.

“I’m really sorry ah!” Chu Yao knows that Lu Anran has something on today, that’s why she purposely arranged her to be on duty today. “The duty chart is already arranged properly, it will be troublesome to change it last-minute! Isn’t this also unfair for other students as well?!”

“I really have something on today.” Lu Anran frowned, if she was on duty she naturally will not avoid, but she has already wasted a lot of time handing out the forms ah! It was her first time doing this kind of thing, so it was very unfamiliar for her and also she did not recognize the people in class. Each form had names on it, so when she handed out the forms according to the names, it has already taken up a lot of the energy.

“If everyone says that they have something on when it comes to their turn to do duty, then it will be very difficult for me!” Chu Yao gave a helpless expression.

“Lu Anran.” Linda put down her bag and said. “You can go first! I will change shifts with you! You can take my place this Friday to do duty!”

“Thanks!!” Lu Anran said a word of thanks, and quickly ran outside without even looking at Chu Yao again.

Chu Yao clenched both of her hands into a fist and glared at Linda, not understanding why Linda always go against her and wanted to loudly interrogate her. But because the classroom still have other students who have yet to leave, she push down on her anger and said. “Linda classmate, Lu Anran should be on duty today.”


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    1. Ohh, because in the raws both Chu Yao and the teacher says OO同学(tongxue) which can mean either student or classmate. So I wanted to ensure there is a hierachy difference when the teacher addresses the students and when Chu Yao addresses her classmates. Eg. when the teacher says OO同学 I put Student OO, and when Chu Yao says I put it as Classmate OO.

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