Rebirth: Chapter 26 (Part 1)

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Chapter 26: National Mock Examination, Meddlesome problems

(Part 1)

At Lu Anran’s third time at the Middle School National Mock Examination venue, it was the first time that she felt under pressure. This year in S City, the examination hall and seat number for the examinees of the National Mock Examination were all randomly selected. Lu Anran was selected to participate in the examination at one of the public middle school in the city, and Chu Yao was also sent to this place but had a different examination venue to Lu Anran.

A totally foreign environment surrounded by strangers, other than Lu Anran, everyone was wearing the uniform of their middle school. Lu Anran is attending S City’s private middle school – Sakura Middle school, the teaching is strict, school uniform style is open, and could be counted as one of the aristocratic schools. Talking about aristocratic schools, the tuition fees are divided into 2 categories, for top students like Chu Yao and Linda, their tuition fees are equivalent to a normal public junior middle school, but for students with poor results like Lu Anran, the fees are extremely expensive!

Taking a deep breath, Lu Anran suppressed the nervousness in her heart, slowly walked to her seat that was next to the window, and took out the stationary needed for the examination. There was still 20 minutes until the examination paper was given out, and Lu Anran looked at the sky outside the window. Today is such a rare fine and cloudless day, but this kind of sunny day will probably fade before long!

Even though, Lu Anran does not recognize anybody at the examination venue, this does not mean that other people do not recognize her ah! Alongside with the bombardment of news reports and magazines, Lu Anran has long become a famous person in S City. After all, not everyone can have management rights to a shop worth hundreds of million before they come of age ah!

In the next few minutes, the examinees entered one after another and found their seats. Finally, when the second bell rang, the two invigilators holding the examination papers appeared in the classroom. After advising a set of exam rules, and waiting until the third bell rang, a refined looking male student wearing glasses trotted hurriedly into the classroom. Actually, according to the rules, the student is considered to be late if you enter at this time and is banned participating in the examination. But looking at how the uniform that male student is wearing is the First Middle School in the whole of S City, the teacher decided to make an exception. The male student trotted hurriedly to his seat and grinned at Lu Anran who was seated behind him, in response, Lu Anran gave back a polite smile.

Lu Anran also recognize this school uniform, the best secondary school in S City is S City First Middle School, that is S City best junior middle school and its name is entirely worthy to be called S City’s Junior High Affiliated First Middle School. The quality of the teachers at the Affiliated First Middle School is almost on par with the junior middle school that Lu Anran is attending, but the achievements of the students is as different as the sky and ground1.

When students test into the Affiliated First Middle School they will also use professional instruments to test the student’s Q, EQ, SQ, Q, as well as their potential for future developments. This means that even if they do well on the entrance examination, it does not mean that one can be selected to study at the Affiliated First Middle School. Also, even if one enrols into the Affiliated First Middle School, there is still a question of whether the student can graduate. The Affiliated First Middle School only have geniuses, in first year only 300 students are able to enrol, in second year only 150 students are left and in third year those who really can graduate from Affiliated First Middle School and continue into S City’s First Middle School have less than 100 students.

When the invigilators pass out the examination papers, Lu Anran hastily glanced at the questions and gave a sigh of relief. All of these questions were more or less similar to the ones in Linda’s practice book, and she had already under Ji Rou’s and Linda’s tutelage understood most of it. Next week on Wednesday, the results of the three examinations will be released and on that very same day is also the day that Lu Anran’s tutor that Lu Jianhao and Ji Rou personally interviewed will come.

This tutor is quite interesting, apparently if Lu Anran was not good enough to enter a school ranked in the first 200 places in S City after taking the National Mock Examination for the third time, no matter how much money Lu Jianhao offer to pay her, she will not come. Just based on this temper, Lu Anran is rather appreciative and feel at ease enough to completely release her vigilance. If the tutor wanted to take advantage of the chance to hurt Lu Anran, he (I don’t know if the tutor is male or female, so I just put he for now) should be very delighted to take the offer and find a chance to harm her and will not set this kind of condition!

1 天差地别 (tiān chà dì bié) : it means that the difference/distance between something like the heaven and earth. Figuratively mean that the difference between something is quite different.


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  1. The section about the schools were very confusing: why would students from the “Affiliated Middle School” test into “S City Middle school”??

    I’m lost!

    Also how and why is it Lu Anran’s third time sitting this test – shouldn’t it be two counting her previous life?


  2. MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE i am completely taken in by this quality of translation !
    can’t even get myself to use translating tools as it will only ruin it all =((


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