Rebirth: Chapter 25 (Part 2)

Chapter 25: Reject Chu Yao, Private Tutoring

(Part 2)

“En?” Lu Anran looked at Linda.

“Nothing……” Linda stopped her laughter and continued to look at her book. As a matter of fact, previously, she quite disliked the ignorant and incompetent Lu Anran who only knew how to please Chu Yao. She had once wanted to raise the issue of changing seats with the teacher, because Lu Anran who only knew how to sleep in class every day, was a real eyesore! The kind of person she looked down the most are those who were not diligent, do not work hard, and muddle through life every day, wasting away their own life and other people’s time. So, when Lu Anran came over to ask her a question, other than being shocked, she was a little happy, it was still better than her sleeping away her life.

“Linda, I want to do practice questions, do you have any recommendations?” Lu Anran looked at Linda. She felt it was not sufficient for her to do finish her homework. Although the teacher would review the overall contents of first and second year of middle school, but she felt that she still does not have a strong grasp of the subject and needed to do more practice questions.

“Let me think ah……” Linda combined the subject types that Lu Anran frequently asked her, took out a sheet of writing paper and wrote down the corresponding practice booklets for each subject, “You buy these books first, the subjects are relatively simple but regards the basics as important. Once you finish all of them and understand all of the questions, entering S city’s Second High won’t be a problem.”

“What if I want to enter First High?” Lu Anran asked.

“You finish doing all of these first then we will talk again!” Linda did not directly reply Lu Anran’s question, “If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me anytime.”

“Okay, thank you!” Lu Anran is grateful to Linda. In her previous lifetime, she never had any interactions with Linda, the longest conversation they had was after class where Linda would tell the half- asleep Lu Anran, “Excuse me, I need to use the washroom.”

It is not that Lu Anran does not want to talk to her table- mate Linda, but Linda was always either reading or solving some question. Faced with that thick spectacle lens, Lu Anran would always feel that Linda was a thousand miles away from her. However, at that time, she also felt somewhat inferior and so she simply gave up on any interactions with Linda. In her previous lifetime, after graduating from high school, it seemed like Linda was accepted into a famous University aboard and joined the same department as Chu Yao in the National Research Institute after finishing graduate school. But at that time, in her previous lifetime, Chu Yao has always been unhappy with Linda and have complained many times about her (Linda) to herself (Lu Anran), making Lu Anran disgusted with the bookworm Linda who had an inflexible personality.

Now thinking about it, Chu Yao was most likely jealous of Linda who was of the same age as her yet ranked two positions higher! After all, the her who have lived through two lifetimes has never heard of the academically devoted Linda doing anything improper, and she was still very straightforward and upright! This time, after starting over a lifetime, she chose to humbly seek Linda for advice.

“I feel……” After the conversation has ended, Linda suddenly turned her head again to look at Lu Anran, “Why don’t you hire a private tutor!”

“A private tutor?” Lu Anran frowned. It was not that she has never considered hiring a private tutor, but isn’t this the equivalent of inviting a stranger home? In her previous lifetime, it was precisely because she invited a wolf into the house1 that resulted in her being kidnapped and her hand muscles being snapped off. In this lifetime, she always takes some sort of precaution against strangers.

“That’s right, if you want to enter the City’s First High school, it’s too late for you to study by yourself. There are only about 100 days left, entering the City’s Second High school is already the peak. If you hire a brilliant tutor, it should be still hopeful.” Linda expressed her own opinion, “I think that it is useless for you to register for cram school now…… Hiring a tutor is more suitable for you!”

“Okay. I will consider it.” Lu Anran still has faith in Linda. She also knows that with her own wee bit of strength, to enter a high school, she must be prepared to go all out, sparing no effort! Have to realize that the her in her previous lifetime did not even manage to enter the worst high school.

After a day of studying have ended, on the way back home, Lu Anran passed by a bookshop. Getting down from the car, she bought all of the recommended practice guides that Linda have recommended, and then also carefully considered Linda’s suggestion on the way home. It wasn’t impossible to hire a private tutor, Ji Rou could well afford it, and with regards to matters concerning her own study, Lu Jianhao will also approve. But what she is afraid of is inviting back some degenerate scoundrel, then the consequence is not something she can bear ah!

Until she finished eating dinner and completed her homework, Lu Anran was still agonising about this matter. In the end, she decided to ask Ji Rou for her opinion. Once Ji Rou has heard about it, she took the initiative to assume as the role of a tutor. For both mother and daughter, one was earnestly explaining, while the other was happily learning, it was such a joyous and harmonious scene.

However, Ji Rou also knows that although she understands the contents of Lu Anran’s books, she does not know what were the main points that will be tested by the teachers in the upcoming High School Entrance exam. Must mention arranging schedule when finding a tutor, except that she still needs to consider carefully when choosing a candidate! It is best if the tutor is female, it is not that she has sex discrimination or something. Lu Anran is fifteen years old this year, still in an ignorant age, finding a female tutor can also avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

In the end, Ji Rou also brought up this suggestion to Lu Jianhao. After all, both mother and daughter were now living with Lu Jianhao in the main residence of Lu family. If they want to hire a tutor, they would still need to tell Lu Jianhao to let him know. Regarding this suggestion, Lu Jianhao has also nodded his head in agreement. The Young Miss of Lu family, future successor of Lu Corporation has to have a good- looking diploma! The whole family reached a consensus, thus the matter of finding a private tutor for Lu Anran has also become a major event in the family.

1 引狼入室: means that she left herself open to attack/ open the door to an enemy

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  1. Loll.. let me guess.. the news went as far as reaching the Long hosehold and in the end that Young Master Long will volunteer to be her tutor and make her fall for him?
    Ah but under a disguise no?
    Cos he wants her to fall for him without knowing his background😌😌

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