Rebirth: Chapter 26 (Part 2)

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Chapter 26: National Mock Examination, Meddlesome problems (Part 2)

Usually the Academic Test for Junior High School students lasts for 2 days. The first day, Chinese, Mathematics, Social Studies and History is tested, and the second day is English, Biology and Chemistry. The National Mock Examination was almost the same as the Academic Test so the results will naturally be alike. This is the third National Mock Examination, the previous two times Lu Anran obviously totally messed it up and when the grades for all the subjects were added together, it was not even as high as Chu Yao’s grades for one subject. Ji Rou was also troubled by her daughter’s results but has never severely criticized Lu Anran.

The first day the examination ended at 6.30pm, after spending the whole day answering questions, Lu Anran was still felt a bit strange. Although she answered all the questions, but there were still some that she was not sure of. When the bell rang to signal the end of the test and pass up the examination papers, Lu Anran realised that the male student from Affiliated First Middle School in front of her had already fell asleep at a time unbeknown to her. Lu Anran frowned but still kindly used the pen in her hand to poke him.

The male student only gradually started to wake up when he felt something poking him his back. He stretched and woke up with a start when he realised it was already time to pass up the examination papers. After the teacher collected all the papers, the male student turned around and smiled at Lu Anran gratefully. “The questions were too simple, I finished answering all the questions after 20 minutes and ended up accidentally waking up late! Thanks haha!”

“It’s fine” Lu Anran politely smiled back.

“I am Qin Shumo from Affiliated First Middle School” the male student extended his hand.

“Lu Anran.” Lu Anran also extended her hand and friendly shook Qin Shumo hand. This male student body has a very nice smelling red tea fragrance, it was light and elegant, leaving Lu Anran a rather good impression of him.

“Ai? You are Lu Anran ah!” Qin Shumo suddenly remembered the photos from recent newspapers and magazines. “You look even more beautiful in person than in the photos!”

“Thank you.” Lu Anran smiled replying him as she packed away her stationary items.

“Then, see you tomorrow!” Qin Shumo finished packing his own things, slung on his bag, waved his hand and quickly left the classroom.

“See you tomorrow.” Lu Anran also slung on her backpack. At this moment, the girl beside her suddenly gasped, surprised, and said “ Qin Shumo?”

Lu Anran looked at the girl enquiring, after all the male student just now did call himself Qin Shumo.

“That genius from Affiliated First Middle School?” the girl opposite Lu Anran shrieked.

“No wonder he fell asleep! The questions must have been too easy!” That girl could not help but cup her face with her hands, her eyes shining as she said. “He is so gentle and suave, simply very handsome!”

“You are such a glasses enthusiast ah!” the girl opposite said with a helpless face. “Wake up! Don’t dream!”

“But he is really handsome ah! His grades are also so excellent!” At that time, whatever the girls were saying, Lu Anran had already lost all interest in listening any further and had already stepped out of the classroom.

“Genius hm?” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth raised up, like the matter had nothing to do with her.

On the second day of the examination, the examination venue was the same, but the seat number has changed. Perhaps it was fate, this time Lu Anran and Qin Shumo were not sitting behind or in front of each other but beside each other. After both of them sat down, said good morning to each other and after that did not anything else. In Lu Anran heart, she was rejoicing that even though she was at the same examination place as Chu Yao, she did not meet Chu Yao at all. But unfortunately, such luck only held on until noon.

After the English examination in the morning, Lu Anran decided to go to a nearby cafeteria to eat her lunch. Qin Shumo also went to the same place as Lu Anran, so after both of them got their lunch, they sat down at the same table near the window to eat.

Qin Shumo’s bearing was that of a gentleman and in these two days, he left behind quite a good impression in Lu Anran’s mind. Although both of them were facing each other, but they only quietly ate their own lunch. There was no exchanges between them, but there was still a friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding.

The cafeteria was very noisy, the examinees were all talking and laughing with each other as they ate their lunch, as if they have already finished taking the last subject kind of jubilant atmosphere.

At this moment, another girl carrying her lunch tray awkwardly appeared in front of Lu Anran and Qin Shumo. “Err, is it ok if I share your table? The rest are all full already!”

“Yes.” Lu Anran nodded her head, and then looked at Qin Shumo who shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he does not mind either.

“Thank you” That girl happily grinned and sat beside Lu Anran. “I am Li Moran from Ling Yuan Middle School.”

“Lu Anran from Ying Hua Middle School.” Lu Anran warmly nodded her head, she quite like Li Moran’s smile. She felt that her smile was very innocent and is free of any scheming and hostile feelings.

“Your name sounds familiar!” Li Moran thought for a while, but her capacity of the brain is not big enough, so she shook her head. “Ma~ Forget it, I can’t think of it at the moment! Hehe!”

“Hurhur…” Lu Anran also laughed and pushed away the meat dish on her lunch tray.

“Ai? You don’t eat meat ah!” Li Moran asked curiously after seeing Lu Anran’s actions.

“En, I am a vegetarian.” Lu Anran explained.

“How coincidental.” Qin Shumo also laughed. “I am also a vegetarian. “

“I am the opposite of both of you ah!” Li Moran laughed and said. “I am the kind that if the dish doesn’t have meat, I won’t like it! If in one meal I don’t eat meat, my whole body won’t feel well. As it happens I have a constitution where I won’t grow fat, no matter how much I eat.”

“Just this alone will let people envy you!” Lu Anran chuckled and said.

“Really? Hahaha!” Lu Moran chortled loudly but ended up choking on a grain of rice. She dazedly coughed for a long while before managing to ease it.

“You should be more careful!” Lu Anran passed to her the bowl of soup that she has yet to drink.

She took it and drank a large mouthful, only then did Li Moran gave a sigh of relief,“Huu, I’m revived….”

“Puu…” When Lu Anran and Qin Shumo saw the rice grains stuck at the corner of Li Moran’s mouth, they could not help roaring with laughter.

“Ai?” In contrast Li Moran was completely at a loss, and in response when they saw her reaction, both of them laughed even happier.

“Anran, what’s happening? Why are you laughing so happily?” Chu Yao appeared in front of Lu Anran holding her lunch tray, and then naturally sat down beside Qin Shumo. “I went around in circles trying to find you, you know!”

“Why did you find me for?” Lu Anran could not laugh anymore, whenever Chu Yao appear it was definitely nothing good.

“I…” When Chu Yao was asked like this by Lu Anran, it choked off her next sentence. It was all due to her seeing Lu Anran laughing happily with the people beside her from afar, and seeing Lu Anran so happy, Chu Yao felt that it was especially irritating to her eyes. She just does not want Lu Anran to have a easy time! Whenever she sees Lu Anran so happy, her whole body does not feel well at all!

After a while, Chu Yao grinned awkwardly and said. “We’re best friends! Even luckily got sorted to be at the same examination place, of course I want to find you and eat lunch together!”

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