Rebirth: Chapter 23 (Part 1)

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Chapter 23: Worried Ji Rou, Signing of contract

(Part 1)

“Eh?” Lu Anran looked at Ji Rou curiously, “Why ah?”

“Because……” Ji Rou chewed on her lower lip, “That store was won by Lu Corporation using a humongous sum of money. The renovation cost, plus the cost of rental, and all of the other miscellaneous costs will not be a small amount of money. Following the present management model of Lu Corporation, don’t even talk about recovering the capital sum in a short period of time, even if there is a good management model in place, it will be barely enough to maintain a profitable status for at least thirty years. That’s why Dad talked about using a completely new management model. But no one has ever tried walking down this route!

Lu Family’s dishes are all traditional cuisines of Country Z, we cannot indiscriminately apply examples of successful management model in foreign countries. Yet, there are no suitable models in this country. This means that there must be a completely new business idea and model that far exceeds the present model in order to barely maintain and operate this store. Mom thinks that this road is too difficult! You are only fifteen ah……” Ji Rou sat next to Lu Anran, touching Lu Anran’s face with an expression full of heartache.

Lu Anran felt a sudden warmth in her heart. It was just like the sentence she has once read, everyone only cares about how high you fly and how far you can go, only your parents will care about how tired you are when you fly…… Naturally, she also knows that this road is not easy to walk on. In her previous lifetime, it was not as if she did not see Lu Junan’s family trying to think up of all sorts of ways to reverse the situation, but in the end, they could only powerlessly watch it losing money day by day, furthermore, making Grandpa ill from anger…… But Lu Anran also knows that even though Lu Jianhao has shown his support for both mother and daughter today, the result was far less effective than her becoming strong!

To be able to protect Mom and herself, she needs to become stronger! Long Corporation is an excellent springboard. She also paid attention to her surroundings and only knew that someone from Long Corporation came by today, unfortunately, she did not have the chance to meet in person. If she really wants to establish herself, she has to take over the management rights to this store and make it really big, taking the opportunity to make Lu Corporation become one of the main brand of Long Corporation’s shopping centre and infiltrate into the key cities in other countries. She must become stronger as soon as possible to fight against that mysterious man behind Chu Wanhai. Up until now she still remembers the words of Chu Yao that Lu Corporation offended someone that they should not have…… This person’s status is definitely not ordinary!

Seeing that Lu Anran did not speak, Ji Rou sighed, “If only Hao ge was here……” All these years, whenever they are in trouble, she would always think, if only Hao ge was here. Hao ge will definitely protect both mother and daughter, but a hope was just a hope, and a fantasy was just a fantasy……

“Mom, it will be okay! Dad may not be here, but I’m here! I’ll just accept the management rights that Grandpa gave me! Don’t worry! Even if I cannot make it, Grandpa and Second Uncle will surely help me!” Only by saying this, could she then comfort Ji Rou, and reassure Ji Rou. She remembered in her previous lifetime, the entire Lu family was in a mess because of this store, afterwards, it was due to the help from Long Corporation that the Lu Corporation was saved from bankruptcy! But this time, even if she knows how difficult it is, she needs to face it directly so that she has the capital to resist against all unknown forces!

Ji Rou’s eyes ached as she looked at Lu Anran. Fifteen years old should be the age of having fun ah! Why does her daughter have to bear such heavy responsibilities at such young age?

“Let’s go!” Lu Anran said as she sat up from the bed, “We can’t disappear for too long during Grandpa’s birthday banquet, otherwise people will start to gossip!” Lu Anran smiled and patted Ji Rou’s hands. In her previous lifetime, she went to search for Chu Yao’s “lost” bracelet. She had only left for less than half an hour, yet she was spoken about so badly. This time, she has learnt to be obedient.

“En!” Ji Rou helped Lu Anran to fix her hair and makeup. Both mother and daughter once again went down the stairs holding hands, appearing in front of everyone.

It was another round of conventional greetings by the people surrounding them. Lu Anran dealt with them for nearly an hour before finally moving through the crowd to stand next to Lu Jianhao, “Grandpa! No one else but you would dig a pit for their granddaughter ah!”

“Did I?” Lu Jianhao felt like laughing seeing Lu Anran fuming with anger.

“Silly child, even if others beg for this, they won’t even get it!” Xu Lianxin who stood at the side pinched Lu Anran’s cheeks, “You must work hard okay? But don’t tire yourself out! If you really can’t cope with it, at that time Dad, you mustn’t blame Lu Anran! She is still a child!”

“How can my, Lu Jianhao’s, granddaughter retreat!” Lu Jianhao was already not happy. He has also carefully considered this matter ok! After these two days of interactions, Lu Jianhao has thought about it, if Lu Anran was unable to pick up this girder, then no one else from Lu family would be able to take over this branch anymore. It is not that he did not consider Lu Anhua or Lu Anxin. Only that their behaviour these two days has left Lu Jianhao a little disappointed.

He also realised that Lu Anran was indeed a lot more scheming compared to both brother and sister. Even daring to have plant ideas into his head and use him as an envoy…… Interesting!

“En!” Lu Anran nodded and said, “Second Auntie, don’t worry! I won’t be timid and overcautious even before I start!”

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  1. I wonder if Grandpa overestimate Anran’s ability. She can scheme because she is reborn and knows what unfolds. Now that the future has change, whether she sinks or swims no one knows.

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    1. Exactly. The idea because you relieved your life or are aware of ten years of the future is unlikely to remain the same or br helpful in reality. But maturity is good to see in the long run tho I am confused at how young kids can be so scheming like maliciousness is possible but to think so far ahead is wild.


  2. Read all the chapters in one sitting. And the part about the enemy whom Anran’s offended make me think….
    What are the odds that it’ll be someone from Long Corporation, maybe even that young master himself. After all, he loved her so much… it’ll be sensible if he gone berserk the moment he heard about her engagement to that slag fiancee of her?

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  3. Lol. That grandpa sure did a lot of scheming on his part to be able to know and realize how her granddaughter is using him as some sort of shield for defense and for attacking (΄◉◞౪◟◉`)

    Thanks you so much for the chapter!!

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