Rebirth: Chapter 22 (Part 2)

Chapter 22: Anran’s speech, Entrusted with an important post

(Part 2)

Once Lu Anran’s voice faded, the guests present raised their glasses to drink a toast in succession. Reporters at the scene were also constantly flashing their cameras. The politely delivered speech by Lu Anran drew a satisfactory conclusion, next was question time by the reporters. Every question asked revolved around Lu Corporation’s development and Lu Anran. Lu Jianhao smilingly replied one question after another.

Today, his granddaughter has really let him view her in a new light. He has a feeling that Lu Anran will definitely not be any worse than any of his sons. The idea of nurturing Lu Anran sprouted in his heart, and so after answering the last question, Lu Jianhao made another last- minute decision and said to all the reporters, “Today, I also have a piece of news I would like to announce! As everyone knows, in two years’ time, Lu Corporation’s food and beverage outlet will officially operate in S city under Long Corporation’s shopping centre in Xin Dong. Long Corporation is the leading enterprise in Country Z. Previously, shopping centres under Long Corporation were only built and established in Kyoto, New York, London, Tokyo, Stockholm, Toronto and Vienna. This time is the first time they are entering S city.

I believe everyone knows that most biddings on shops in Long Corporation’s shopping centre were rejected. Other than international brands under Long Corporation, only five brands from S city were given a store this time. Lu mou was fortunate to be one of the five. In two years’ time, during summer, when Long Corporation’s shopping centre officially open, the 100th branch store of Lu Corporation will also officially operate. At the same time, the management of this 100th branch will be different from the rest of the 99 branches. And today, I formally announce that the management right of 100th branch store will be given to my granddaughter, Lu Anran!”

Undoubtedly, the words of Lu Jianhao were like a stone thrown into a tranquil lake. The scene was in an uproar. Everyone knows that during the bidding war, Lu Corporation spent 7.63 billion just to attain operational rights, and the cost of rental with renovation cost in Long Corporation’s shopping centre will definitely be even more astronomical! In true sense, this 100th branch of Lu family is an extremely expensive piece of land, and Lu Jianhao actually gave the management rights of this branch store to a would- be 17 years old girl?! If Lu Jianhao is not being old and muddled, then this Lu Anran must have some outstanding forte! Lu Jianhao has dominated the industry for over a decade. From a small food and beverage company with three chain stores to a leading enterprise in S city, no one will ever doubt his foresight. The future prospect of this Lu Anran is absolutely immeasurable!

At this time, the inner world of Lu Anran was also overwhelmed. This was so different from the script in her previous lifetime! In her previous lifetime, Grandpa gave this 100th branch in Xin Dong to Lu Anhua. At that time, it also caused an uproar, but in the first year, the new store suffered a loss of about 3 million. Lu Jianhao was so angry that he fainted from the shock, and it took a long time for his body to recuperate.

In this lifetime, the script has been rewritten. Lu Anran created a disturbance simply because she did not want the Lu family to revisit the old route plus, she was indeed unhappy with Lu Junan’s family, but this did not mean that she wanted the management rights to this store ah! However, reality did not give Lu Anran the right to refuse or think about it. Facing all the photoflashes that was crazily flashing at her, Lu Anran could only bite the bullet and show an appropriate smile.

At this moment, Lu Anxin’s eyes were almost spitting out fire. The flames of jealousy were constantly burning in her heart, it burned till every part of her viscera was in pain. Lu Anhua was also extremely furious. This glory should have been his! Why has it been snatched away by this Lu Anran? Liu Yue was also in a foul temper, in which banquet did her children not shine? Today sure is a good day, all the advantages were taken by the pair of bitches, how could she not be angry. Only Lu Junan was calm. Although his heart was a little distressed, but as the thought of his daughter marrying into Long Corporation in future rose, what is the big deal about having management rights of a trivial store in Long Corporation’s shopping centre! If Lu Anxin gets pregnant, the rights to operate the Long Corporation’s shopping centre itself in the city would not even be a problem!

Lu Anran’s head spun while dealing with the each and every one of the reporters’ tricky questions. In the end, it was only by using the excuse of wanting to “freshen up” and pushing all the remaining questions to the passing Lu Junfeng that Lu Anran could escape from being surrounded. Pulling Ji Rou along, Lu Anran ran back to her room on the second floor to hide from all the questioning and annoying photoflashes.

“Ah~ I can finally breathe easy!” Lu Anran shook off the pair of Gucci high heels from her feet and laid on the bed with her limbs spread wide open with a relaxed expression.

“Anran……” Ji Rou tightened her eyebrows, “Why don’t I go and have a talk with Dad and ask him to take back the management rights of that store he gave to you!”


Lu Junan is jumping wayyyy ahead of himself~ I wonder what will happen when he realises the truth o(><;)oo

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11 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 22 (Part 2)

  1. Honestly, I am feeling bad for Anxin here, in my opinion she is not really a bad person, just very angry for being abandoned, looked down upon and treated like a useless pawn. She is clearly a genius, come on, graduating from a university abroad WITH honors at 16!?! Plus she has started working at the corporation…. how can everyone in that family, including Grandpa, treat it like nothing and overlook her? I know that Anran is our FL, and has this “amazing” tongue, but other than that, her education and qualifications are way below what Anxin has already achieved at this point. Personally I think that Anxin is justified for feeling angry and if she turns to the dark side, I would not blame her at all. Personally, I see that Anxin could actually be a really good girl and have potential to do good and great things as long as she can be removed from her toxic parents and truly appreciated.
    Also, Grandpa is too biased and too easily swayed in my opinion. Giving management of a store to a currently middle school student who is close to failing school and had show no sign of taking education seriously till a few days ago when he has another granddaughter who has just graduated from university with honors, all because he like a pretty speech? He is clearly stupid. What he should have done is given the store to Anxin and have Anran be her assistant to learn from. That would have been a smart decision as a business man, that way he could have someone capable of running the store in charge and then have Anran be trained and to show her capabilities and potential.
    Sorry for ranting… the ridiculousness of the situation just got to me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree and disagree with some of your points. I feel sympathy for Anxin but I think if she tried currying favor with her cousin and not going along with her dad who doesnt care for her she would’ve been in a better situation. The problem is coveting what’s not yours, even in monarchies it’s the first son that becomes the heir unless he renounces it. The grandfather shouldnt be to biased it’s TRUE but I think hes aware of how lacking his 3rd son is and assumes his children are the same. Some parents will favor one child more than the other and getting jealous or envious will help no one, you can’t help who you like. I think if it wasnt for the 3rd uncles schemes and bad raising of his kids the grandfather would favor them. At least the girl because her brother seems like hes not that skilled at managing businesses. Being happy with what you have will always keep you happy and allow you to avoid problems. Theres nothing wrong with being ambitious but you should also know the limits you have.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. I think that her potential is wasted by being born to a useless scheming family. He doesn’t want her to be influenced by her dad and I would love for her to be separated from them and make friends with the FL because damn is she flipping amazing and she deserves to be more than a pawn or a cannon fodder and I hope the author sees that.


  2. Since a few chapters back Lu Junan had been in a daydream and he was still in a daydream here. Counting his chickens before they were even deposited out as eggs. Delulu of the highest order.

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  3. Stockholm!!!!! Stockholm i mitt hjärta~ låt mig besjunga dig nu~ åldrad i ungdomlig grönska~ öarnas stad, det är du~ (Ah as a Swede I love it when either my country or a city from it gets mentioned in Asian novels)
    Also more a comment on the chapter, she should take the management right and use it to prove herself.


  4. Yeah.. keep it up with the delusion, Lu Junan..
    Raise it higher! The more u raise, it the harder u’ll fall😊
    I hope he’ll be bungee jumping without ropes by the time he realise the truth😏

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Can’t wait to see Lu Junan’s delusions being thrown back to his face…no wonder Lu Jianhao wouldn’t completely trust Lu Junan with his business, it would have gone into ruin
    Thank you for the update~

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