Rebirth: Chapter 23 (Part 2)

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Chapter 23: Worried Ji Rou, Signing of contract

(Part 2)

“This battle only allows success and must not fail!” Lu Jianhao looked at Lu Anran meaningfully. He himself knows that he could not stay in this position for long. Lu Anran was also a member of the fairer sex. If there was no result, even if he personally delivers Lu Corporation into the Lu Anran’s hands, others will never submit to her!

“Granddaughter understands!” Lu Anran who has survived for two lifetimes naturally understood Lu Jianhao’s way of thinking. Her heart was full of gratitude towards Lu Jianhao.

The birthday banquet held by Lu Jianhao this time was also attended in person by the President of Rong Trade Corporation who was previously in the process of negotiation. Lu Junan has been stuck at his side ever since the banquet begun, he was still interested in successfully completing this negotiation. When the President of Rong Trade Corporation, Rong Tian took the initiative to mention the cooperation issue to Lu Jianhao, Lu Jianhao introduced Rong Tian to Lu Anran.

“Anran, this is Rong Trade Corporation’s President, you can just call him Uncle Rong!”

“Hello Uncle Rong.” Lu Anran put on a false smile to acknowledge him, a trace of deviousness could be seen in her eyes.

“Hello, hello!” Rong Tian was extremely impressed by Lu Anran, “Heroes are indeed cultivated from childhood! The Young Miss of Lu family is not only exceptionally good- looking but also has a rare temperament. To be valued as such by Old Lu, she must also be very intelligent ah!”

“Uncle Rong has overpraised! Anran is but a playful child. We still ask for Uncle Rong’s forgiveness if there were any areas that we weren’t attentive enough!” Lu Anran smiled and said, “Although Rong Trade Corporation is far from the city, even Anran has heard about it. Anran has also heard about the cooperation this time when chatting with Grandpa, but there is one point that Anran does not understand!”

“You say.” Rong Tian looked at Lu Anran and wondered what on earth could come out of the mouth of a fifteen- year- old girl.

“The cooperation between Lu Food and Beverage Corporation and Rong Trade Corporation was mainly because Lu Corporation wanted to expand its market through Rong Trade Corporation’s channel of goods transportation. It is reasonable to say that this kind of cooperation is a win- win situation for both sides. Why is it that the contract has yet to be finalised? Is it because Uncle Rong is worried about the financial resources of Lu Corporation or our sincerity in the cooperation? As far as I know, my Third Uncle has negotiated several times with Rong Corporation’s project director. Could the reason why Rong Corporation refused to relent was because the price Lu Corporation stated was too low? This should not be…… Or is it because your project director has embezzled part of the money when reporting back the price?”

“Anran, don’t talk nonsense!” Lu Junan’s heart leaped suddenly. Although the negotiated price on both sides was written in black and white, but there were also a lot of profits to be gained. Both him and Director Lin could make at least a six- figure profit, so the prices reported on both sides were different for the time being. As the final price will only be reported when the contract is fixed, the stated price in the middle of negotiation could be embezzled and replaced as loopholes during the negotiation process. This was a well- kept secret of the PR department in all companies. Now that it was mentioned by Lu Anran, once exposed, the consequences were unthinkable!

Lu Junan nervously glanced at Lu Jianhao, yet he met Lu Jianhao’s expression of understanding everything clearly. In an instant, his forehead was covered in a layer of sweat.

“It’s Uncle Rong who let me ask!” Lu Anran pouted in dissatisfaction and started to push again, “Uncle Rong, you haven’t answered Anran’s question!”

“This……” Rong Tian was also speechless. Evidently, he did not expect Lu Anran to bring up this matter out in the open. To be able to sit in the position of President of Rong Corporation, he was not a fool. Once Anran mentioned it, he also sensed that something was fishy here. He immediately settled the fury in his heart and put a smile on his face, “How does Miss Anran look at it?”

“How I look at it is not important.” Lu Anran shrugged her shoulders and said, “I am of a younger generation. This time, I am asking Uncle Rong for guidance and pointers to clear the doubts and uncertainty in my heart.” Although Lu Anran said it humbly, but this tone and attitude was like needles concealed in silk floss1 and hiding knifes in a smile.

“Anran is still worried that the person appointed by Uncle Rong will be unreliable and instead, spoil the friendship between Rong Trade Corporation and Lu Corporation. How about settling the matter today? Dragging here and there has even made a spectator like me frustrated just looking on. My Third Uncle has already been unhappy a long time ago and complained to Grandpa quite a few times!” She still subtly dug a pit for Lu Junan.

Before Lu Junan could turn hostile, Lu Anran hurriedly used both her hands to cover her mouth. With an expression of realisation, she said, “Oh my goodness, look at my mouth…… Uncle Rong, if there is anything that Anran said inappropriately, please don’t be angry ah!”

Rong Tian smiled awkwardly, “Why would I, why would I!” Yet, in his heart, he kept repeating how terrifying this Lu Anran was. Blindly flaunting the banner of a younger generation, but every sentence said hit on the vital spot, not even allowing him to disagree. Thinking about his own 20- year- old son who only knows how to party and profligate, Rong Tian felt a headache coming on.

The face of Lu Junan, who stood next to Rong Tian, was even blacker than the bottom of a pan. Lu Anran has clearly given it to him! When did he complain about all these? But under the pressure of Lu Jianhao’s presence, he was unable to retort and could only break his teeth into pieces and swallow it into his stomach!

The two sides exchanged a few words again. It was under Lu Anran’s partly genuine chatter and laughter that the contract, that was dragged on by Lu Junan for several months, was signed.

1 绵里藏针: Ruthless character behind a gentle appearance
Lu Anran is so cool!
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