Rebirth: Chapter 22 (Part 1)

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Chapter 22: Anran’s speech, Entrusted with an important post

(Part 1)

Lu Anran who was left at the party was finally able to calm the hyperactive kids. To settle down these bunch of little devils was really not easy ah! No one had time to idle during Lu Jianhao’s birthday, everyone was busy entertaining the guests. Lu Anran’s “job” was keep an eye on all of the kids, making sure that they are not running around uncontrollably. If they knock or bump into anything or anyone by any chance, it will be Lu Corporation’s responsibility. Besides, if they collide into some honoured guest, then it is also another troublesome matter.

Not to mention since today is Lu Jianhao’s birthday party, and the place was decorated very lavishly. If an iota of the decorations was ruined or if the child gets hurt, it is all extremely unlucky.

Lu Anran explained with both emotions and logic until her mouth was dry, but the kids still had on puzzled expressions, and completely ignored her words. It was until Lu Anran changed her strategy, acting out a script of a current popular animation game with a moral of the story at the end that these little devils understood and knew not to go overboard when playing.

“Anran! The party is officially starting! Quickly come over!” Ji Rou looked at the time and called out Lu Anran who was still in the courtyard.

“Oh! Okay!” Lu Anran hurried into the living room. Grandpa was going to deliver a speech soon, it is not right if she is not there. In her previous lifetime, Chu Yao had sent her away and stood beside Ji Rou causing everyone to misunderstand that Chu Yao was the Young Miss of Lu Family. Even though this misunderstanding was resolved later, there were still extensive newspaper reports that continuously praised Chu Yao. Indeed, there were very few introductions written up about herself even though she was the actual Young Miss, they even wrote up about her being absent from her Grandpa’s birthday party and what an unfilial grandchild she was and so on……

In this lifetime, Chu Yao was not here to make trouble, and she was able to do her duty as a good granddaughter to accompany Grandpa to spend his birthday with him. She does not expect the media to write well about her, so long as it is not about her being an unfilial granddaughter, then anything is fine!

Lu Jianhao was also intending to take care of Lu Anran, so he moved between the crowd, calling out to Lu Anran and Ji Rou to stand on his left and right side. Lu Anran was initially surprised, but later she understood that Grandpa was trying to support both mother and daughter, so she tugged Ji Rou and walked over. Tomorrow’s press would be full of photos of today’s speech. Once they see Lu Anran and her mother standing beside Lu Jianhao, they will understand the position this pair of mother and daughter has in Lu Corporation. No one will ever dare to have untoward ideas on them anymore like that fatty Director Lin from Rong Corporation!

“Welcome everyone to Lu mou1’s 60th birthday party. Firstly, on behalf of Lu Corporation, Lu mou would like to thank all industry elites and media friends for honouring us with their presence. Please be magnanimous and forgive us if there were areas that we were being inattentive in ah! Hahahaha!” Lu Jianhao laughed and patted Lu Anran who was beside him, “Anran, say a few sentences in place of Grandpa ok!”

“Me?” Lu Anran never expected Lu Jianhao to suddenly push her forward to say something. In her previous lifetime, as one of the top gourmets, she has accepted quite a number of interviews but a speech at Lu Jianhao’s birthday party or whatever, this is still a first- time ah! This Lu Jianhao has indeed given her sufficient face ah!

Once Lu Jianhao put forward his request, Lu Junan’s face darkened then and there. Whether it is rules, senority or experience, the ones standing beside Lu Jianhao should be Lu Junan and Lu Junfeng. Yet neither sons were standing beside him, and the ones standing on the left and right of him were his daughter- in- law and granddaughter. He was already very upset. Now, Lu Anran, of the younger generation, was actually allowed to make a speech, be it the situation or any reason, they are all not appropriate ah!

But now thinking about it, Lu Anxin has already formed a connection with Long Yuxing, having a marriage alliance with Long Corporation, wouldn’t such a trivial Lu Corporation be captured easily? By comforting himself in such a way, Lu Junan’s expression eased up a great deal.

“Uhm……” Lu Anran cleared her throat. Looking in front at the photoflashes and the microphone that the reporter took the initiative to hand to her, she laughed embarrassedly and said, “Good afternoon to all honoured guests, and media friends. On behalf of the entire family, this younger generation would like to extend a sincere welcome and heartfelt thank you to all of you who are present today for taking precious time out of your busy schedules to attend this younger generation’s Grandpa’s 60th birthday.

All of you here are Anran’s elders, being suddenly requested to deliver a speech by Grandpa, this younger generation is also quite nervous. If there is any part that isn’t well said, I hope that everyone can take into account that this younger generation is only fifteen years old and be more lenient! I am not acquainted with the working Grandpa, but those that are invited here today are all best friends and close friends of Grandpa, all friends of Lu Corporation, I believe that all of you should be even more familiar than me what kind of person my Grandpa is when he is working. But the Grandpa in reality, I, as my Grandpa’s granddaughter, am best qualified to speak about……”

A speech that was developed on the spot combined with the wittiness a fifteen- year- old should have and the steadiness of a Lu Corporation representative, really let everyone who was present have a whole new level of respect. Everyone knows that Lu Jianhao has a granddaughter named Lu Anxin who at sixteen has already returned from abroad with honours and immediately entered Lu Corporation. In the past year, she had continuous successes and was a true noble lady of note.

But after today, everyone also knows that Lu Jianhao has another granddaughter named Lu Anran whose splendour and energy are bound to far exceed beyond that of Lu Anxin, and was deeply loved by Lu Jianhao, “In short, today’s Lu Corporation is inseparable from the selfless dedication and wise guidance of Grandpa, and similarly inseparable from the help and support of everyone that is here. I hope in the near future, Lu Corporation and everyone here could continue to maintain our mutually beneficial relationships between close friends! Lastly, as a younger generation, may I be so bold as to invite everyone to raise your glasses, let us jointly drink a toast to this younger generation’s Grandpa, Lu Corporation’s everlasting evergreen tree, Lu Jianhao on his 60th birthday!”

1 Lu mou (陆某) refers to a certain someone named Lu. I would translate it as Mr. Lu but it didn’t quite fit the context, so I left it as it is. In the text, the Grandpa used it to refer to himself.

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  1. Anxin is a freakin’ 16 year old master degree holder. Why is she so dumb to be jealous of Amran and fight stupidly for her father’s benefit? 🙄🙄
    Girl you’re better off without Junan and others. Young, Rich, Pretty and Highly educated…. You have literally everything anyone can dream of.

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  2. “Lu Anxin has already formed a connection with Long Yuxing, having a marriage alliance with Long Corporation, wouldn’t such a trivial Lu Corporation be captured easily?”

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  3. Thank you so much for the chapter and I’m so surprise on the idiocy of Lu Junan. Srsly!!!! Like your daughter did have a conversation with the guy and was thoroughly ignored BUT How in the world did Lu Anxin became HIS FIANCÉE?? 🌚 like whoa, there delusional much? 😂

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