Rebirth: Chapter 21 (Part 2)

Chapter 21: The Young Master of Long Corporation, Unwilling to Respond

(Part 2)

“Cousin Anran is certainly beautiful ah!” Lu Anxin started to say, breaking the silence first. Even if she was unwilling to admit it, she had to face up to reality. Lu Anran has indeed perfectly inherited the best features from Ji Rou and Lu Junhao. Fair complexion, delicate and graceful facial features, tall stature. Just merely fifteen years old but was already remarkably like a beauty! Even more unfair was that even her hair was blacker and stronger than others……. In terms of looks, Lu Anxin has thoroughly lost at the starting line ah!

“En.” Hearing Lu Anxin praising Lu Anran, Long Yuxing had a weird sense of pride. With a burst of satisfaction in his heart, he politely responded, “Miss Anxin is also very beautiful.”

“Thank you.” After listening to Long Yuxing’s reply, Lu Anxin was finally able to ascertain the suspicions she had. In a split second, all of her jealousy and resentment assailed her heart, the dryness and bitterness in her throat made her barely able to speak, “I suppose Cousin Anran is still quite pitiful. When she was three, Uncle has already gone missing. My father has always told me to take good care of Cousin Anran and he has always helped Auntie in the company.” Lu Anxin did not really sympathise with Lu Anran, she only wanted to tell Long Yuxing of Lu Anran’s father disappearance, and of both mother and daughter’s powerlessness in Lu Corporation. If Long Yuxing wanted to win over Lu Corporation, then choosing her would be a wiser decision.

“Oh?” A smidgeon of pain flashed through Long Yuxing’s heart, recalling the first time he saw Lu Anran eight years ago, the crying Lu Anran made him wanted to protect a girl for the first time in his life. After eight years, Lu Anran has grown into a slender and elegant girl. He didn’t know if she still remembered the promise made between the two of them.

“But Cousin Anran is also a bit too much ah!” Lu Anxin felt that what she said earlier was probably not enough to break the intention of Long Yuxing, so she continued to add, “She only knows how to play every day, already in her third year of middle school, yet still don’t know how to study diligently. If it continues this way, she may not even be able to enter high school! Auntie was so anxious about her that she broke her heart, yet Lu Anran is just too rebellious! It doesn’t matter if she normally doesn’t follow the rules, but today is Grandpa’s 60th birthday, yet she was actually late……. *sigh…… It’s just impossible to deal with her!”

“Oh.”  To people he was uninterested in, Long Yuxing has always cherished words like gold. If he can answer with one word, he will never reply with two words. It is only when he is in a good mood that he will bestow you with a sentence. At that time, you should thank the heavens and pray to the merciful Buddha!

“Where does Young Master Long live now?” Lu Anxin deemed that she has already sufficiently expressed her own opinion, so she wanted to take a step further, “Anxin would like to visit someday.”

“Not convenient.” Long Yuxing flatly refused. This time Lu Anxin was indeed a little too impatient. As a host’s guest, Long Yuxing was still willing to answer with a few sentences in the previous small talk, but the request to visit was completely Lu Anxin’s own selfish desire.

Long Yuxing has always felt an aversion to women who take the initiative to approach him, so at school, he also tried to keep a low profile as much as possible. The number of people who knows he is the successor to Long Corporation at school was no more than five. This time, he also came on the sly. Although everyone knows that Long Corporation have sent people to celebrate Lu Jianhao’s birthday, other than Lu Junfeng and Lu Junan, the rest are unaware of his presence, and his identity.

Even though he was only seventeen this year, due to his status as Long Corporation’s successor, he has been hounded by girls of his own age ever since puberty. So much so that when he was thirteen, there was a girl who climbed through his window in the middle of the night to give herself to him, causing him to have nightmares for a month. Ever since then, whenever he sees this kind of proactive woman, he felt uncomfortable all over.

“Uhm…….” From Long Yuxing’s firm refusal, Lu Anxin also understood that she was being too impatient, so she smiled, trying to find a chance to extricate herself from the embarrassing situation, “Also true, Young Master Long has just moved here. There must be a lot of trivial matters that need to be done! Now is not the right time to visit, let’s talk about it some other time!”

This time Long Yuxing could not even be bothered to reply Lu Anxin, just like that, both of them stood side by side for a while. Fortunately, Lu Anxin also felt awkward, and so she took the initiative to leave returning to the living room where there were many guests, leaving Long Yuxing by himself. Facing Lu Junan who was waiting for her with a face full of expectation, Lu Anxin could only feign an appearance of success. Upon seeing this, Lu Junan was immediately in a better mood. His face could not hide his prideful expression, as though he could see himself being seated as the president of Lu Corporation. Lu Junan even ignored Lu Junfeng when he greeted him.

From young, he has always looked down upon this second brother who only knew to follow behind eldest brother, wasn’t interested in the successor position and only knew to listen to Lu Jianhao to support Lu Junhao. Humph! Useless… blind devotion!

Long Yuxing continued to stand in his original position, watching that image of lilac figure. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to rush over to chat with Lu Anran, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to ask if Lu Anran still remembered him, or still remembered their promise…… but he felt that doing that might frighten her. He also didn’t want to use their previous promise to bind her, nor did he want Lu Anran to become mesmerised with him because of his identity. He hoped that Lu Anran would love him just because he is Long Yuxing and not because he is the successor of Long Corporation. This is not the kind of reunion that he wants, and he believes that it is not the kind of reunion that Lu Anran wants either.

After taking a last and lingering look at that image of liliac figure, Long Yuxing went to bid farewell to Lu Jianhao before the party started and left under the cover of Lu Family’s servants, successfully evading the large amount of media.

Love Long Yuxing~ 

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14 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 21 (Part 2)

  1. Now this is the ml that I like!!!! Always read when the ml first encounter the fl then suddenly grow interest and then go possessive and some ml try to control the fl then making the fl situation worse. So possessive just because he’s interested. I’m so annoyed by some ml. Try to understand this yourself. I’m not good at explaining thing aiya

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  2. I’ve read too many stories where the still-a-child ML is too farsighted/mature than his age.

    Thus when i read LYX pov, i felt like he’s too child-like for a successor ML.

    I hope that he’ll have a tremendous character development (👁_👁)

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  3. M more curious about what he was doing in previous lifetime? M assuming that the promise is about protecting or something like that.


  4. I imagine the girl coming in from the window resembled Sadako (Ring) coming out of the well. Yes, if I were him, I’d be traumatized too.

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  5. Im a little weirded out by the ages of these people… Anxin is 17… how did she graduate so quickly lol and into a firm? she a genius or something? On one hand, they treat Anran who is only 2 years younger than Anxin, like a little kid… shes 15.. while freaking out that their Father wants her his youngest grandchild to work in the firm as well…

    Now this Long kid… seems to have fallen for her when she was just 3 years old lol, I know he was a kid, but still.. lol to carry that torch for so long? really :O woah…

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    1. She was 7 years old that time becausee she’s 15 now so minus 8 years, it will be 7 and if Yuxing is 18 now then he was 11 , 8 years ago.

      But it is weird that Anxin have already graduated university.

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  6. Woww Long Yuxing~ I love how low-key he is with his identity and how he didn’t want to bind Anran with their childhood promise..that’s so sweet XD
    If they already met, then I wonder what happened in the past,,before she was being rebirth I mean lol
    Thank you for the chapter^^

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  7. My~ Long Yunxing~ only one chapter and u already won the hearts of the readers~
    Hopefully u will get what u want in the near future😌

    I’m curious on the details of the promise though.. and whether Anran remembers or not

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  8. Thank you so much for the chapter!!

    And Long Yuxing is really sweet. I wonder what happened before and the whole promise thing. It’s gonne be interesting when they do finally meet (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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