Rebirth: Chapter 5 (Part 2)

Mikage from 07Ghost – One of the best made anime I have ever watched 🙂 This is how a pink bunny should look like…. All cute and fluffy~

Chapter 5: Protecting her Well, Lofty Tone and Overbearing

(Part 2)

“SEC-RET!” Lu Anran rejoiced to have been once hoodwinked by Chu Yao, and was a rascal throughout her life. For all questions, as long as she does not want to answer, she can immediately act shamelessly. With that tone, she didn’t forget to make a large funny face at Yu Shu either.

Seeing Lu Anran with such air, Yu Shu felt a little helpless. But, he indeed came for the sake of protecting both mother and daughter, only he is a little worried that other people would know, “Tell Yu Shu, who told you this?”

“I’m not saying! I’m going to bed!” Lu Anran jumped out of the chair using both hands as a support, looking towards Yu Shu, “You must protect Mum….”

“This is my duty.” Yu Shu answered, “I’ll use my life as a guarantee!”

Lu Anran keenly looked at Yu Shu, she wholeheartedly believed in Yu Shu’s words. If not, in her previous lifetime, Yu Shu would not have taken his own life by a bullet because of her mother’s death. It’s only because Chu Yao used her mother’s desire and disposition to protect her (Lu Anran) that caused her death and consequently, Yu Shu’s death. This time, she will never give anyone even a tiny bit of chance to harm the people by her side!

Back in her room, Lu Anran took out a diary from the lowermost corner of the bookshelf. The dairy depicted a pink bunny princess on the front cover. Lu Anran rejoiced that she had the habit of writing in her diary, allowing her to be able to properly recall her memories at 15.

She flipped page after page, each page recording her life, her joys and worries. Almost every page would mention Chu Yao, Lu Anran had a narrow social circle, and felt inferior after losing her father’s protection. Under these conditions, the Chu Yao who always brought games and comics for her became her close friend. She then told all her secrets to that “best” friend without reserve. All the troubles caused by Chu Yao became something she “naturally” took on.

Because Chu Yao was her only friend, Chu Yao perfectly chained up Lu Anran’s friendship circle. Every time she meets a peer that she can get along with, she would always enthusiastically introduce her new friend to Chu Yao. But after a short while, the new friend would avoid Lu Anran while Chu Yao was the only one who remained by her side. It is also because of this that she relied even more on Chu Yao, and was even more worried that Chu Yao would leave her, just like her other friends….  Thinking about it now, all of these should be dirty tricks pulled by Chu Yao! Lu Anran looked at the immature entries in the diary, as if she was seeing her previous lowly 15 years old self…….

Guarding her own friendship with utmost care, even to the extent of giving up her own personality, and abandoning her own tolerance level. She cherished her friendship with Chu Yao, satisfied all wilful demands of Chu Yao, so much so that just a sentence from Chu Yao, she can put everything that she like in front of Chu Yao…… Just like this, the her who yearned for a pure friendship and companionship, it was really unimaginable that Chu Yao would treat her that way!

After reading finish her diary, Lu Anran somewhat hated and pitied her previous self!

Since everything can start over, she will live as her real self! Being low- key and having forbearance in the previous lifetime have exchanged a short life full of betrayal and misery! In this lifetime, she insists on being lofty and overbearing! See which bastard still dare to bully her and go over her head!

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  1. thanks!
    it’s true, she has the status and backing to not need to bow down! and anyway, if you suppress yoyrself, how will you gain freedom?

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