Rebirth: Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Above featured pic is of Japanese chawamushi (or steamed egg custard, 鸡蛋羹 ).. It is absolutely delicious! ❤

Chapter 5: Protecting her Well, Lofty Tone and Overbearing

(Part 1)

“Maybe her stomach is unwell due to the fever.” Li Song also knitted his brows, “eat something light1 for two days, if her condition persists until tomorrow noon, then bring her to my hospital, I will be on tomorrow afternoon’s shift.”

“Okay, okay.” Ji Rou hurriedly responded.

Lu Anran did not continue talking, she was fully aware that her stomach upset was not triggered by the fever, but because she momentarily just saw the catching and killing of the fish, and for a short while, she even felt that she herself was the fish that was ruthlessly struck by the harpoon, just like all other fishes. This kind of feeling is undoubtedly unlike a common stomach upset……

After Li Song left, Ji Rou once again cooked rice porridge for Lu Anran. This time, Lu Anran did not throw up after eating. After eating her medicine, Ji Rou let Lu Anran rest. She switched off the lights, and left Lu Anran’s room.

Lu Anran gazed at Ji Rou’s figure until the door closed. The entire room was quiet once more, Lu Anran shut her eyes but no matter how, she could not fall asleep.

To her, she has experienced death, and rebirth in rapid succession; experienced betrayal, disfigurement, severing of tongue, being burned alive, and experienced a reunion with her mother who has passed away for many years. But her tongue……

Lu Anran stuck out her tongue, and licked her lips. She still has her own suspicion, so she crawled out from under her bedcovers, put on her own slippers, went to the dining room on the first floor, opened the fridge, and found a plate of chilled fried beef with green pepper. Lu Anran picked up a piece of beef and tossed it in her mouth.

Only just chewing it once, Lu Anran started to throw up a second time. The taste of cow’s blood rolled in her mouth repeatedly, followed by the image of cattle slaughter floating in Lu Anran’s mind. The sad and utterly powerless cry of a cow. The ice- cold edge of the knife stabbing continuously into the neck of the cow, with blood splattering forth. The pupils of the cow still reflecting the figures and faces of all the surrounding people……

“Urgh2…..”Covering her throat, Lu Anran threw up again.

“Click”, the lights of the dining room were switched on, Butler Yu Shu looked at the still vomiting Lu Anran and hurriedly stepped forward, “Young Miss3, what’s wrong?”

“I……Water…… Water……” Lu Anran could only taste the blood, the images in her mind were still clear.

Yu Shu quickly poured a glass of water and passed it to Lu Anran. Lu Anran guzzled large mouthful of water rinsing her mouth out. It is only with much difficulty that she managed to get rid of that nauseating taste and the images in her mind also disappeared.

Gulping down air, Lu Anran sat on the side of the chair.

“Young Miss, are you hungry?” Yu Shu’s eyes showed a little distress, he had watched Young Miss grow up after all.

“Uh…… A little….” Lu Anran’s mind was in a turmoil.

“Eh….” Yu Shu took an apple out of the fridge, and handed it over to Lu Anran after washing it, “Young Miss, eat an apple first, I’ll cook a bowl of steamed egg custard .”

Receiving the apple, Lu Anran hesitated before taking a bite, in a flash, the sweetness of the apple filled her mouth, thoroughly dispelling the bloody taste from before. Lu Anran quickly ate the whole apple. On the other side, Yu Shu’s steamed egg custard was also done. Lu Anran scooped up with a silver spoon and placed it in her mouth. It was fragrant, creamy, warm and utterly delicious.

“It seems that eggs are also edible….” Lu Anran whispered.

“Young Miss, what did you say?” Yu Shu did not hear what Lu Anran said and asked again.

“No….. Nothing.” Lu Anran took a big mouthful of the steamed egg custard, “Yu Shu, next time you can add 0.3g less salt when beating the eggs and, leave the egg custard in the steamer for 4 seconds more!” Lu Anran brought up her own suggestions.

“Yes” Yu Shu has unquestionable faith in Lu Anran’s suggestions. Everyone knows that Lu Anran has a wonderful tongue.

When the small bowl of steamed egg custard was finished, Lu Anran contentedly leaned back onto the chair, “Yu Shu?”

“Hm?” Yu Shu answered while clearing away Lu Anran’s vomit, “Young Miss, what’s wrong?”

“Yu Shu, you used to be in the special forces!” Lu Anran remembered that Yu Shu was a high official special military forces, but for some reason he later came to their side to protect both mother and daughter. This is something she knew in her previous lifetime, after her mother passed away and she returned to Grandpa’s side.

“How did you know?” Yu Shu’s voice slightly wavered, his identity should be well- concealed ah!


1 清 meaning food that is non- greasy or strongly flavoured

2 Author wrote 呕 – sound of vomiting.

3 Da Xiaojie (大小姐) refers to eldest daughter of an affluent family (polite).  In this case, we’ll refer to Lu Anran as Young Miss from now on.

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