Rebirth: Chapter 6 (Part 1)

This is how we imagined a small 2 storey villa would look like. Image was taken from Asura Cryin’ anime 

Chapter 6: Entangled in Nightmares, Setting out for School

(Part 1)

The warm sunlight passed through the window, entered the house, and shined onto the small princess bed where Lu Anran was sound asleep. Alongside with her breathing, a slender eyebrow trembled slightly, as if she saw something unhappy in her dreams. She tightened her brows as beads of sweats gradually dripped from her forehead. Her plump and rosy lips was tightly furled closed, and her baby face filled with terror and unease.

“N, no!” Lu Anran struggled and woke up from her dreams with a start. She abruptly sat up and used her hands to touch her face, the soft and smooth feeling under her fingers convinced her that her face hasn’t been cut, she was still alive, and has already returned to the time she was 15 years old…

The pink pyjamas on her body was damp with sweat, and stuck to her body. A slight breeze blowing by brought along a slight chill in the air. She jumped out of the bed using both her hands to support her and trotted off to the bathroom in the inner room. Taking off her pyjamas, she switched on the shower nozzle to let the ice-cold water pour down onto her head. The stream of chilly water appeased Lu Anran’s agitated and restless heart, and drops of water that were unable to hang on to her delicate skin, glided down in streams.

Lu Anran hugged herself with both arms and touched her slender and smooth arms, still seemingly able to feel the roaring blaze that winded and bounded around her arms, leading to severe pain. She spread out both of her hands in front of her, and seems to feel once again the bones of her hands breaking under Chu Yao’s high heels. She once heard that one will forget past pains once the wound has healed, but that was only because the wound was not deep enough, not painful enough! Lu Anran believe that she will never forget that kind of bone-aching pain for the rest of her life!

As the water temperature gradually changed from ice-cold to tepid, Lu Anran also recovered from her thoughts. She closed the shower tap, used a towel to dry herself, and then opened her wardrobe. The 2m wide wardrobe was filled with all kinds of skirts, and price of every single one was rather expensive.

Thinking about it now, Ji Rou is indeed worthy of her visual arts background, her aesthetic sense is really good! Every piece of clothing was imbued with the youthful energy of 15 years old girls, as well as the noble and reserved aura that a daughter of a wealthy and influential should exhibit. There was also another section of clothes that Lu Anran chose for herself, but the style of clothes can’t match up to Ji Rou’s. The clothes’ fashion was very childish, but Ji Rou loved Lu Anran dearly, so if Lu Anran take a fancy to anything, Ji Rou will buy it for her.

At that time, she was too young and ignorant, tricked by Chu Yao, and always felt that her mother was no good, while Uncle and Chu Yao are her closest relatives. The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth went downwards, scornfully spat a few times, then chose and changed into a suit of navy- styled one- piece dress that Ji Rou bought for her. Afterwards, she put her hair up in a high ponytail, and even her hair accessories are navy-styled, with a white and blue tie. Her entire appearance looked capable, experienced, and exquisite, but keeping her youthful and mischievous look. Facing the mirror, she tidied her appearance; Lu Anran needed to once more get used to her appearance, because she possesses a developed tastebud, she was very picky with her food, and this led to Lu Anran’s figure to be rather thin. But her face was still somewhat chubby with baby fat, with a big pair of glistering eyes passed down from her dad Lu Junhao, a small tip of nose, and the bridge of her nose was not too high but just right. Her lips were plump, naturally rosy, and she has even, pure white teeth; when she smiled, a little protruding canine tooth was revealed, making her look adorable.

Carrying her schoolbag, Lu Anran slowly walked down the stairs towards the dining room. The house that Lu Anran is currently staying in is a small two- storey villa, the floor area is not very big. The first floor has a living room, kitchen and dining room, second floor is everyone’s bedrooms and 2 study rooms. Although, Ji Rou looks weak, she also worries about the domestic affairs of the family; so, it is all thanks to the 3 loyal servants: the butler Yu Shu, Auntie Rong who went back for her son’s wedding, and the chauffeur Old Zhang. These 3 people are all the servants of the Lu Family, which were personally chosen by Lu Anran’s Grandpa, Lu Jianhao. Usually, not only do they need to look after the daily lives of both Ji Rou and her daughter, they also need to protect and ensure their safety.

Thinking about it now, she was indeed wilful, repeatedly adhering to Chu Yao’s ideas, and every single time she will be bewitched by Chu Yao to stay far away from everyone’s line of sight. This resulted in her getting hurt, meeting misfortunes and indirectly causing people worthy of her trust to die one by one…. Lowering her head slightly, Lu Anran’s eyes were full of guilt.


6 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 6 (Part 1)

  1. Thank you for the CH.
    “still seemingly able to feel the roaring blaze that winded and bounded around her arms, leading to severe pain.”
    Have to say this cause this sentence bothered me so MUCH. The verbiage used is contradictory of the end result of the fire and “winded” is being used incorrectly i believe. Attempted to look it up to verify and can’t find anything that contradicts my understanding. If i’m wrong then alright.

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  2. Chu Yao is like what? 15 years old like Anran? Yet she’s already an ace of weaving, manipulating intricate lies and schemes. What a dangerous brat she is. Gosh.

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  3. Hi Kuq Ku, We have un-approved your comment in this chapter part as it contains inappropriate words. Please be kind to in your comments no matter how strongly you feel about the person as it is inappropriate for other readers. Thank you very much.


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