Rebirth: Chapter 4 (Part 1)

The author was very descriptive in this chapter (இωஇ ) But we finally managed to get through it… Phew~ The windchime image is from lazyfebruary (Tumblr)

Chapter 4: Intact Hand Muscles, Strange Phenomenon

(Part 1)

Only both mother and daughter was left in the house, Ji Rou used her hands again to test Lu Anran’s forehead, but it was still a bit warm.

“Mum, I’m fine.” Lu Anran looked towards Ji Rou, the corners of her eyes were slightly moist, this kind of feeling of lost and found, is really unexplainable.

“That’s good” Ji Rou held Lu Anran’s hands, “Anran, why were you so careless today? You knew that you can’t swim but still went to play by the poolside? But then again, it’s also my fault, I’ll ask Lao Yu1 to drain all the water tomorrow!”

“Okay…” Lu Anran wanted to tell Ji Rou that it was Chu Yao, that slut who planned everything! But she can’t! The truth that she heard before her death, there is still an evil manipulator behind the scene who has yet to be revealed, she must be patient, only then will she be able to draw out the real culprit. “It’s all my fault…Mum, I think it’s better if you don’t let Yu Shu drain the pool, why don’t you teach me how to swim another day!”

“Aren’t you afraid of water? Why are you so thinking of learning how to swim all of a sudden?” Ji Rou felt odder.

“You can drain the pool now, but next time can you fill up all the lakes and seas? Lu Anran smiled and said gently, “I want to grow up strong and safely, so that I can always accompany mum!” For someone who have already died once, isn’t it pointless to be still afraid of water?

“That’s right Anran!” Ji Rou smiled and rubbed Lu Anran’s head, “You must be hungry now after sleeping so deeply for the entire day! I will go and make a bowl of fish porridge!”

“Okay!” Lu Anran was really happy, the fish porridge that Ji Rou personally made was once Lu Anran’s favourite food. Unfortunately, since the time Ji Rou pass away, Lu Anran had eaten all kind of delicacies in the whole of China, but was never able to experience this particular taste again.

“Just lie down and wait quietly for me!” Ji Rou stood up, tucked Lu Anran into the quilt covering her, and then after stroking Lu Anran’s cheeks, she left Lu Anran’s room.

After the room door was shut gently, Lu Anran propped herself up with her arms and looked around. This room used to be her former bedroom, it is simple and refreshing with dandelions painted on light blue walls. The bird- shaped lamp gave off a warm and mellow light. The cuckoo clock hanged silently on the wall. Directly below the clock, a human height milky white bookshelf was placed and filled with gaming CDs and Shōjo manga2. Next to the bookshelf, there was a huge desk, and on it was a picture of her and Chu Yao placed in a seaman- styled photo frame.

Two girls at the prime of their life, dressed in beautiful princess-styled skirts, beaming and holding hands, posing together under the fountain. Lu Anran knitted her brows involuntarily, the photo of her smiley- self was so sunny, so naïvely!

Deliberately turning her head to the other side, the opened window, the tranquil moon, a burst of cool breeze blew across the white translucent drapes lifting it up slightly, jingling the wind chime hanging at the window. Under the window, a white piano quietly sat.

Lu Anran climbed down from her princess bed, and walked step- by- step towards the piano. She first sat on the velvet soft chair in front of the piano, and then slowly opened the piano lid. Looking at the interweaving of the black and white keys, Lu Anran extended her hand to touch the keys gently, and following with Lu Anran’s light taps, an initial disjointed acciaccatura3 that sounded ultimately transformed into a something close to a fluent song of ‘Ode to Joy’.

1 refers to the butler Yu Shu

2 Author used was 少女漫画, can be literally translated as girls comics, but I think it sounds better as Shōjo (girls) Manga (comic).

3 Acciaccatura: a musical term that means ‘to crush’ in Italian, click on this for an example.

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