Rebirth: Chapter 3 (Part 2)

I’m glad Lu Anran is smarter and more determined! Mother and daughter fan art is from cmstpp (deviantart). On to Part 2 🙂

Chapter 3: Waiting with You, Vowing to the Gods

(Part 2)

“For Lu Corporation, or for Third Uncle, yourself ah?” Lu Anran honestly could not be bothered to deal with such despicable scum. At that time, after she was intoxicated by this scum and was sent to the room of the executive, Lu Junan still used the phrase “for the sake of Lu Corporation” to explain away the matter. For the sake of Lu Corporation, for Grandpa, for everything and anything. She admitted it all! In the end, everything that occurred, and every event that happened, was merely for the sake of Lu Junan, himself to stuff his own pockets1! (T/N: haha! You go girl! *٩(๑´∀`๑)ง*)

“What are you saying ah!” Lu Junan flew into rage out of humiliation as his thoughts were accurately said out loud by Lu Anran, “Uncle is doing this for the both of you, mother and daughter! Older brother is missing, if it is not because of Uncle taking care of everything in the company2, sister- in- law would have been dismissed ages ago!”

“Well then, in that case, it’s all thanks to Third Uncle’s consideration. I never thought that Third Uncle, the head of public relations department can even stretch his hands all over the company to retain my mother, the head of advertising department?!” Lu Anran felt truly amused, and inwardly sneered at her own stupidity. This lie was filled with hundreds of loopholes, how did she firmly believe it without any doubt, so much so that she was overwhelmed with gratitude in her previous lifetime?

“You!” Lu Junan’s sore spot was thoroughly stabbed by Lu Anran. He suddenly stood up and furiously rebuked “give face, don’t want face!3” and turned, striding out of the Lu’s family home.

“Auntie Ji, that… Now that Anran has regained consciousness, I, I’ll go back first….” Chu Yao bit her lower lip. What’s up with this Lu Anran? The expression in her (Lu Anran) eyes really makes her (Chu Yao) frightened, and also why does the fool Lu Anran seems to know something? The matter that happened has left her control, she is a little afraid.

“Then you go back first!” Ji Rou rubbed her throbbing forehead. The things that happened today is already more than enough. She has already lost her husband several years ago and her daughter is the only one left. She absolutely cannot lose her daughter for a second time. But Ji Rou is truly gratified that her daughter would understand her and is willing to wait with her for Hao ge’s return.

“Okay Auntie Ji!” Chu Yao dried her tears and looked at Lu Anran, “Anran, have a good rest, I’ll come and see you tomorrow!”

“Wait a moment!” Lu Anran suddenly called out, stopping Chu Yao who was preparing to leave, “Chu Yao, bear in mind that you are merely the daughter of Grandpa’s secretary, you’d better clearly recognise your own identity! From now on, you are forbidden from calling my mother “Auntie Ji”, hereafter, you will refer to my mother as “Madam” just like Yu Shu and others! Do you understand!”

Chu Yao didn’t expect Lu Anran to say this suddenly. The impression she always had of Lu Anran was a fool that was gullible and easy to take advantage of. How did she suddenly become so eloquent, with this unprecedented sense of alienation she’d never experienced before? But Lu Anran has always regarded myself (Chu Yao) as the closest person! To suddenly hear such commanding tone with obvious disparity in social class, Chu Yao, other than shock, also had a surge of embarrassment.

“Anran?” Evidently, Ji Rou also don’t understand what happened after her daughter had a fever. Why does it seem like there are huge changes to her temperament? Isn’t Chu Yao her best friend?

“You can go now!” Lu Anran coldly glanced at Chu Yao, then turned her head and closed her eyes, no longer wanting to see that person that makes her gnash her teeth with hatred.

Chu Yao went deathly pale, she left Lu Anran’s room, out of the gates of Lu Family’s home. The sky was cloudy while raindrops as large as beans pounded down. Chu Yao clenched her fist and ground her teeth, “Lu Anran! Who do you think you are! I’ll remember you!” Chu Yao walked home in rain, abruptly recalling her father receiving a phone call yesterday. The caller seems to be discussing with Dad about the matter of eliminating Lu Anran, that heiress of Lu Family, in the near future. Thinking about this, Chu Yao’s heart lightened,and with a swift and fierce expression in her eyes, she looked up the night sky and swore, “Lu Anran, I absolutely want you to live in utter misery4!”

1 The author used 中饱私囊meaning stuffing one’s own pockets – to take bribes

2 Author used 打点: could be used to mean taking care of everything or bribing. I decided to use it as the former because it is impossible for the Uncle to admit to bribing.

3 Author used 给脸不要脸 meaning the person is a fool to reject a face- saving offer, but I just translated it literally in the text.

4 Author used 求生不能求死不得, meaning to face a life worse than death

10 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 3 (Part 2)

  1. The delusional bug, acting like a victim when she tried to kill her “best friend”. What right does the traitor have to feel betrayed? Only a fool would.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmmm.why do I feel bad vibes from the fl’s father?like he is the one behind the scene that wants to destroy the Lu family??😕btw tganks for the chaps and translating this novel


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