Rebirth: Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Above picture is the fish porridge, or some people might know it as congee… Now onto Part 2!

Chapter 4: Intact Hand Muscles, Strange Phenomenon

(Part 2)

It has been so many years, since her muscles snapped, she had no choice but to give up playing the piano she had started learning from the age of three. She didn’t expect that one day she would have the chance to play the piano once more. Just thinking about this, Lu Anran eyes burst forth immense hatred, these vile creatures! In this lifetime, she must dig out the evil manipulator behind the scenes one- by- one, and let these people live in utter misery!

The room door was pushed opened again, and Ji Rou’s anxious voice tugged Lu Anran out of her train of thought, “Anran, quickly come back to the bed!”

Entering the room together with Ji Rou was a refined looking man dressed in a suit, Lu Anran glanced at him and recalled that this was Lu’s family doctor, who was also a good friend of Lu Anran’s missing father – Li Song. Lu Anran crawled back into her soft princess bed and snuggled herself into the quilt.

“Let’s measure your temperature first.” Li Song took out a thermometer, placing it lightly in Lu Anran’s ear for a short while. Following a “beeping” sound, the thermometer reading appeared. “36.7 °C.” Li Song read out the number and smiled, “the fever has already gone down, you will be fine after eating light food for the next few days!”

“Sorry to let you make a wasted trip!” Ji Rou was very grateful to Li Song, all these years Li Song was very helpful towards both mother and daughter.

“No problem!” Li Song opened his medical case, wore one end of his stethoscope onto his ear and placed the other end on Lu Anran’s chest. “She has a slight pneumonia, you must make sure she takes her anti-inflammatory medicine and drink more water. Tell Auntie Rong to cook some braised snow pear and rock sugar1, it can ease her cough symptom.” Li Song took off his stethoscope and asked curiously, “I don’t think I have seen Auntie Rong around.”

“I let her return to her old home in the mountains, to attend her son’s wedding.” Said Ji Rou.

“Oh, I see!” Li Song nodded and placed his stethoscope back into his medical case. He then took out 2 bottles of medicine, signed it and in neat handwriting, wrote down the instructions for consummation. “She will be fine after taking these 2 bottles of medicine for one week.”

“Thank you very much!” Other than this, Ji Rou was at a loss as to what else to say.

“It’s nothing, Ah Hao and I are good brothers2 from young, when he is not around, looking after the both of you is my responsibility.” Li Song pushed up his glasses peached on the bridge of his nose.

“Madam, I have brought over the fish porridge.” The butler carried in the fish porridge that Ji Rou cooked.

“Pass it to me.” Ji Rou carried the fish porridge, scooped out a spoonful, blew it softly and then gently fed it to Lu Anran.

Lu Anran had only opened her mouth to drink a mouthful, but the tip of her tongue tasted a strong bloody taste, and suddenly a scene flashed before her eyes. Fishes leaping from the water, shining in the first rays of the morning sun, was stabbed viciously by a harpoon. It struggled defyingly until it died. Lu Anran cried out and vomited, the taste of blood lingered in her mouth for a very long time.

“Anran?” Ji Rou was shocked, “Anran what’s wrong?”

“I…” Lu Anran wanted to tell Ji Rou that she was fine, but the taste of blood was so strong and disgusting that she couldn’t say anything. After choking for quite a while, Lu Anran managed to say two words, “Water! Water!”

“Water! Water!” Ji Rou repeated Lu Anran’s words hurriedly, momentarily confused.

“Here’s the water!” the butler hastily poured out a glass full of water and passed it to Lu Anran.

Lu Anran gulped down the water and incessantly rinsed her mouth. It was only after a long moment that the stench of the fish completely dissipated. She has a sensitive tongue that anyone would envy, just by eating one mouthful of any dish, she can state the ingredients, and even the cooking time. Because of this tongue, she became Lu Corporation’s most valuable treasure, the future in the turmoil of the current political climate. The fact that Lu Corporation can continuously sit so stably as the leader of the food and drinks sector of S City, Lu Anran’s contributions cannot be denied.

However, all of these were in the previous lifetime, in this lifetime she was reborn in, her tongue… seems to have become strange…

“What’s, what’s going on ah?” Ji Rou looked at Li Song at a loss.

Li Song stepped forward and asked, “Anran, how are you feeling now?”

“My tummy doesn’t feel well, and there’s a strange taste in my mouth….” Lu Anran also did not know how to describe this abnormal phenomenon.

1 A type of dessert.

2 the author used 哥们儿 which literally means brothers but are not real brothers per se. This phrase is used between very good friends who are unrelated to each other but are friends to the points they are like family. (can be used by both male and females)

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  1. I’m going to call it now, Li Song is the great evil manipulator. It’s him! I know this from all the Kindaichi manga I’ve ever read. The villain has always been present from the start. *points finger resolutely*

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