Rebirth: Chapter 127

The perfectly fine banquet became a total mess and it was not until evening that everything was cleaned up. Lu Anran sat by the window pane in her room, gazing at the clear sky. In her hands were the small gift box from Young Master Long.

When her mind recalled back to the figure of Young Master Long she saw that day, Lu Anran felt a little unhappy. She did not have a good impression of that flirtatious man. In contrast, that V…. Lu Anran’s knitted eyebrows relaxed. She then stood up to take out the mask that she had carefully kept in her drawers to gently place it on her face.

V…. Why was he called V? Lu Anran did not understand. As she recalled that man’s affectionate brown eyes, she felt that pair of eyes were akin to a vortex, and could make her sink and drown in it anytime…. Lu Anran could not help feeling a little afraid.

At this time, her phone rang. Picking up her phone, she saw a string of unknown numbers. After accepting the call, Lu Anran asked, “Hello, who is this?”

“It’s me. V.” A deep beautiful voice of a man sounded from the other end of the phone.

“….” Lu Anran was stunned. Her heart seemed to have skipped a beat. “How did you get my phone number?”

“I asked from a friend.” Sitting by the bed, V gazed out of the window at the sunset. A hint of a smile seemed to appear on his lips at times, “I heard there was a lot of trouble at the Lu Corporation’s banquet today?”

“It’s nothing much.” Lu Anran replied. “Just a bit of trouble.”

“Help me wish Aunty a very Happy Birthday.” V felt very relieved after hearing Lu Anran’s voice.

“Thank you.” Lu Anran smiled. She really liked the sound of V’s voice. It was deep and melodious and there was trace of laziness, as though it was a narration of a love story or an intimate pillow talk between two lovers. As she thought of this, Lu Anran blushed. Really, what on earth was she thinking ah……

“This is my personal phone number. I usually switch it on at night. If you have any troubles, feel free to chat with me.” V said. “I will always be here!”

“….” Lu Anran was startled and could not help recalling the similar words that Long Yuxing had uttered previously. It was only after a long while that Lu Anran smiled and replied. “Thank you.”

“Hearing your voice, it sounds like you are troubled by something right now.” V asked.

“Mm… There is indeed a troublesome matter.” She was not sure why, but Lu Anran felt that this V person could be trusted. “I received a gift from Young Master Long today. It’s quite troubling.”

“You don’t like it?” V asked.

“I like the present.” Lu Anran opened the gift box to take out the necklace. “The swan pendant is really beautiful. My name is even engraved on its wings. The crown on the swan’s head is also very pretty and the diamond also sparkles beautifully under the light.”

“Then what is the problem?” V asked confused. Hearing her words, it seems that she was quite satisfied with the present ah.

“I’m troubled by the person who gave the gift.” Lu Anran replied. “I don’t have any relationship with Young Master Long and has not even exchanged more than a few sentences. Why did he send such an ambiguous gift to me?” Lu Anran frowned. “Somehow it feels like I have poked the hornet’s nest.”

“You are overthinking it.” V comforted her. “Perhaps it is just a gift. It’s not even a ring.”

“I hope so.” Lu Anran sighed. “I want to return this gift.”

“Return?” V frowned. “This may not be a good idea…..”

“Hm?” Lu Anran said. “I don’t really want to be involved in any complicated relationship with Long Corporation right now.”

“It’s not a glorious thing to have someone returning a gift that was sent out.” V advised. “Anyway, this gift of Young Master Long has indeed played a deterrent role. As long as the people have half a brain, they would not easily provoke Lu Corporation now.”

“That’s true. It seems that this was quite useful.” Lu Anran smiled. “But I still want to return this gift.”

“Then you have to explain to Young Master Long yourself.” After V heard Lu Anran’s words, he did not know whether to be happy or unsettled. How could he make Lu Anran realise that the value of Young Master Long is more than just these?

“Mm.” Lu Anran nodded. “I intend to visit Young Master Long tomorrow.”

“OK.” V nodded. He was very glad that he made this call today, allowing him to make preparations in advance. At this moment, three knocks on the door sounded and three people entered. Noticing the entries of these people, V signalled to them to be quiet. The three people were also quite tactful and sat on the chair to wait quietly.

“It seems that you are busy right now….” Lu Anran vaguely heard the door being knocked, opened and closing and the sound of someone pulling a chair. “Then I’ll hang up first.”

“Can I call you again tomorrow night?” V asked.

“Mm. OK.” Lu Anran liked chatting to V. After saying their goodbyes, Lu Anran hung up the phone.

“Du….Du… Du….” It was only after the other beautiful party has hung up, that V hung up. He then took off the voice changer stuck to his throat and took a drink of water to clear his throat. “What is it?”

“Young Master Long. This voice changer is quite harmful to the throat. You shouldn’t use it too often!” Feng Lixing said as he looked at the person before him.

“Mm.” Long Yuxing nodded. He was naturally aware of the harmful repercussions. He has only used it twice yet he felt an uncomfortable tiredness and tightness in his throat.

“The chaos that occurred in Lu Corporation today were quite serious.” Jing Xiangen said. “Lu Anran really performed very well today ah! Even I almost could not stop myself from applauding! Even though Young Master Feng and I went to her rescue because of your call, she didn’t need any rescuing!”

“Hur…..” Long Yuxing was very proud after hearing Jing Xiangen singing praises of Lu Anran.

“Young Master Long, Young Master Feng did follow your instructions today. So, regarding the matter I asked you previously…..” Huang Ying looked towards Long Yuxing.

“OK.” Long Yuxing agreed without hesitation.

“What matter ah?” Jing Xiangen moved his gaze between Huang Ying and Long Yuxing before turning to look at Feng Lixing with an infuriating smile, “Young Master Feng~ I think I see some greenery on your head!”

“Damn you!” Huang Ying hit Jing Xiangen with her fist. “Only you could say such despicable things!”

“Then what kind of dirty dealings do the both of you have ah?” Jing Xiangen asked smilingly.

“It’s our school’s stage play.” Huang Ying explained. “Young Master Feng is playing the role of the groom. At the end, the groom has to kiss the forehead of the female lead’s younger sister. I don’t want Young Master Feng to kiss anyone!”

“So you want Young Master Long to substitute Young Master Feng?” Jing Xiangen asked laughingly.

“That’s right!” Huang Ying curled her arm around Feng Lixing’s. “The only person he can kiss is me!”

“Tsk tsk!” Jing Xiangen spoke coyly. “Unexpectedly being force-fed with a mouthful of dog food!”

“What dog food?” Feng Lixing appeared to have not understood. “It’s an internet slang. After all, he is a single dog!” Huang Ying grinned and said. “Jing Xiangen, do you want to enter my circle of corruption? I have recently acquired a batch of excellent videos!”

“Forget it.” Jing Xiangen hurriedly waved his hand. “My orientation is very normal and have no interest in the affairs between two men!”

“Tsk.” Huang Ying turned her head away in disdain. “He clearly has features of a shou1….. What a waste!”

“….” Jing Xiangen was speechless. How did his appearance provoke others?

“Do you guys still have other matters?” Long Yuxing asked. He could not be bothered to bear witness their squabbling.

“Yes.” Feng Lixing replied. “Feng Lixian is here in S City.”

“Tell him to stay away from Lu Anran.” Long Yuxing frowned.

“The both of them has already met.” Feng Lixing’s expression had a hint of worry.

“Goddamnit.” Long Yuxing cursed quietly.

“Lu Anhu and Xue Dingan will protect her well. Don’t worry too much.” Jing Xiangen understood what Long Yuxing was afraid of so he added. “My people are also concealed next to her. We will be the first to know if there are any signs of disturbance.”

“There can be no mishap in this matter!” Long Yuxing’s expression was extremely serious. “Lu Anran will be coming here tomorrow.”

“Then are you going to pounce on her?” Feng Lixing joked.

“….” Long Yuxing rolled his eyes at Feng Lixing and asked, “Any other matters?”

“Nothing else.” The three of them shrugged.

“Goodbye and take care.” Long Yuxing immediately ordered his guests to leave.

“….” The three people were speechless. This man was indeed “a youth with three nothingness”2. The three of them got up and left Long Yuxing’s room.

After the three of them left, Long Yuxing called on Ah Sen. “Ah Sen.”

“Young Master, do you have any orders?” Ah Sen asked.

“Lu Anran is coming here tomorrow. Ask that double to come over. I have something to tell the both of you.” Long Yuxing said.

“Yes, Young Master.” Ah Sen hesitated before asking. “Young Master, will you not receive Miss Lu personally?”

“No.” Long Yuxing gazed out of the window. The sky has already turned dark. “It’s not time yet.”

“Understood, Young Master.” Ah Sen nodded before leaving Long Yuxing’s room.

On the side, Lu Anran just called to fix an appointment with Young Master Long. She then placed the necklace back into the opened gift box and closed the lid. Placing the gift box on the table, she left the room. After all, today was Ji Rou’s birthday, as her daughter, she should spend the last few hours next to Ji Rou.

Gently knocking on Ji Rou’s door, Lu Anran entered the room after hearing Ji Rou’s permission. “Mom, I’m coming in…..”

“Mm.” At this moment, Ji Rou was sitting in the bed. Seeing that it was Lu Anran who entered, she patted the place next to her. “Come over here.”

“Mm!” Lu Anran sat next to Ji Rou and leaned her head on Ji Rou’s shoulders. “Mom, I originally wanted to happily celebrate your birthday with a banquet but in the end, it was ruined…”

“Nevermind.” Ji Rou faintly smiled. She has already received the best present today. However, at the same time, a hint of worry grew in her heart. Ji Rou asked hesitatingly, “Anran, what do you think of Young Master Long?”

“Young Master Long?” Lu Anran frowned. “Mom, why did you suddenly mention him?”

  1. 1 the bottom person in a homosexual relationship
  2. 2 No culture, no character, no sense of timing

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