Rebirth: Chapter 121

After hearing Yue Weihai’s words, and flashing back to her meeting with the Eldest Young Master of Yue family, Lu Anran felt disgusted.

“Old Man Yue, you must be still dreaming!” Rong Tian said with a hint of mockery. “Do you think that son of yours is even qualified?” What a joke! Even he has heard of Eldest Young Master Yue’s infamous reputation in A City, much less in S City yet he still hopes to match-make Lu Anran to him? How hilarious!

“Rong Tian! Watch your words!” After hearing Rong Tian’s words, Yue Weihai was extremely upset. What’s wrong with his son? No matter how useless, he was still his son! As long as he has the backing of Yue Corporation, marrying a woman is as easy as flipping his hand!

“Don’t let this matter end the friendship of both Uncles!” Lu Anran hurriedly halted the topic. “Amiability begets riches ah!”

“Anran ah, listen to Uncle Rong. Don’t ever consider that son of his!” Rong Tian said as he pointed at Yue Weihai.

“YOU!” Yue Weihai frowned.

“STOP!” L:u Jianhao also hastened to stop the squabble. “The two of you are invited here today to enjoy the banquet, not to quarrel. Lu Anran is still so young. The young people nowadays are so different to us. They always talk about the freedom to choose one’s marriage partner. Anran is going to choose her lifetime partner by herself!”

“Old Lu, you can’t say that!” Lu Weihai protested. “Could it be that our Yue family is not worthy of your family’s baby girl?”

“…..” Lu Anran could not help wanting to roll her eyes. Worthy? If he was worthy, she would eat her shoe!

“Worthy or not, it is not up to me to say.” Lu Jianhao was also a little unhappy now. That idiot wanted to marry his granddaughter? Dream on! However, with today’s occasion, Lu Jianhao had to suppress his anger. “Let’s talk about it again after Lu Anran grows up!”

“There’s no harm in betrothing them first.” Yue Weihai wanted to confirm the matter as soon as possible.

“Uncle Yue, I am not interested in your son at all!” Lu Anran could not stand listening to him any longer. “I only want to focus on my studies for now. Uncle Yue, please don’t continue troubling Anran.”

“How can this be considered as troubling?” Yue Weihai became displeased. What’s wrong with his son! She should count her blessings that he was interested in her! If it was not for the growing power of the Lu family, he would not even consider her to as a future daughter-in-law candidate! How shameless!

“You should quit now! Anran has already stated that she is not interested in your son. Why are you still so insistent! This is meaningless ah!” Said the other man who has kept silent.

“Liu Fusheng, don’t think that I don’t know what you are up to. You also want to have a finger in the pie!” Liu Weihai rolled his eyes before continuing. “My son may not have any hope but your son does not have any either!”

“YOU!” Liu Fusheng snorted after hearing Yue Weihai’s words. He was indeed here today for his son. Lu Corporation has been growing in power so he did have this thought however, this changed when he met Lu Anran for the first time. He knew that Lu Anran was not an ordinary person, and his son was not that blessed. They were mismatched and he did not dare to consider further, unlike Yue Weihai who has overestimated himself!

“…..” Watching these elders squabbling away without an end, Lu Anran felt extremely frustrated. She then glanced at Lu Jianhao who also looked upset. Her mind whirled and she thought of an idea. She then ran into Lu Residence and had people to put up heavy curtains as she switched on the projector. Clearing her throat before speaking into a microphone, she said, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our humble abode. On behalf of my mother and Lu Corporation, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you for attending the birthday banquet of my mother, Ji Rou! Thank you everyone!”

Lu Anran’s voice travelled from the Lu Residence to the front courtyard, finally halting the dispute between the elders. Lu Anxin who was chatting with Chu Yao, looked at Lu Anran with hatred and resentment. If it were not for Ji Rou’s birthday banquet, it was likely that she would be still grounded at home. God only knew how bored she was! Furthermore, she was constantly in a state of anxiety to the point that she could not eat. She was so afraid that Jing Xiangen would hound her for his money! She was unable to take out that much money. Even if she could, she would not just hand it over. That gown was ordered by Lu Anran, why should she pay for it ah? It has also cost her thousands of yuan to send it for drycleaning after it was dirtied!

Chu Yao stared at Lu Anran who was the centre of attention as the continuous praises by everyone flamed the envy in her heart. Why? That Lu Anran was only an idiot! She should be the one showered with attention and praises! This Lu Anran was just born under a lucky star!

What’s so great about her! Humph!

“Today is my mother’s birthday! I have also prepared many precious photos of my mother’s memories to share with all of you! Everyone, please enjoy!” Lu Anran raised her hand and photos of Ji Rou appeared on the screen behind her. There were also short video clips of Ji Rou’s and Lu Junhao’s wedding, and Ji Rou watching Lu Anran’s first baby steps. The atmosphere was full of warmth and happiness.

Liu Yue glanced at the screen before looking towards her sister Liu Fang. The latter raised her phone as she nodded and smiled complacently.

After receiving her sister’s signal, Liu Yue smiled elatedly. Ji Rou, today is the day that you will lose all your standing and reputation!

Ji Rou stared at the screen as past memories floated up one by one in front of her eyes. There was her, Anran and Junhao ah! Ji Rou’s eyes filled with tears of happiness as feelings of being moved and longing flooded her heart.

Finding an opportune moment, Lu Anran winked at the maid who immediately took out the chocolate rose bouquet that was ordered by Li Anran earlier. Holding the bouquet with both hands, Lu Anran slowly walked towards Ji Rou, “Happy Birthday Mom! Although Dad is not around, I will double my love for you on behalf of Dad!”

Ji Rou gazed at her beloved daughter as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her heart filled with happiness as she was deeply moved. She has received the best gift as a mother and as a wife, she has received news about her husband who was been missing for so many years. Today was happiest day of her life in 12 years!

“Thank you! Thank you darling!” Ji Rou took the chocolate rose bouquet from Lu Anran and lightly kissed her forehead.

The crowd immediately started applauding! This spectacle was simply too moving. At this time, a discordant voice sounded from the crowd, “OH MY GOD!”

The crowd looked towards the voice and realised that Liu Fang who had feigned surprise, was pointed at the screen in shock. The crowd followed her finger and was also equally stunned.

Three photos had slowly appeared on the screen. In the first photo, Ji Rou’s back was facing the camera and was at the back door of Lu Residence. There was clearly a man in a black suit outside the door but he was half-hidden. The second photo showed Ji Rou receiving a gift box from the man. This ambiguous action was captured by the camera. In the third photo, Ji Rou was leaning against the closed door as she carefully placed the gift box into her handbag. Her expression had hints of worry and mystery. In the guests’ perception, this element of mysterious was also the cause of ambiguity and at this moment, the guests who watched the screen, stared at frozen Ji Rou. They initially thought that this was a great woman who was still waiting for her missing husband, who would have thought that she would do such filthy things. It was clear that some of the male guests also started to have evil thoughts. If this is true, then perhaps they could also have a taste of Lu family’s daughter-in-law….. Ji Rou was a graceful beauty who could make one’s heart restless just by standing there. They even thought she was a chaste and pure woman! If they knew she was just a lonely widow, they would have made a move earlier! Humph!

“This…. This is really unsightly ah!” Liu Fang spoke out, “Ji Rou, I never thought you were like this!”

“How filthy!” A lady from the crowd sneered.

The whispers from the crowd gradually grew louder. Every line of their discussion became even more obscene and unpleasant.

Looking at the photos, Lu Jianhao naturally knew that this was taken when Ji Rou was sending off Young Master Long. That gift must have also been given by Young Master Long. After more than 10 years, he was fully aware of Ji Rou’s personality. Even if he was oblivious to the fact that Ji Rou was secretly photographed when sending off Young Master Long, he would never believe that Ji Rou was that kind of woman.

Ji Rou’s face turned pale, her hands became cold. The words of the crowd was like a knife that was ruthlessly stabbing into her. She initially could have taken out the gift box and inform the crowd that this was a present for Lu Anran by someone else. But she could not.

Anran was only fifteen. If the crowd knew that someone was secretly passing on a gift to Lu Anran through her, there will be even uglier words being said. Also, if words get out that it was a gift from Young Master Long, then Lu Anran might have to endure all kinds of jealousy and reproach. Compared to this, she would rather take on all these insults and curses…. As long as it does not harm her daughter!

“Mom…..” Lu Anran gazed at Ji Rou. She would never believe that Ji Rou is that kind of person. She knew Ji Rou’s character very well and this was nothing but a misunderstanding. A picture may say a million words but this was intentionally fabricated by someone! Who was that person and what was his motive! Lu Anran quickly swept the faces of everyone present with her gaze and finally settled on Liu Yue and Liu Fang. Different from everyone else’s disdainful expressions, both of them were exchanging smiles with a hint of pride in their eyes. Evidently, they were extremely satisfied with this outcome and this short interaction was coincidentally observed by Lu Anran.

LIU YUE! I won’t let you get away with it today! Lu Anran clenched her fist. She had always turned a blind eye to Lu Junan’s family but since they dared to attack Ji Rou, she would definitely not let them go!

Ji Rou was Lu Anran’s Achilles heel. If Lu Anran was likened to a dragon that has yet to soar, then Ji Rou was her only inverted scales1.

If one touches the inverted scales of a dragon, one must die!

1 It is a figurative speech and means “taboo” or “pet peeve”. A dragon can be played with or tamed but below its throat are inverted scales, and anyone who touched them would be killed by the dragon.

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