Rebirth: Chapter 122

“There must be a misunderstanding!” Lin Haosheng pretended to look worried and resorted to sophistry yet internally, he was cheering and applauding. Lu Junhao had betrayed his mother that year and this sorry state today was just as it should be.

Seeing that the situation was going from bad to worse, someone immediately took out his phone to message Long Yuxing…. Young Master Long, I really did as you have asked and supervised ah….

“Misunderstanding? What kind of misunderstanding ah? If this was a misunderstanding, then she should just take out that gift box!” Liu Fang retorted.

“Yeah! I also don’t believe sister-in-law would do such a thing! Sister-in-law, hurry up and take out that gift box! Everything will be cleared up once they see it!” Liu Yue said hypocritically.

“Liu Yue! Stop acting!” Xu Lianxin also did not believe those photos on the screen. “Who knows if the photos has been photoshopped. It’s also debatable if the gift box even exist! Don’t just butt in and blather nonsense without evidence!” Anyway, the Ji Rou whom she was familiar with, was the world’s most infatuated person on Earth, she would never do such a thing!

“We will know if the gift box exist once we turn her handbag inside out!” Liu Yue said.

“Yeah!” Someone from the crowd immediately echoed. “Hand over her handbag! If she is not guilty then she will hand it over!”

Ji Rou tightened her grasp on her handbag in shock.

“Who do all of you think you are! Are you even qualified to check my mother’s handbag?” Lu Anran said coldly, shooting a frosty gaze at the loudest people of the crowd.

Perhaps it was because Lu Anran’s expression were too cold or perhaps no one expected Lu Anran to say those words, the surrounding quietened down in an instant.

“Lu Anran, this photo was also released by you. It can be said that you are placing righteousness before family ah!” Lu Anxin was not afraid of Lu Anran. This was also a good opportunity for her to take revenge. If she did not stomp on her ruthlessly right now, when would she be able to do so?

“Placing righteousness before family? Hurhur…. Today, I am really going to punish my family if justice demands it!” Lu Anran looked at Liu Yue. “Today’s matter was obviously a malicious deed by someone. Once I find out who it is, I will definitely not show any mercy!”

Meeting Lu Anran’s gaze, Liu Yue subconsciously recoiled. What kind of expression was that? So cold and resolute, as though she was a demon that has climbed up from the depths of hell. That monstrous malice made Liu Yue’s legs weak. She deliberately hid behind some people, avoiding Lu Anran’s line of sight. No matter what, she must defeat Ji Rou today!

“Anran!” Seeing that kind of expression in Lu Anran’s eyes again, Lu Anhu hurriedly went to hold Lu Anran’s hand. “Anran, I’ll always be by your side! Don’t be like this….” He was really afraid when Lu Anran showed this kind of expression. It felt that she was prepared to end it all together with everything she was dissatisfied with. Even him, who had been on so many risky missions, had never seen that kind of hatred and determination…… He was really scared.

“ANRAN!” Ji Rou came forward to hold the other hand of Lu Anran. Although she still does not know the full story, she would always stand on Lu Anran’s side. Furthermore, Lu Anran’s expression was indeed a little scary. She does not want this kind of Anran……

Having felt Lu Anhu’s and Ji Rou’s hands, the ominous look in Lu Anran’s eyes gradually dissipated.

“That’s right! The Lu Family will never show any mercy in this matter!” Lu Jianhao proclaimed harshly.

“Dad!” Hearing Lu Jianhao’s words, Liu Yue thought that Lu Jianhao also believed the contents of the photos, so she quickly walked up to Lu Jianhao. “Sister-in-law did such a shameless thing, and brought dishonour upon our family. You should…..”

“PA” The sound of a slap resonated. Lu Jianhao only felt a numbness in his right hand yet Liu Yue stared at Lu Jianhao in disbelief. A palm print was clearly visible on the left side of her face.

“Foolishness! Obviously someone has framed Xiao Rou! Why are you getting so worked up too?” Lu Jianhao rebuked, “Scram!”

Liu Yue shuddered and immediately moved aside. Although she did not dare to utter a single word more, she glared at Ji Rou with a pair of eyes filled with resentment. Why? Just why? Why was this old foggie so biased! There was clear evidence and the truth was just presented right in front of his eyes. Why did he still trust that slut, Ji Rou?

“If someone here has any dissatisfaction with our Lu Corporation, just direct it to me. What’s the point of attacking my daughter-in-law and granddaughter?” Lu Jianhao said coldly. “Although I, Lu Jianhao, already has one foot in the grave, it does not mean that my daughter-in-law must suffer this sort of humiliation! I, Lu Jianhao, will not show any mercy towards today’s matter! If I find out who it was that has framed Xiao Rou, even if I have to sacrifice the entire Lu Corporation, I will certainly demand justice!” Lu Jianhao’s voice echoed throughout the entire front courtyard. It was forceful and deterrent, halting the evil thoughts of those male guests. The words that Lu Jianhao has spoken today was very clear. Ji Rou was not someone they could offend on a whim…… Their unhappy gazes stopped on the beautiful face and lithe figure of Ji Rou who was standing at the center and could not help licking their lips. If they could not touch, it should be fine if they look right? What a rare beauty…..

“Grandpa.” Lu Anran looked towards Lu Jianhao with gratitude. Lu Jianhao has already made his stance very clear today and she could trust Lu Jianhao to take care of Ji Rou. Today’s matter was also a lesson for Lu Anran, that even if she endures silently, and aviod creating trouble for Ji Rou or the Lu Corporation, it does not mean that others would not provoke her!

She has always thought that all was well as long as she managed to protect Lu Corporation and Ji Rou! However, she could not possibly tend to every aspect. For example, today, the screen that she set up actually showed those kind of photos, yet she did not have any idea at all! This kind of matter will never happen again!

She will not wait for an opportunity to arrive anymore. She was already sufficiently low-key and patient, but all she got in exchange was hounding by those evil people.

Since it was so, then she would let everyone know that she, Lu Anran, does not allow anyone to prey on all that she holds dear!

Today, she would kill the chicken to warn the monkey1! Liu Yue, it’s just your luck! Lu Anran glanced coldly at Liu Yue. She then turned to look towards Ji Rou. “Mom! With me here, no one will be able to frame you!” Lu Anran held up Ji Rou’s slightly trembling hand, “I’ve said it before. I will double my love for you, on behalf of Dad! Don’t be afraid!”

“Anran!” Looking into Lu Anran’s eyes, Ji Rou knew that everything was worth it. She has such a filial daughter, so what if she was to endure even more insults? She only wanted her daughter to have a lifetime of happiness! She would be contented with just that!

“How lively ah!” A voice sounded from the main door. Everyone looked towards the main door and saw Feng Lixing appearing in front of the crowd in a white suit, “What are y’all doing? Why do I feel that the atmosphere is a little tense?” The person on his right was an acquaintance of Lu Anran, Jing Xiangen. Unlike Feng Lixing, he wore a black suit. As they were both handsome, their appearance was very eye-catching. On Feng Lixing’s left was his fiancee, Huang Ying. She wore an elegant white evening gown. Without her old-fashioned glasses and ponytail, her hair fell to shoulder-length setting off the aura of a well-bred lady perfectly. The three of them were accompanied by two rows of more than ten bodyguards. Each of them holding a large gift box.

Seeing Jing Xiangen, Lu Anxin’s heart dropped. She immediately retreated and hid behind Chu Yao, praying with all her heart that the God of Plague would not catch sight of her.

“Young Master Feng!” Someone who recognised him started to greet him. This was the Young Master of Feng Corporation in the Capital ah! He could be the heir to the Feng Corporation in future. If he was able to make a good impression now, perhaps it would be useful in the future!

“Mm.” Feng Lixing just casually acknowledged before walking to Ji Rou, “Happy Birthday Aunty Ji.”

“Thank you Young Master Feng.” Ji Rou was also intimidated by the spectacle.

“No need for thanks. Your daughter, Lu Anran and I are on good terms with each other. I am also her senior. I am here this time to specially celebrate your birthday, Aunty need not be so polite.” Feng Lixing smiled and said.

“Hello Aunty Ji! I am the general manager of the Long Corporation Shopping Mall in S City. My name is Jing Xiangen, also a friend of your daughter, Lu Anran. Aunty can just call me Xiangen!” Jing Xiangen held up Ji Rou’s left hand and kiss it with his lips as a greeting.

“The general manager of Long Corporation Shopping Mall?” The crowd started discussing fervently in shock. What… What was happening? It was only the birthday banquet of Lu Corporation’s daughter-in-law. Why was Long Corporation and Feng Corporation sending their representatives here? Even Young Master Feng of Feng Corporation has personally made a trip here…..

“Hello!” Ji Rou was also stunned momentarily before smiling politely. She never expected her daughter to be so capable, and was acquainted with so many big shots ah!

Lu Anran was watching Jing Xiangen and Feng Lixing. What were the two of them here for? She did not think the three of them were friends ah!

“The ones on the left are gifts from Feng Corporation and the ones on the right are additional gifts from Young Master Long.” Ji Xiangen continued. “Although Young Master Long has already sent over his gifts this morning, after pondering deeply again, he thinks that the gifts he sent were still slightly lacking so he has ordered me to send over some more gifts.” Jing Xiangen’s voice was not loud, however it reached the ears of everyone present.

“Kindly accept these gifts as a token of his regard.” Feng Lixing smiled and nodded.

“Then thank you very much.” Lu Jianhao smiled and thanked them. It was evident that both Feng and Long Corporations were here to support Lu Anran and her mother. This was great! See who still dares to blather nonsense!

“Eh? Isn’t the man in this photo Ah Sen……” Feng Lixing pointed at the photo on the screen. “That watch should belong to Ah Sen.”

“That’s right. I have also seen it on him all the time. The figure is also like his. It should be him!” Jing Xiangen nodded and said.

“Who is this Ah Sen that the both of you are talking about?” Lu Junan asked. This was such a good chance to bring down the mother and daughter pair ah! Yet both the Long and Feng clan sent people here to make trouble. How could he take this lying down ah!

“Ah Sen is Young Master Long’s personal bodyguard.” Jing Xiangen replied. “It must be Young Master Long who asked Ah Sen to send the gift but was secretly photographed to twist the truth instead.”

1 Kill the chicken to warn the monkey : Set an example


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