Rebirth: Chapter 72 (Part 2)

Sorry for the late post, was very busy this week! Enjoy part 2 of the chapter!

Chapter 72: Collecting clothes, picking up Qin Shuhan

(Part 2)

“Sure!” Ji Ling nodded, “Anyway I have been a committee member since primary school. Although the form teacher is a little weird, but since you are the monitor, I can only join you at the risk of my life!”

“Thanks!” Lu Anran replied smilingly.

“Why are you being so polite to me?” At this moment, Ji Ling’s phone vibrated, “Oh no, it’s Queen Mother’s life- threatening series of calls! I’m leaving first ah! Bye bye my two dear monitors!” After saying that, she carried her backpack and ran away, leaving the two people’s line of sight.

Watching Ji Ling hastily rushing away, Lu Anran and Qin Shumo laughed speechlessly. Then, Lu Anran carried her own schoolbag and just as she was going to say goodbye, Lu Anhu appeared at the doorway of Class D, “Anran, hurry up, let’s go. I’m starving!”

“Coming!” Lu Anran replied and then waved at Qin Shumo, “See you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.” Qin Shumo also smiled as he waved back.

Lu Anran and Lu Anhu left the teaching building together. When they reached the carpark, Lu Anwei was already waiting there for them. After picking up Lu Anran and Lu Anhu, Lu Anwei asked, “Are we going home directly?”

“Of course la!” Lu Anhu rubbed his empty stomach and said, “I didn’t eat much during breakfast, and was tortured for the whole morning. It’s already 2PM, yet I haven’t eaten lunch……”

Hearing that, Lu Anran presented a smile of unparalleled sincerity, “Then I’ll treat you to lunch!”

“Ugh….” Hearing Lu Anran’s words, the dread from that day invaded Lu Anhu’s heart again and wave after wave of uncontrollable nausea surged. Lu Anhu hurriedly deflected, “No need…… I’m not hungry……”

Lu Anran smiled, “Not hungry?”

“NOT HUNGRY! NOT HUNGRY!” Lu Anhu shook his head like a rattle drum. You must be joking! He considered his stomach as the most important organ in his body! If it was tortured once more by Lu Anran, he probably would need to say goodbye to this beautiful world……. How scary……

“Where are we heading to now?” Lu Anwei started the car and asked.

“We are going to Yinghua Middle school to pick Teacher Qin now.” Lu Anran said, “Didn’t I tell you last night that we are giving Teacher Qin a lift back to our place?”

It was only after a while that Lu Anwei replied, “Mm.”

“……” Lu Anran observed the microexpressions on Lu Anwei’s face and silently sighed while looking out of the car window. However, she noticed a figure of a youth not far away. He looked like the honest senior who introduced himself today in the hall. What was his name? Seems like……

Long Yuxing……

Watching that figure gradually moving further away till he disappears, there was a moment that Lu Anran overlapped this figure with that masked person from that banquet of Long Corporation, but she shook her head after hesitating for a minute. How could there be such coincidence? Also, she didn’t even know who the masked guy was! How could it be that he so happens to be her senior? There was no such coincidence in romance novels… Moreover, hadn’t she already decided that in this lifetime she would only care about Lu Corporation and work and not love? Even if she remains single, so what?

Shaking her head, Lu Anran threw that figure out of her mind.

It was only after seeing her car disappearing completely from his sight that Long Yuxing turned around and sat in the black BMW. In order to hide his identity at school, he has always kept a low profile. If it was not because it was an easier method to get closer to Lu Anran, he would have never entered the whatchamacallit student union and be elected in such crummy position as a vice-president.

Ah Lin who was sitting in the driver’s seat, could only shake his head helplessly. His Young Master just had to like that person! Ah Lin turned the key to start the car but after hearing the sound of the car engine, Ah Lin frowned in displeasure. This kind of car that is only worth three or four million was just so difficult to drive. One should know that the worst car in Young Master’s garage was a 30 million Cayenne ah! Even he would not buy this type of trashy sports car model but this was all for Young Master…… Who asked Young Master to like other people and want to keep a low profile?

Ah Lin could not help sighing and asked, “Young Master, where are we heading to?”

“Xin Dong.” Long Yuxing replied. The shopping mall in Xin Dong was almost finished. The closer it is to the end, the tighter he has to keep watch on it.

“Young Master, you haven’t eaten right……” Ah Lin was a little worried as he looked at the somewhat weary Long Yuxing through the rearview mirror.

“I’m not hungry.” Long Yuxing urged, “Quickly drive.”

“This…..” Ah Lin hesitated for a moment, but he still nodded, “Yes, Young Master.” As soon as he said that, he drove towards the direction of Xin Dong.

When Long Yuxing shut his eyes to rest, his mind conjured up that unwavering smiling figure. Her tilted head as she looked at himself under the sunset, and her sweet smile as she nodded in agreement, “Okay!”

Opening his eyes again, Long Yuxing looked out of the window at the azure blue sky.

Lu Anran, you are mine! You have previously promised to marry me, so you can only be mine!

“Ah choo!” Lu Anran who was sitting in the car suddenly sneezed.

“Have a cold?” Lu Anhu looked at Lu Anran and asked.

“No, just that my nose suddenly felt a little itchy.” Lu Anran rubbed her itchy nose with the back of her hand, “It’s alright.”

When the car stopped at the entrance of Ying Hua Middle School, Lu Anran got off and dialed Qin Shuhan’s number, “Teacher Qin, I’m at the school gate. Come out quickly!”

After about two minutes, Lu Anran caught sight of Qin Shuhan’s figure. She was professionally dressed today. Her little tight suit outlined her impressive figure while her beautiful legs were encased in silk stockings under her short skirt, easily making one think of unlimited thoughts. Although her 5 cm high heels were considered to be relatively low, but it was sufficient to reveal the slimness of her calf.


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  1. ‘There was no such coincidence in romance novels’…wachyu talkin bout Anran? They’re literally plagued by that cliche’. Lmao. Also, what’s up with this authors poor car knowledge? BMWs are known as one of the smoothest and best rides as well as a very easy car to operate. Maintain, not so much. Since when does a Cayenne cost more than a BMW? Maybe their “lower end luxury” but, why would a rich guy buy a slightly expensive economy model commoner car? Cayenne is about 69k and BMWs are in the 80-160k range for their actual “luxury models”. (I’ve never seen a rich person drive less than an M5 or a 6 series coupe, they have their minimum standards)

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