Rebirth: Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: formulate plan, departed friend

Lu Anwei caught sight of Qin Shuhan through the car window and all his attention was fixated on her. She seemed to be doing well and looked quite good…… He then personally opened the door of the front passenger seat for Qin Shuhan.

When Qin Shuhan noticed Lu Anwei, she was initially stunned, but she sat in with a smile. Her heart was beating wildly yet her face still expressed calmness.

The moment Lu Anwei opened the door, he turned his head to look at the other party.

“Bro Anwei, let’s go home!” Lu Anran said.

“Mm.” After hearing Lu Anran’s words, Lu Anwei started up the car again and drove the car back to the Lu Residence. Along the way, both Lu Anran and Lu Anhu either chatted or pretended to sleep nonetheless, Qin Shuhan and Lu Anwei did not have the slightest bit of interaction.

At Lu Residence, Lu Anran led Qin Shuhan back to her own room while Lu Anwei went to the courtyard to sit on a rattan chair under a pear tree to read and rest.

In Lu Anran’s room, Lu Anran took out the high school textbooks that were distributed today to show Qin Shuhan.

Qin Shuhan roughly flipped through and said, “The front part consolidates the curriculum from middle school. It’s only after October that the new curriculum begins.”

“Then Teacher, how can I further improve my schoolwork after entering high school?” Lu Anran asked. It was better to consult Teacher Qin directly about this kind of specialised question.

“For now, it is sufficient for me to come by every Saturday morning.” Qin Shuhan replied, “It’s only when you are in the second half of third year that you will need daily tutoring. You don’t need it now.”

“En! That’s also a good plan!” Lu Anran nodded. Starting from the second half of this month, she would be busy with the renovation of the new store and would be even busier at the beginning of next year when the new store officially starts to operate. If tutoring is only scheduled on every Saturday morning, it would still leave Lu Anran plenty time to do other things, which is not bad.

“Hurhur……” Habitually taking up the spot at the window, Qin Shuhan noticed the man reading under the pear tree with a single glance. He was so absorbed that he was not even aware of the leaves drifting down on him. What kind of book was he reading….? Must be a romance novel…. As she continued to gaze, his phone rang. Picking up his phone, he looked up for a moment, and the both of their eyes briefly met. Lu Anwei was the first to avert his gaze. He then stood up and left the courtyard.

Glancing at Qin Shuhan’s appearance, Lu Anran’s brain whirred and she took a couple of photos of Qin Shuhan with her phone.

Hearing the click-clucking of the camera shutter, Qin Shuhan returned from her daze and smiled, “How dare you secretly take pictures of me!”

“I made you look beautiful.” Lu Anran said smilingly, “Took three photos. See for yourself~!”

Qin Shuhan took the phone and saw the her in the shot. She stood by the window and was wholly engrossed at looking out of the window with a trace of loss in her expression caused by the departure of a certain someone. Her fingertips swept past the screen of the phone and the photo changed but her look was still the same as before. Qin Shuhan was somewhat embarrassed to have actually revealed such an expression in front of her student. With reddening cheeks, she pouted, “So bold to take pictures of your teacher! Be good and quickly delete them!” Her fingertips swept across again however, the third picture was not of her. With only a single glance, Qin Shuhan’s heart began to hurt. Before she could react, Lu Anran’s phone died and automatically shut down.

“……” Noticing Qin Shuhan’s reaction, Lu Anran just knew that Qin Shuhan had seen that photo of Lu Anwei.

“You….. Your phone ran out of battery.” Qin Shuhan stuffed the phone back into Lu Anran’s hand. Her expression was a little flustered, “I… I’m going to the washroom.”

“Go ahead.” Lu Anran let it go and received the phone. As expected, her phone had died and switched off itself. She turned to get the charger and connected it to her phone.

Qin Shuhan locked the door of the washroom and started crying silently with one hand over her mouth. The third photo was not a picture of her but of Lu Anwei that Lu Anran had deliberate moved to the top. The eyes of Lu Anwei in the photo were red, his cheeks were gaunt and sunken with messy hair and a stubbly beard. His pale face made him appear to be even more depressed. Seeing this photo, Qin Shuhan’s heart ached. When did he become so haggard?

In Qin Shuhan’s memory, Lu Anwei has always been taciturn as though he did not care about anything, yet he was kinder and more caring than anyone else. Her heart ached until even breathing took a lot of effort. Just by seeing a picture of him being like this could make her cry until like this…… In her heart, she knew better than anyone else, how much she loves this guy.

It was only after crying for about over 10 minutes that Qin Shuhan washed her face, touched up her eye makeup and walked out of the washroom. When she saw Lu Anran, she could not help avoiding her gaze. Worried that Lu Anran would ask her about her red and swollen eyes, she took the initiative to ask questions so as to change the topic, “You were allocated into classes when you enrolled today right? How’s your form teacher?”

“Form teacher ah!” Noticing Qin Shuhan’s red and swollen eyes, Lu Anran deliberately feigned ignorance and said, “It’s a male teacher who hates troublesome matters. Really and truly…… truly…. Truly dislikes troublesome matters!” It was the first time that Lu Anran has met this kind of teacher. In her previous life, although she has also heard that the male teacher in Class D was irresponsible and horrid, it was only now that she has met him, that she knew that in this world there was such a teacher that hates bothersome things……

“What’s his name?” Qin Shuhan asked, trying to make conversation.

“Lu Rui,” Lu Anran answered.

“Who?” Qin Shuhan’s voice became markedly louder by several decibels.

“He said his name was Lu Rui,” Lu Anran was curious about the large reaction from Qin Shuhan and asked, “Do you know him?”

“29 years old, about 1.8m tall, has really messy hair, super averse to troublesome matters, is especially good in English……” Qin Shuhan recalled and described the person in her memory.

“I have no idea if he is good in English or not, but he teaches English.” Lu Anran responded.

“Anran, listen to me!” Qin Shuhan’s expression suddenly became forceful, “Although this person is really really weird and even somewhat dislikeable, you definitely have to listen to his lectures properly! Every word must be remembered! He is a linguistic genius!”

To be able to attain the praise of a genius like Qin Shuhan, he must be extraordinary person. Lu Anran solemnly nodded her head, “Teacher Qin, both of you know each other ah!”

“He is a senior in my university. When I was a first- year, he happened to be in his fourth year. He is superbly talented, majoring in foreign languages. When he graduated, more than a dozen famous graduate schools invited him to further his studies with them, offering total exemption of tuition fees with subsidies and scholarships. However, they were all rejected by him.”

“Why?” Lu Anran envisioned Lu Rui’s appearance, and slightly narrowed her eyes, “Don’t tell me……”

“That’s right!” Qin Shuhan nodded, spreading out both hands, “He thought it was troublesome……”

“Uh……” It was really the first time that Lu Anran was meeting this kind of person.

“I haven’t heard about him ever since he graduated from university. I did not expect him to be a teacher in First High……” Qin Shuhan slightly frowned with a puzzled expression.

“Why would he become a teacher when he is so averse to troublesome things?” This was the matter that Lu Anran cared about. It was well- known that being a teacher was the most troublesome profession in the world! Furthermore, it was as a high school teacher which was the most most most troublesome…… How very strange……

“Well……” Qin Shuhan waved her hand, “He has always been a strange one.”

“Indeed quite strange.” Lu Anran exchanged a glance with Qin Shuhan and both of them started laughing. At this moment, there was a knock on the door, “Anran? I’m coming in!”

“Mum!” Lu Anran replied, “You are back so early today ah!”

“I came back as soon as I was done with work.” Ji Rou’s eyes had a hint of worry. She turned and greeted Qin Shuhan, “Teacher Qin is here ah!”

“Mm!” Qin Shuhan likes Ji Rou very much and have always taken Ji Rou as a model, wanting to raise her child independently. Now that Ji Rou has appeared in front of her, Qin Shuhan was naturally delighted.

“Mum, you don’t seem to be in a good mood ah……” Lu Anran looked into Ji Rou’s eyes.

“Not me……” Ji Rou shook her head and repeated to Lu Anran and Qin Shuhan what happened when she walked past the living room. “It’s Anwei’s former comrade- in- arms. They seem to have a really good relationship. His name is Geng Zheng? Anhu also know him.”

“And then?” Lu Anran asked.

“At noon today, when he was carrying out a mission…… he was hit by a bullet and unfortunately passed away…….” Ji Rou continued, “It seems like that Geng Zheng had just got married less than half a year ago. Anhu said that they even attended that comrade’s wedding before coming to S city and Anwei was even his best man. Now… now Anwei has shut himself up in his room again……”

“This……” Lu Anran was stunned. A friend’s death was really a tragic matter. As outsiders, it was hard for them to say anything. Furthermore, this time was different from the last time. The last time, Lu Anran could still admonish him and used tasks to provoke him. But this time…… it was really difficult ah……

“Ey……” Ji Rou sincerely felt sorry for Lu Anwei, “From what Anhu have said, it seems that that comrade has saved Anwei’s life previously and known Anwei for nearly 10 years.” She really wanted to comfort and console him, but she did not know what to say.

“How’s Anhu now?” Lu Anran asked.

“Anhu’s condition is not very good either. He……” Ji Rou paused before continuing, “He went back to his room after answering all my questions and said that he did not need dinner tonight.”

Lu Anran frowned. At present, other than letting the two brothers properly calm down by themselves, it was really hard for outsiders to say anything more.

Qin Shuhan frowned as well. How she wished she could enter Lu Anwei’s room to accompany him, but she herself also knew that she had no such right. With this kind of incident happening, her heart also could not calm down and she hurriedly left Lu Anran’s place without staying for dinner. She was afraid that if she stayed for a second longer, she would burst into tears…… She did not want to make a scene in front of Lu Anran and Ji Rou again.

The Lu Anwei who confined himself to his room, sat in front of his computer, flipping through the photos of his former comrades- in- arms one by one. When he first enlisted in the army, there were ten people in his class but now, he was the only one left……

He remembered that time when the squad leader died in the drug raid at the Golden Triangle, Old Lian also passed away after getting shot in the head; Bro Feng and Bro Yun were shot in the line of duty and killed when pursuing fugitives; Hai Zi was crushed to death by a car driven by gangsters when he was investigating that smuggling case…… Ten brothers who have just joined the army, each and every one of them has died in the line of duty……


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