Rebirth: Chapter 69 (Part 1)

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Chapter 69: unbearable stomach distention, high school years

(Part 1)

For the entire Saturday, apart from her morning exercises with Lu Anhu during sunrise, Lu Anran shut herself in her room. In the afternoon, Ji Rou also entered Lu Anran’s room, and the pair of mother and daughter stayed in there without even eating lunch, only finally appear in front of everyone at dinnertime. Seeing their appearances, especially Ji Rou’s, were as though they had been busy until now and have not slept for the whole night.

The beautiful eyes of both mother and daughter were covered with a layer of redness startling everyone when they appeared at the dinner table. Today, Lu Junfeng and his wife came to accompany Lu Jianfeng every weekend as usual, so everyone was present at the dinner table other than Lu Junan’s family.

“The both of you didn’t sleep?” Xu Lianxin’s eyes were filled with surprise, “What are you busy with?”

“I told Mum about my idea last night and showed her a distribution map of Long Corporation’s shopping mall. Then Mum rushed through the night to design a set of implementable plans using both of our ideas!” Lu Anran said smilingly. Although she was tired, the smile on her face was very bright. “I’ll show you!” Lu Anran took out the printed backup copy and distributed it to everyone.

When everyone received the design, their eyes shone. The design of ancient style and charm made the allocated space very reasonable and there was also a C-MAP that presented a preview of the effect. This kind of decoration was unheard of. Lu Jianfeng nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Anran, give me a copy of your decoration proposal before next weekend. At that time, I will arrange someone to start decorating the new store according to your proposal. As for advertising……”

“Dad, about the advertising, I will submit the proposal to you before next Wednesday, also……” Ji Rou stretched her hand to rub Lu Anran’s head, “also, Anran won the rights to advertise at the first- floor entrance area of Lu Corporation shopping mall for two months so I will write some articles based on this point!”

“What?” Everyone was stunned and looked towards Lu Anran in disbelief. She actually managed to obtain the advertising rights to the first-floor entrance area during the hottest period? This was a rare advantage ah!

“Anran, how did you get this advertising rights?” Lu Jianfeng expressed his shock with a tinge of doubt.

“Two months ago, at Long Corporation’s banquet, I went to find that heir of Long Corporation to discuss about this matter. He said this was a provided benefit for the five newly selected stores but because I was the first to visit and he could see our sincerity, he then gave me the best position in advance.”

“This!” Lu Jianfeng looked at Lu Anran. His eyes were full of pride, “This is my, Lu Jianhao’s granddaughter! Great!”

The others at the dinner table also threw admiring gazes at Lu Anran.

“Anran, if you need help, don’t hesitate to ask your brothers, Anshuo and Anming!” Lu Junfeng was also very pleased to see such promise from his eldest brother’s daughter and decided in that instant. Since he himself, was unable to assist his elder brother, then his two sons should wholeheartedly help the only daughter of his elder brother!

“Thank you Second Uncle!” Lu Anran beamed, and shot a glance at Lu Anming, “Bro Anming helped me a lot yesterday! I should properly treat Bro Anming to a large meal the next time……”

“Ugh…..” Upon hearing this, Lu Anming’s stomach churned noisily.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Lianxin looked towards her own son.

“No……Nothing……” Though he managed to finally suppress that nauseated feeling, Lu Anming looked very pale. Waving his hand at Xu Lianxin, he said, “I…… I’m full. You guys slowly eat……” Even though a day has passed, this feeling of ‘being bloated to the point of wanting to vomit’ still lingered.

“You haven’t even eaten much ah!” Xu Lianxin was a little worried, “Is your stomach feeling uncomfortable?”

“No… Nothing…..” Lu Anming waved his hand weakly, “I’ll go up first!” Saying that, he left the table.

Lu Anhu took a sympathetic look at the far- away Lu Anming. He understood this kind of agony very well……However, the concerned party, Lu Anran only smiled innocently.

Once the decoration matters were completed, Lu Anran felt relieved, yet her mood was extremely complex as she was going to attend S city’s First High starting from tomorrow.

“You are going to register at S city’s First High tomorrow?” Lu Jianfeng looked towards Lu Anran and asked.

“Yes ah!” Lu Anran shrugged her shoulders and pretended to be relaxed while saying, “Class allocations will be released on Sunday tomorrow and classes will formerly begin on Monday.”

“What time do you have to register tomorrow?” Xu Lianxin asked.

“The registration time is before 9 AM.” Lu Anran replied, “I think I can come home for lunch at noon tomorrow. I have also asked Teacher Qin to come over at night.”

“Pa” The spoon in Lu Anwei’s hand dropped, making a crisp sound as it knocked against the soup bowl that contained winter melon soup.

Lu Anran looked at Lu Anwei, and took in his trace of panic. She felt somewhat sorry for this cousin brother who was a little emotionally insensitive. She was a spectator who had observed and seen through everything. They were clearly two people who were in love with each other. Why had it reached this point? Lu Anran did not understand and did not wish for the situation to be like so.

The Lu Anran in the previous lifetime gave her sincerity, love and whatnots to the wrong people. To the Lu Anran who has lived for two lifetimes, these kind of flashy, no-substance, vague and insubstantial things were far less important compared to Lu Corporation…. Lu Anran herself has already given up on romantic love. In this lifetime, all she wants to do is to protect Lu Corporation, and everyone around her. She hopes that everyone around her could be happy and believes the love between Lu Anwei and Qin Shuhan. She hopes that both of them could attain happiness and have a good future.


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  2. ” Lu Anran herself has already given up on romantic love. In this lifetime, all she wants to do is to protect Lu Corporation, and everyone around her. ”
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