Rebirth: Chapter 69 (Part 2)

Chapter 69: unbearable stomach distention, high school years

(Part 2)

“What’s wrong?” Xu Lianxin looked towards Lu Anwei. Why are each and every of these kids all acting so weirdly?

“Nothing.” Lu Anwei took up a serviette to wipe his mouth and pushed away the cutlery in front of him, “I’m full.” He then got up and left the dining table. He had clearly made up his mind to hide Qin Shuhan deep in his heart, yet his heart still involuntarily moved when he unexpectedly heard her name. “I…. I’m going to the bookstore.”

“Go and return quickly.” Lu Anran’s expression did not reveal any of her thoughts and only continued to eat her own breakfast.

“Mm.” Lu Anwei answered and strode out of Lu Residence.

Ji Rou looked pensively at Lu Anran and inquired using eye signals. The latter nodded calmly further confirming Ji Rou’s guess.

While sipping the winter melon soup, Ji Rou shook her head helplessly. Young people nowadays ah…… But she was also not qualified to say all of these. That year, after she and Bro Hao fell in love at first sight, they also went through three years of pulling and pushing each other before being together officially.

The dining table became quiet once more. Everyone ate dinner while occasionally discussing a couple of business matters, or Lu Anran’s schooling matters. After dinner, Lu Anran went back to her room to pack her schoolbag and prepare her clothes for tomorrow.

She double checked her graduation certificate for high school enrolment and placed it into her new backpack. After that, she also placed her little book she used to record stuff and chose a few newly bought stationaries and put it into her bag.

After packing her schoolbag, she got up to get ready the clothes that she will wear tomorrow. She bought several pretty dresses yesterday morning with Ji Ling. Lu Anran placed each dress against her body and compared them. Once she has decided on the coordination, she hung it up and placed it aside. The schoolbag was also placed on her desk. Lu Anran then sat on the soft bed as if in a trance.

In her previous lifetime, under Chu Yao’s warm ‘help’, Lu Anran spent the darkest years of her life in high school and suffered emotional abuse on campus. In such an environment, Lu Anran hated attending school, hated dealing with people. Once the inferiority in her heart grew considerably, her temper became even more irritable and was easily angered. Although no one really bullied her due to their desire for Lu Corporation, everyone’s gaze contained contempt and taunt. To have eye contact with such gaze, Lu Anran felt even more inferior and her personality became even more distorted.

Lu Anran clenched her fist and shook her head furiously, as though to forcefully shake out all the bad memories of her past life out of her mind. In this lifetime, she was still in the same high school as Chu Yao and both of them were still inextricably linked.

She remembered that in her previous lifetime, immediately after the military training of new students, it was First High’s school anniversary. She was originally chosen as the leading actress in the stage play and Chu Yao would constantly accompany her to rehearse and recite lines with her every day. On the day before the performance, because of an ‘accident’ she was not able to be present at the hall and Chu Yao who replaced her as the lead actress, received a standing ovation. As for her, rumors started flying about the “Young Miss who has a bad temper and refused to perform at the last minute”, presumably that was also part of Chu Yao’s evildoing! Shortly after that, she defended and fought for Chu Yao and was forced to transfer to another school. From then on, Chu Yao’s brilliant high school life officially begun. First was unprecedented admission to the Student Union in her first year of high school. Then in her second year, as a student representative she took part and attained an excellent ranking in the National Top Students Competition. In her third year, she became the president of the Student Union and even received many letters of admissions from famous Universities before even graduating……

In contrast, after the school anniversary, Lu Anran was completely buried in the lowest valley of life. Even after transferring schools and had several opportunities to improve her new classmates’ impression of her, these were also ‘inadvertently’ ruined by Chu Yao. Presumably it was because of this that Lu Anran who had such a large reliance on the Chu Yao who was always by her side, would fall in love with Lin Haosheng who suddenly popped up.

Thinking of Lin Haosheng, Lu Anran’s heart started aching again. She hated him, hated his cruelty and ruthlessness. The only man she loved in her short life was also the one who personally sliced off her tongue. Lu Anran felt her body tremble involuntarily, her fear mixed with loathing giving birth to an emotional ambiguity that she could not express clearly.

A sudden lightning ripped a hole in the perpetual silent night, and a rumble of thunder immediately followed, without giving anyone a chance to breathe, torrential rain poured from the sky. The clattering sound of the raindrops made people feel particularly depressed.


11 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 69 (Part 2)

  1. I dun get how mc brain works. She already told her gramp n family bout theres mastermind lurking to kill em all. Her gramp n mom seems to know who is it. Should just break the fake friendship n start to plan cy damnation

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  2. Thank you for the chapter! I wish there was a character guide or something, because it’s so hard to remember all of the characters, especially when it feels like they have similar-sounding names. No pressure though 🙂


    1. I typically make relationship diagrams for stories that are hard to follow, It’s not the same as a character list, but if it would be helpful to people I don’t mind making one for this story. It might take me a couple of days to reread the story and make the diagram, but I don’t think it would be too complex compared to some of the other ones I’ve made.

      I usually only make them for historical stories where all the concubines and extended family trees drive me nuts, but I did make one for “Perfect Fiancé,” which is also set in modern times, so that is a good example of what to expect for what it would look like. Do you think that would help?

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        1. I found an inconsistency issue with a name. Lu Junan’s wife is called “Liu Yue” in the majority of chapters, but it is changed to “Lin Yue” in chapter 24 part 2 and 24 part 3. Besides her name, it also calls her family’s business Lin Corporation.

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        2. I don’t know if this is wrong or not, might be an error on the original author’s part. The second paragraph of chapter 30 part 2 talks about the ranking that Lu Anran needs to get into first middle school, but shouldn’t it be high school?


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