Rebirth: Chapter 45 (Part 2)

The picture above is the family tree of the Lu Family, so everyone can better visualize the relationships between uncles, nephews and nieces!!! ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

Chapter 45: a brief respite, leaving for Capital

(Part 2)

“Dang dang dang”. 3 polite knocks sounded at her door. Outside, a maid softly said, “Eldest Young Miss, it’s dinner time.”

“Okay, I’ll be down soon.” Lu Anran came out of her thoughts and replied the maid. After that, she opened the closet beside the mirror, took out a home-styled dress, wore it, and tied her hair into a braid and casually draped the tail over her shoulders. She then opened her room door and went downstairs to the dining room.

At this time, everyone were all seated at the dining table already. As usual, Lu Jianhao was sitting at the head of the table, Ji Rou was seated beside Lu Jianhao on his right and beside her were the two uncles from Second Grandpa’s family. Lu Anran walked directly towards the seat beside Lu Jianhao on his left. Lu Anhu was seated beside her. Today, neither Lu Junfeng nor Lu Junan family are here, so the whole house was very quiet and peaceful.

“Where is brother Anwei?” Lu Anran asked when she did not see Lu Anwei at the table.

“My brother went to the bookshop.” Lu Anhu replied as he munched on his dinner.

“Brother Anwei? Went to the bookshop?” Lu Anran’s eyebrows lifted up, thinking about the strong and muscular looking Lu Anwei and that frightening scar on his face, Lu Anran felt that going to the bookshop does not really fit his image.

“Yup, although my brother looks like that, he actually likes to read books.” Lu Anhu said.

“What kind of books ah?” Lu Anran picked up her soup bowl and drank a mouthful. It’s probably something like Military Affairs of the Three Kingdom! After all he was a soldier and 2 days ago, she heard from Lu Anhu that his brother seemed to be under the command of Z Country’s Lu Army Department and was quite a high-ranking officer.

“Romance novels.” Lu Anhu replied.

“Pffffff…..” Lu Anran and Ji Rou, who was also drinking soup at the same time, spurt it out in shock.

“Cough cough….” Ji Rou awkwardly wiped up the soup droplets with her napkin and said. “It… it’s rather unexpected that Anwei likes to read this….” She was really surprised ah! A muscular man who was 1.83 metres tall actually liked to read romance novels.

“Yeah! Cough cough….” Lu Anran also choked on her soup, so her face was a little red.

“I know right!” Lu Anhu laughed and said, “at that time when our whole family heard that he likes to read romance novels, we were even more shocked than both of you!”

“Hurhurhurhur…..” Lu Anran laughed and said in her heart. A serious and reserved muscular man hiding in his room looking at romance novels with an embarrassed expression…. Who wouldn’t be astonished!

“Anran, your entrance examinations finished today, how did you go?” Second Uncle asked with a smile.

“I should have no problems entering First Middle.” Lu Anran replied. “The question structures were ok, quite basic, not hard at all.”

“Anhu, what about you?” Eldest Uncle looked at Lu Anhu.

Lu Anhu swallowed down the food in his mouth before answering. “I should have no problems entering First Middle as well, and can also continue to go on missions.” When Lu Anhu talked to his Eldest Uncle, his tone and attitude were very serious and proper, like he held his Eldest Uncle in high regard.

“En.” Eldest Uncle nodded his head and said. “Your Second Uncle and I will return to the Capital tomorrow, contact us if you and your brother have any problems.” After all, they held important positions in the Capital, and it was already very rare for them to be able to leave for 100 days.

“Understood.” said Lu Anhu as he nodded his head respectfully.

“Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle…..” Lu Anran felt a little reluctant and pouted slightly. Eldest Uncle was strict and serious while Second Uncle was warm and gentle. Lu Anran was rather fond of these 2 uncles who came from far away. In her previous lifetime, she did not have the chance to get to know these 2 uncles. Now, it was so rare that she managed to have the opportunity to get along with them and develop some feelings in these 100 days. After they leave this time, she does not know when she would be able to meet them again.

“Thank you for taking care of us during this period.” Ji Rou said with a gentle smile, her voice full of gratitude.

“Sister-in-law is too polite.” Second Uncle chuckled.

“Tell Jianfeng to come see this brother of his when he has time.” Lu Jianhao said, “10 over years has already passed, if he’s still feeling sulky with me, his brother, over what happened in the past, I’ll definitely personally go over and beat him up!”

“Got it, Uncle(Lu Jianhao), I’ll pass the message to Dad.” Second Uncle smiled and said.

“Anran, you must also be obedient, don’t be naughty.” Eldest Uncle said in a stiff and proper manner, “if you want to go anywhere, make sure Anwei and Anhu accompanies you, you must never go alone.”

“Understood.” Lu Anran nodded.

“What time is your flight tomorrow?” asked Ji Rou. “I’ll let Old Zhang send you to the airport!”

“Our flight is at noon tomorrow, we’ll be on time if we set off at 8:30am” said Second Uncle.

“Be careful on your way there.” After saying this sentence, Ji Rou blushed, feeling as if she has worried too much by saying this, after all what kind of identity do they have? They do not need her to nag and worry right?

“En, we’ll be careful.” Second Uncle smiled in gratitude towards Ji Rou. Their entire family all felt a trace of guilt to Ji Rou, and all of them hoped that they could quickly find Lu Junhao who has disappeared…..
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14 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 45 (Part 2)

  1. I am surprised that no one managed to catch on the casual phrase that An Wei likes to go to a bookshop. No doubt he is the guy that the teacher likes. I can easily imagine them debating about books (both eastern and western alike) and falling in love in the process.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Yup, although my brother looks like that, he actually likes to read books.” Lu Anran said.

    That should be Anhu, not Anran, as in:
    “Yup, although my brother looks like that, he actually likes to read books,” Lu Anhu said.

    Also, since the story takes place in China, I suspect all the references to Kyoto should be “the capital.”


    1. Thanks for picking that up!!! I’ve changed it ~ 😊.
      The reason why we left it as Kyoto is because we were worried it might be too confusing for the readers in later chapters as there is a Imperial Capital that appeared before in one of the previous chapters. But thank you for the suggestion!!! 😆😆


      1. So in other words, the “Kyoto” that keep on appearing throughout the novel is actually the capital city Beijing? I did thought it was weird that a Japanese city being mentioned in a novel set in China…


  3. Don’t tell me that the 2 grandpa had quarrel over a girl, this gonna be hilarious 🤣🤣🤣

    Thanks for the chapter Chestnut 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  4. Thank you so much for the chapter!!~

    I’m really curious on the whole secrecy going on between the two grandpa Lu’s i wonder if Anran’s dad is the cause🤔 like making him go undercover or something like getting close to the enemy? That’s the feeling I get from it from the previous chapters though😂

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  5. Found a slight typo:

    “Anhu, what about you?” Eldest Uncle looked at Lu Anhu.

    Lu Anran swallowed down the food in his mouth

    That last Lu Anran should be Lu Anhu.

    Great translation. Keep up the good work.


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