Rebirth: Chapter 45 (Part 1)

Chapter 45: a brief respite, leaving for Capital

(Part 1)

Lu Anran closed her eyes to rest for a long while after returning to her own room on the 2nd floor of the Lu residence, only after doing that she felt her body recover a little strength. The moment she sat up, Lu Anhu came into her room carrying a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in his hands. Catching sight of how Lu Anran was already awake, Lu Anhu let out a sigh of relief, “You’re awake!”

“En.” Lu Anran nodded her head with a sleepy look.

Lu Anhu passed the orange juice to Lu Anran and piled up her pillows so that she can lean against them. “How do you feel?”

“Much better.” Lu Anran lightly nodded, “what time is it now?”

“6 o’clock, dinner time.” Lu Anhu said, “Why don’t you start morning practice with me tomorrow!”

“pff….” Lu Anran almost choked on the orange juice. “You wake up at 4am every morning, and run for 2 hours….you want me to go morning practice with you? I think I don’t even need to wait for others to kidnap and assassinate me. I’ll first die from tiredness!”

“How can you die from tiredness so easily! You can first start running for 30 mins everyday and go from there!” Lu Anhu frowned and said, “in the first place, you already don’t eat meat, so you can’t benefit from eating beef to grow muscles, and if you don’t start exercising, your body will become weaker and weaker! You should train your body, so if anyone catches you, you still can run away right? In this period of time, I still need to teach you some self-defence moves.” He was really shocked today. He only went to the toilet and he did not even know Lu Anran fainted. What was he going to do if something happens to Lu Anran the next time he goes to the toilet?

“En….” Lu Anran nodded thoughtfully, she also feel that what Lu Anhu said was right. Right now she does not have any means to protect herself ah! The entrance examination was also over, so she should really think about what she was going to do next.

“How do you feel now? Are you able to go downstairs to eat dinner later?” Lu Anhu asked Lu Anran as he stood in front of her with his arms crossed.

“Anhu, I realised that you have a special attachment to eating….” Lu Anran said laughingly.

“Of course! Do you know what one’s life and death is dependent on?” Lu Anhu said mysteriously.

“It’s our beating heart ah!” Lu Anran replied.

“Wrong!” Lu Anhu shook his head, with a ‘you’re too naïve’ expression on his face and said. “It’s based on whether this person still can eat or not!”

“Hah?” Lu Anran was stunned for a moment. What kind of crazy reasoning is that ah!

“If a person dies, but still can eat food then that means that he has turned into a vampire or zombie kind of thing, but we can’t say for sure that he is dead. He has only changed his living habits and has continued living in this world. but if a person doesn’t eat anything, then there can only be one explanation! This person is definitely dead!”

“What about those people in vegetable state or in severe coma? Lu Anran said, “they also don’t eat anything ah!”

“Firstly, these people have another nickname called, the living death!” Lu Anhu continued, “if these people are living in the ancient times, then they are no different to being dead. But now in the modern times, in order to maintain their lives, the hospital will inject nutrients into their body. This is also counted as forcing them to eat!”

“That is also true…..” Lu Anran nodded thoughtfully.

“So, I feel that the most important organ in the human body is not the heart but the stomach!” then Lu Anhu added another sentence, “at least that’s what I think!”

“I see!” Lu Anran nodded in agreement.

“Why don’t you eat meat ah? Is it because of your religion?” Lu Anhu asked curiously.

“Something like that!” Lu Anran did not want to explain too much, she smiled and changed the subject. “Why don’t you go down first! I’ll come down to eat after changing my clothes.”

“Ok.” Lu Anhu took the empty glass from Lu Anran’s hand, turned around and left her room.

After Lu Anhu shut the door, Lu Anran flipped open her blanket and hopped down from her soft and comfy bed. Stepping barefooted on the shiny woodenly floorboards, Lu Anran locked the door, pulled down the curtains and switched on the room lights. She walked towards the full-length mirror in her walk-in wardrobe and stood in front of it. She undressed and sized herself up in the mirror.

The last time she sized herself in such a detailed manner was the time she just reincarnated. The current her was a little taller, and because she was at the growing age, her chest area has also grown a little bigger than last time. Her beautiful waist line was also slimmer than before, after all in this period of time she studied very hard every day. Her hair has also grown a little longer, and her five features and face shape were unchanged as before.

The entrance examination was already over and the upcoming holiday has a total of 60 days. She has 60 days to train herself, in other words it is a chance for Lu Anran to have a brief respite, but she can imagine that these 60 days would not be as relaxing as going to school. She would learn the Lu Family cuisine, consider the problem of decoration of the shop front that Lu Jianhao gave to her, and at the same time, also learn from Lu Anhu self-defence…. She can already foresee the curtains to the prologue of her busy life pulling open tomorrow.

Her head still felt a little dizzy, but it was not the uncomfortable kind, but the type of unrealistic feeling. She kept on feeling like she was in a dream, and there were times that she suspected if she was really alive or not……

Her pair of legs felt powerless and her arms felt like they were sinking down heavily. The room was very quiet, so quiet that she can hear own breathing, and her beating heart. She was indeed alive…..

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      1. Yep, Kyoto is a city in Japan! But in Chinese it can also mean the city which is the capital of the country. If that’s the meaning, then it probably shouldn’t use the Japanese city name.


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