Rebirth: Chapter 42 (Part 2)

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Chapter 42: recollection of the past, guests arrive

(Part 2)

Clenching her hands tightly into a fist, Lu Anran did not dare to make a sound, or speak out her grudge and fury. All she could do was to grit her teeth and silently vow, there would be a day that she would dig out the manipulator behind the scenes! Without fail!

Time passed by bit by bit, Ji Rou has long fell asleep, exhausted after crying. It was only then Lu Anran opened her eyes, and used her thumb to rub away the tears on her cheeks. She knows that she was growing too slowly, if she had to wait until her wings grew fully, Lu Corporation would have probably already become the fish meat on other’s people’s chopping board!

Lu Anran twiddled her thumbs, as expected if she wants to protect the Lu Corporation, she needs to become strong and powerful! Lu Anran thought of the people coming tomorrow and felt a trace of sense of security in her heart, but Lu Anran also understood that in the end she cannot rely on others to protect her for her whole life! Lu Anran understood in her heart that there was not much time for her to prepare.

A 100 days later was the entrance examination and after that she would officially start learning from Lu Jianhao the Lu Family cuisine, looks like it was bound to be a very busy summer holiday…. Also, she was going to be even busier after she enrol into S City First Middle…. At that time, a big event was going happen in Z Country. Lu Anran who lived for 2 lifetimes knew the whole event like the back of her hands. That was also a good chance for her to change around her fortunes! As long she seized this opportunity, anybody who wished to harm Lu Corporation in the future would have to think twice before doing so!

It was until the skies gradually lightened that Lu Anran gradually fell asleep. When she woke up it was already almost noon, and Ji Rou had already left without her noticing. Lu Anran massaged her throbbing temples, got up, took a shower, changed into a young girl sweet-style one piece dress and left her room.

At the corridor she met the maid who usually cleaned her room, “Ling Ling, where is everyone?” Today was a weekend, so there was no need to go to work, everyone should be at home…. She fell asleep at dawn and only woke up at this time, Lu Anran felt a little embarrassed.

“Eldest Miss, Old Master and everyone else are eating downstairs in the dining room!” Ling Ling replied politely.

“Got it!” Lu Anran strode away quickly.

“Er….Eldest… Eldest Miss?!” Ling Ling caught the sight of Lu Anran quickly receding figure and awkwardly drew back the hand she extended. She still did not have the chance to tell Eldest Miss that there were guests visiting, and Eldest Miss had already ran off….

Her slightly damp hair hung down loosely on her shoulders and became a little messy after her short sprint. When she was going down the stairs, her house slippers accidently slipped off her feet and landed exactly at the doorway of the dining room. Just like that Lu Anran hopped bare-footed from the corner of the stairs to door, and this action was also clearly seen by everyone in the dining room….

It was only after Lu Anran wore back on the slippers that flew off, that she realised that this afternoon Lu Junan’s whole family was also here, and not only them, there were also 4 strangers.

One was a young man who looked about her age and was gazing at her with astonishment, another was a man with crew cut looking about 20 something years old looking rather amused, and the other 2 people’s age look to be about Lu Junan and Lu Junfeng and it was hard to read what they were thinking.

Lu Anran seeing herself become the centre of the attention, stood up straight, her hand curled slightly into a fist, covered her mouth and coughed lightly twice embarrassingly, and gave greetings to everyone in the dining room. “Morning….”


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