Rebirth: Chapter 43 (Part 1)

Hi peeps! I have changed Lu Jianhao’s little brother Lu Jianfeng’s form of address from ‘Second Uncle’ to ‘Second Grandpa’, reason is because….you will see later in this chapter part….. Apologies for the confusion!
(I have already changed the previous chapters so….yup)

Chapter 43: meeting guests, end of entrance examination

(Part 1)

“What time do you think it is now? What morning huh?” Lu Anhua felt a surge of anger when he saw Lu Anran and so his words also sounded harsher than usual. “You slept in until noon and still dare to show your face here? Coming out with this kind of appearance, you’re not afraid of becoming a laughing stock in front of our guests ah!” Damn Lu Anran, why didn’t she die yesterday?!

“Anran, you are too much, I have already told you to learn from your cousin sister Anxin!” Lu Junan also cannot stand Lu Anran, he does not know what kind of crazy ideas this niece of his has lately. In the past, it was pretty easy to manipulate her, but now she goes against anything and everything that he does! Why did the killers fail yesterday?

“Dad, Brother, forget it! Anran is still young!” At this moment, Lu Anxin displayed her Eldest Miss bearing and with a gentle smile towards the 4 guests, she humbly said, “please excuse her poor appearance”

Seeing this family, Lu Anran also felt upset, “yes, yes! I’m still young! Cousin Anxin, stop smiling in that manner ah!” Lu Anran walked toward the first seat on the right side of Lu Jianhao and said in a slightly coquettish voice, “Grandpa, I woke up late….”

“It’s ok.” Lu Jianhao patted Lu Anran’s head, and personally placed some bamboo shoots into Lu Anan’s bowl. After doing that, he raised his head and introduced her to his 4 guests. “This is my granddaughter, Lu Anran.”

The 4 guests faced Lu Anran and nodded their head.

Lu Jianhao started to introduce them to her. “These 2 are the sons of your Second Grandpa, call them Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle, and the one sitting opposite you is your Second Grandpa’s Third Uncle son, Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu. Lu Anwei is 23 years old this year, you should call him gege, Lu Anhu is the same age as you and will transfer into your class tomorrow to protect you.”

“En En.” Lu Anran nodded her head and said, “Eldest Uncle, Second Uncle, Anwei ge, Anhu, nice to meet y’ all! All of you must be tired after the long journey here. I’m really sorry for waking up late today and did not personally receive all of you.”

“No matter. Whoever who experienced such a thing yesterday would also have a hard time sleeping, it’s normal to wake up a little late.” Second Uncle smiled, and looked to be an amiable elder and someone easy to speak to.

“Tomorrow is Monday. Anhu will attend and leave school with you everyday.” Eldest Uncle’s voice sounded slightly cold, as his jaws stretched taut. He looked like a serious and strict elder.

“Really thank you so much.” Ji Rou thanked them from the bottom of her heart. Although she put on eye cream, iced it this morning and even covered it with mark-up, but one could still see that it was still slightly red and swollen.

“Sorry for all of the trouble!” Xu Lianxin also said with a faint smile, she naturally felt more at ease when Lu Anran was protected by these people.

“After all…. This is not a long term plan…..” Lu Junfeng let out light sigh. It was not possible for Lu Anhu to be Lu Anran’s classmate forever right? It was alright if it was before the entrance examinations, but what about after that? According to the norm, Lu Anhu would study at a military high school ah!

“I can follow and study with her until graduation from high school.” Lu Anhu replied.

“We also want to quickly find some evidence…..” Second Uncle nodded his head and said, “this means that we have 3 years, hopefully we can find some evidence…”

“We did not even find any evidence after 12 years ah….” Ji Rou’s eyes were slightly wet. Despite knowing who did it, the feeling of suffering silently due to the lack of evidence was really terrible. Even if she placed the lack of evidence aside, she does not even know if her husband was dead or alive, and his location was also unknown…..

“………” Ji Rou’s words led the 4 guests to go silent, all of them knows about Lu Junhao’s matter and all felt deeply regretful about it. After all, they were also responsible for Lu Junhao’s disappearance…..

Everyone at the table fell silent and it was Lu Anran who broke it. “ Anhu, you’ve completed all of your entry formalities? So fast ah!” It was only yesterday that Second Grandpa’s family received the notifications and he could already attend school with her tomorrow, the speed of their actions really let her feel a little amazed.

“En, it wasn’t hard.” Lu Anhu laughed, if he could not even settle such a simple matter immediately, it would greatly affect their reputation ah!

“I see! How’s your results?” Lu Anran asked as she munched on a bamboo shoot.

“It’s ok.” Lu Anhu replied. “It’s shouldn’t be any problem for me to enter your S City’s First Middle.”

“That’s good.” Lu Anran scrutinized Lu Anhu, 15 years of age, his height is average, not very tall about 170cm, but due to him coming from a military family, he looked much stronger and more solid than someone of same age as him. A faint outline of his arm muscles could be seen through the simple half-sleeved T-Shirt he is wearing. His gaze is clear and sincere, and his smile sunny and confident, he should be a very cheerful boy. All in all, Lu Anran has a rather good first impression of him.

On the other hand, sitting beside Lu Anhu was Lu Anwei and looked much more mature and dignified than Lu Anhu. Just by looking at him, one could see that he is a man with few words, he has a close-cropped hairstyle and even though he does not look very handsome, but if the scar extending down from his left eyebrow to his cheekbones was removed, this Lu Anwei would definitely be counted as a very handsome and beautiful man. Just with his strong and well-proportioned body, it is unknown how many girls would go crazy over it! She still remembered that day when she was barbequing meat, everyone was all dazzled by Xue Dingan. The muscles of this Lu Anwei is even more solid and beautiful than Xue Dingan eh! Only it is such a pity about that scar……Ai…….

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