Rebirth: Chapter 35 (Part 1)

Chapter 35: All aboard, saliva mark

(Part 1)

“Ke……” Chu Yao bit her lower lips and said once more, “Then let’s sit together later!” She still needed to get closer to Lu Anran, otherwise when they reach the excursion site, how would she be able to deceive her and push her to death!

“Sorry!” Ji Ling unhappily cut in and hugged Lu Anran’s arm, “I have already reserved the seat next to Anran!”

“Ah?” Chu Yao was stupefied. She originally felt that Linda was a sufficient eyesore. Why did this Ji Ling pop out to cause trouble again, “Ji Ling? You… Aren’t you sitting with Linda?”

“Linda gets carsick and just took the medicine for motion sickness. Once she gets on the coach, she will sleep all the way until we reach our destination! I don’t want to sit with her! I’ll be bored to death.” Ji Ling said, “So, Lu Anran and I have agreed to sit together today!”

“Uh…… That’s the way it is.” Lu Anran feigned an apologetic smile.

At this time, the teacher started to organise the students to board the bus. Prep class students boarded first, so Lu Anran, Linda and Ji Ling went up the bus together. Chu Yao who was left alone, discontentedly clenched her fist, wishing that Lu Anran would just drop dead immediately.

“Chu Yao? Why are you still standing there? Get on the bus!” Sun Shasha called out after noticing that Chu Yao has not moved.

“Orh! Coming.” Chu Yao put on a sunny smile and followed Sun Shasha to board the bus. As the two of them were late boarding the bus, they could only sit at the middle of the back row. They sat quite a distance away from Lu Anran who was sitting near the front as she was dragged by Ji Ling to be one of the first to board. Chu Yao sat on the other side of the aisle and was able to see the side back profile of Lu Anran.

Seeing that one’s own Eldest Young Miss has already boarded the bus, Old Zhang waved his hand at the position that Lu Anran was seating. Carrying Linda’s gift of handmade cookies, he went back to his car, started it up, and left the main entrance of Ying Hua Middle School. After parting with Eldest Young Miss, he still has to pick up another person……

As this was the first time Lu Anran was traveling on a coach, Ji Ling dutifully gave up the window seat for Lu Anran and sat next to the aisle, chatting and joking with her.

Maybe it was because it was the first time participating in this sort of entire year level excursion or maybe it was with great difficulty that one could free oneself from one’s onerous studies, that everyone seemed excited.

“Anran, your backpack sure is full!” Ji Ling stared at the backpack in Lu Anran’s arm and said, “What’s in there!”

“Comics and snacks.” Lu Anran took out an extremely large family- sized bag of potato chips out of her backpack and opened it, “Want some?”

“En en!” Ji Ling didn’t even stand on ceremony with Lu Anran and grabbed a large handful, “What flavour is this?”

“Cheese.” Lu Anran still loved cheese- flavoured snacks, and also shared them with classmates who sat near her. Everyone talked and chatted about their own snacks and was extremely happy.

“Try my rice cracker!” Ji Ling also handed her snack over to Lu Anran and the people around her. When she wanted to turn behind to share her snack with Linda, she realised that Linda had already fallen asleep, “So quick to sleep!”

“Haha.” Lu Anran and the surrounding people started laughing. Just like that, an hour flew past with lots of chatter and laughter. Gradually, everyone felt tired. Everyone was too excited to sleep last night as they were going out to play today. Moreover, all of them woke up really early this morning. After an hour of talking and joking around after boarding the bus, now everyone felt a little sleepy, so they leaned against each other shoulders and slept.

The Ji Ling who was laughing at Linda just now, also gently leaned her head against Lu Anran’s shoulders and fell asleep.

Lu Anran smiled and looked out of the window. The sky was azure blue and the protective railing and trees on both sides of the road rushed to the rear rapidly. Looking at the far- off endless mountain ranges, that should be the small border town just outside the flourishing S city.

Reflected in the window was the quiet side profile of Lu Anran. Fair and clear skin with baby fat of a fifteen- year- old girl, and delicate facial features. Her pair of eyes looking into the distance, as if she was pondering on something. The little sun hat on her head was made of straw, a dark coffee- coloured ribbon encircled the brim of the hat with a cute bow tied at the side of the hat. Her waist long hair was braided into a pigtail that crosses from the side of the right ear, bypassing the shoulders to hang down on her chest. The cherry hair tie that was on her ponytail mutually echoed the cherry pin on the collar of her shirt. It was extremely cute.

She wore a short sleeved white t- shirt with a chequered skirt tied by a white leather belt. Below the skirt was a pair of knee- high socks and the latest fashionable blue, white and red tri- coloured high- top sports shoes. Overall, her appearance was casual and cute, with a hint of cat- like laziness.

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