Rebirth: Chapter 34 (Part 2)

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Chapter 34: Giving birth to a little sister, Time to set off!

(Part 2)

“Haha…… Haha……” Lu Anran laughed awkwardly. On the contrary, she does not feel proud of herself ah……

After a long while, Lu Anming inconspicuously exchanged a glance with Lu Anshuo and nodded. He then gave the phone back to Lu Anran, “Take it. Remember to carry the phone with you at all times! You are so stupid! If you lose it, I won’t buy a new one for you!”

“I know la! Who do you think you are looking down on!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Lu Anming. This cousin of hers has never failed to make gibes at her. Really annoying!

“I’m done.” Lu Anshuo pushed his bowl forward and got up. Although today was a Saturday, he and his father Lu Junfeng still had to work overtime. The names of the dishes were to be submitted on Monday in a meeting but there were still a few dishes that were yet to be named.

“I’m also done.” Ji Rou also put down the spoon she used to eat her congee. The Advertising Department has to work overtime today as well. She still had to select one of the borders that was designed by a few websites.

“En……” Lu Jianhao suddenly looked towards Lu Junfeng who was still gobbling down his congee and said, “Junfeng, I know a few good traditional Chinese medicine practitioners that…… are quite skilled in curing…… (Coughs) dubious or hard- to- treat cases……” It felt so embarrassing telling his son this as a father, but if he was ill, then they must treat it promptly!

“Pfft……” Lu Junfeng once again spat out the congee that was in mouth. What the heck? Even his father also think that he is not capable???

“Ah!!!!” Lu Anming wailed mournfully all of a sudden. His Armani!!! This time it was completely ruined!! Not only his suit, even his hair had congee water.

“Puhahaha!” Roars of laughter burst out once more around the dining table.

“Hahahaha!” Lu Anran flopped on the dining table, hitting the table exaggeratedly. She can’t take it anymore, it’s just too funny! Hahahaha……

The atmosphere of joy did not dispersed for a long time. Lu Jianhao finally could not help himself and also burst out laughing.

Of course, there was someone who was miserable. Seeing Lu Anming being on the verge of collapsing, Lu Anran felt even happier. She even could not help laughing out loud when recalling the event afterwards, “Puhahaha……”

“Eldest Young Miss is in a very good mood today ah!” Old Zhang said through the rearview mirror to Lu Anran who was looking out of the window and happily smiling.

“Yes!” Lu Anran said smilingly, “Uncle Zhang, you can pick me up from the main entrance of the school at around 7PM! I’ll call you if there is a change in time.”

“En. Okay.” Old Zhang nodded his head.

Turning around a bend, the car gradually came to a stop at the main entrance of Ying Hua Middle School. At the main entrance, three coaches were neatly parked and many third- year middle school students were also waiting and chit- chatting in groups of twos and threes excitedly. Today was a Saturday and the first- and second- years were already on break, but if they see this scene, they would definitely be very envious!

Old Zhang alighted from the car before opening the car door at Lu Anran’s side, “Eldest Young Miss, we have reached.”

“En.” Lu Anran got down from the car. She looked fresh and pure and was very different from her usual style.

“Anran! We are here!” Ji Ling waved her hand while pulling Linda along, jogging up to Lu Anran. She then greeted Old Zhang with enthusiastically, “Yo! G‘ morning Uncle Zhang!”

“Haha.” Old Zhang laughed and nodded. He really liked this girl Ji Ling, a lot more than Chu Yao, “Good morning!”

“Morning.” Linda took out a bag of handmade cookies from her bag and passed it over to Old Zhang. “My mother told me to give this to you.”

“For me?” Old Zhang was surprised. Why would she give me cookies?

“Thank you for sending me and Ji Ling home yesterday.” Linda thanked him politely. Initially she had only done hers, Ji Ling’s, Lu Anran’s and Teacher Qin’s share, but after her mother knew about it, she wanted her to also bake some for Driver Old Zhang to gift as thanks. Linda also felt that she should thank others and specially made one more batch.

“Haha!” Old Zhang chuckled, “I was merely following orders from the Eldest Young Miss ah!”

“Uncle Zhang, just take it.” Lu Anran smiled and said, “It’s a token of Linda’s appreciation.”

“Okay.” This was the first time Old Zhang has received handmade cookies and was a little loss as to what to do momentarily, “Tha……Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” Linda nodded her head.

At this time, Chu Yao walked towards them. From afar, she had seen Ji Ling and Linda chatting and joking around with Lu Anran. That smiling face was especially jarring to her eyes and Lu Anran’s dress style today made her even angrier. When did Lu Anran’s taste improve by so much, it must be Ji Rou who chose her clothes!

Thinking about Ji Rou and then her own mother, Chu Yao could not help clenching her fist. In the next moment, she changed and gave a bright smile, “Anran!”

“Chu Yao?” Lu Anran’s eyelids could not stop jumping.

“Is Uncle Zhang driving you there today?” Chu Yao really did not want to take that coach. That coach was nowhere near as comfortable as Lu Anran’s private car!

“No, I will be taking the coach today.” Lu Anran said.

“Huh?” Chu Yao became a little unhappy, “Taking the coach ah…… It’s not good…… I don’t really want to take the coach ey!”

“What’s wrong with it! I have never sat in a coach in my life!” Glimpsing at Chu Yao’s expression, Lu Anran could not help sneering in her heart. In her previous lifetime, it was precisely because of this sentence that Chu Yao said, that she asked Old Zhang to drive them there. After reaching the excursion site, Chu Yao then said that she actually wanted to take the coach in front of everyone…… As a result, everyone felt that she was being difficult on purpose and that the Honourable Young Lady was putting on airs. Chu Yao had a lot of fun during that excursion, unlike her, who sat by herself with no one to talk to. Only the teacher, Qin Shumo who probably pitied her, spoke a few words with her.

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    1. I’m so confused at what’s wrong if she goes by car. I’m introverted and sometimes I’d honestly rather go with car instead of the bus because my classmates were noisy. Its fun together but there’s no shame if they go by car. I had some classmates whod go with their parents or family members by car and we’d meet there for the trip.


  1. Hello, dearest translator. I think you might have confused Teacher Qin Shuhuan with her brither Shumo at the last sentence. Anyway, thank you very much for taking your time to translate such a good read!

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  2. can’t wait until I don’t need to read about her (Chu yao) anymore. Hope she’s screwed with this incident. Karma always comes back.
    thanks for the chapter!

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