Rebirth: Chapter 1 (Part 1)

Chapter 1: Cut off Tongue, Disfigurement, and Perishing Together

(Part 1)

It hurts… Blood dripped from the edge of her mouth while the once spotlessly white wedding gown that she is wearing, has turned into a shredded mess.

Lu Anran glowered at the two people who grew up together with her – the adopted son of the Lu Family who is also her husband who vowed before the Gods today, and the other is her most trusted best friend who has been with her since birth. How unexpected… How really surprising… Just an hour before, she thought she must be the happiest woman in the whole wide world… But the pain on her face, in her mouth and her cut off tongue on the floor remind her: She is absolutely the world’s most stupid woman!

“Lu Anran, don’t glare at me like that…” Chu Yao’s delicate and charming face held an innocent smile as she mercilessly stepped on the back of Lu Anran’s left hand with her 30cm high- heeled shoes, “the one who cut off your tongue is your Haosheng gege1, not me!” Finally, she finally managed to have Lu Anran under her feet, she has waited far too long for this moment! Thinking about this, Chu Yao couldn’t help grinding the pointed heel of shoes with a much larger strength.

“Ah…” as bones of back of her hand cracked, Lu Anran’s tears rolled down the curve of her cheeks, mixing with the blood into her mouth cavity. The salt of the tears met her chopped off tongue creating a pain so unbearable that almost made Lu Anran faint, however it also made the muddle- headed 22 years old her thoroughly clear- minded.

She initially thought that she was an unusually lucky person, even if her father went missing and her mother passed in a car accident, she is still blessed because she has Chu Yao (her best friend from childhood), her caring uncle who dotes on her and Lin Haosheng who treats her wholeheartedly! Even if muscles in both her hands were snapped, even if she was involved in a fight and was expelled from her high school becoming the joke of the entire city and a taint on the Lu Family, even if she was drugged resulting in her nude picture spreading around the University… Chu Yao and Lin Haosheng have always been beside her comforting and encouraging her! But just a moment ago, she realised that her mother did not actually die from a car accident, that the fight during high school was deliberately framed and instigated by Chu Yao, and that nude picture because of Chu Yao and her uncle. She…. should say, because she was blind, that’s why she has today! From the start, her life was completely controlled by Chu Yao and her uncle!

Lu Anran felt she was a fool!

The world’s most laughable fool!

The three people that she trusted in this lifetime have joined hands to push her towards purgatory, yet she thought that they are the only people who love her! She even prepared a gift tonight for Chu Yao who has always supported her and Lin Haosheng….

“Yao Yao, stop being stupid! Hurry up and finish her off!” Lin Haosheng impatiently used a paper towel to wipe off the blood on his hands. He is after all overly obsessed with cleanliness! Who would know that cutting off one’s tongue would produce so much blood, so damn dirty! Lin Haosheng discontentedly stared at dispirited Lu Anran as if he was looking at a disgusting cockroach on the floor.

That ice- cold gaze is like a knife that resolutely stabs into the apex of Lu Anran’s heart, drawing a large pool of blood. The impression she had of Lin Haosheng was that he is refined and gentlemanly. From young, every time she met him, he would always face her with an indulgent smile, he would never gaze at her with such coldness. Yes, Lu Anran has thoroughly and completely woken up to reality today. As it turns out, everything has long been planned. At the age of fifteen, she was abducted, severing her hand muscles such that she could not carry heavy stuff for all her life, forcing her grandfather to pass on all cooking skills to Lu Family’s adopted son – Lin Haosheng. Now that his goal has been reached, he no longer need to play gentleman, naturally revealing his sinister and ruthless true colours.

Lu Anran really wanted to ask the person before her: Why? But her tongue has already been cut. Once she opens her mouth, large quantities of blood surge out and the sever tongue that come into contact with air stung unbearably.

“Hahahaha!” Chu Yao rocked with laughter after seeing this appearance of Lu Anran, “Anran, do you know how amusing you look now!” Chu Yao lightly leaned against the shoulders of Lin Haosheng, looking like a happy woman, “Haosheng, people say so much is to let her die without any grievance. After all, she is your half s-i-s-t-e-r2!!”

Lin Haosheng’s complexion changed, looking as if he will lose his temper in a moment. Seeing this, Chu Yao snuggled into Lu Haosheng’s embrace, “now the whole of Lu Corporation is yours, I am also pregnant with your child, you are the only leader in the Lu Corporation! As of today, Lu Corporation will thoroughly change to Lin Corporation! My father can also finally recover the cost after many years of investment!” Lin Haosheng’s expression slightly eased, only by changing Lu Corporation to Lin Corporation can he comfort his mother’s soul in heaven!


1 gege – older brother, usually used to refer to older males, may or may not be related.

2 the author puts it as 同父异母 meaning that Haosheng and Anran share the same father but different mothers.

Chapter 1 Part 2


12 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 1 (Part 1)

  1. I tried googling 30cm high heels to see how absurd the situation is for a pregnant woman to wear such high heels – it is hilarious 🤣🤣

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Why does her name kept on shifting from Chu to Lu? Lu Anran? Chu Anran?

    Also, is Chu and Lu related… like Chu Yao and Lu Anran are cousins? The “uncle” is a Chu and Chu Yao’s dad? If not, well, guess uncle-san just preferred to join forces with the Chus (i.e. Chu Yao) just to harm his niece. Weird uncle.


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