Rebirth: Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Chapter 1: Cut off Tongue, Disfigurement, and Perishing Together

(Part 2)

Lu Anran was shocked out of her mind, Lin Haosheng is actually her half- brother?! And Grandpa’s most loyal right-hand man is the one that planned everything! It is truly unexpected! But…. Chu Wanhai is merely Grandpa’s secretary, where did he get such big ability to have the impudence to plan all these from ten over years ago?

“Anran, don’t hate us ok?” Chu Yao innocently waved her hand, “if you think about it, it is impossible for my father to set the chessboard up by himself! We were only listening and following orders! Who asked your Lu Family to offend the wrong person?”

Exactly who is it? Lu Anran who was in so much pain that even breathing was difficult, let alone to ponder, she really cannot recall who would want to cause such harm to the Lu Family.

“Anran, your old fart of grandfather, and your mother are all waiting for you!” Chu Yao complained while wearing white gloves and taking out a lighter from the LV limited edition satchel that was gifted by Lu Anran, “I have always used your name to send the old man chicken soup with slow- acting poison. It really took me a lot of effort to hide it from that old fool!” Chu Yao studied biochemistry, how would she not know how to mix colourless and tasteless poisons together? With a flick of her wrist, the lighter was tossed behind Lu Anran onto the rose petals- covered bed.

Grandpa… Lu Anran’s heart twitched several times, after her mother passed away, it has always been Grandpa who looked after her… She never thought that Grandpa would die a tragic death because of her…. Uncle said that Grandpa passed away suddenly, unexpectedly it was because of herself… deep regret, remorse and vexation all rapidly rose through her head, Lu Anran ferociously glared at two people before her.

“It’s so hot in here!” Chu Yao said, looking at the growing fire, “Haosheng, let’s go! The temperature is too high, I’m worried it will affect the baby!”

“Ok!” Lin Haosheng smiled while embracing Chu Yao as they left the master bedroom that Lu Anran regarded as their wedding room.

The back view of the two people was especially unsightly, the fire behind spread swiftly and violently, the flames that nibbled at her wedding dress, little by little burned her skin.

Even if I die, I also want the both of you to suffer!!!

Hatred in Lu Anran’s heart became her only support. She used all her effort to pull out the silvery white box from under the bed, taking out a sealed test tube. This item is all thanks to Chu Yao! If it not for Chu Yao seeing the report and saying, “just a little bit of powder can cause such a large explosion! How interesting! What a pity Country Z prohibits the use of it! We don’t even have it in our National Research Institute!” She would not have thought of millions of ways to obtain several grams just to gift it to her! There is no time like present to use this opportunity to give it to her! She put forth all her strength throwing the item towards the fire on the bed. Almost immediately, a large sound of explosion, flames surged up, engulfing the entire house in an instant, completely swallowing up the two people who have yet to leave the house…….

With the roar of thunder, and lightning illuminating the night like day, the abnormal lightning stuck the raging fire in the villa, followed by an immediate heavy downpour, as if to wash away all sins and to clean the past that was so unbearable to recall.

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20 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 1 (Part 2)

  1. I just hope the MC doesn’t fall in love with that man.It’s obvious that the MC would go to the past but will she be so forgiving?


  2. I think all three of them will be given a rebirth..each not knowing that they were reborn. This will be interesting..Let’s see how main lead will overturn her 1st fate..


  3. I have so many feels, but wtf and WHY are at the top.
    Just watch it be our female lead who did this in the end originally =.=

    Ughhh, now I’m all sad, although I’m glad that slag couple does too.

    Liked by 1 person

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