Rebirth: Chapter 142

After discussing it with the bookstore owner, Lu Anran left the bookstore with Yang Xueying and co. As they reached the entrance of the bookstore, they noticed Lingling who has been pacing up and down. Once she saw Lingling, Lu Anran smiled. “Lingling? Are you waiting for me?”

“Yes.” Seeing Lu Anran, Lingling’s eyes immediately watered. “Eldest Young Miss, I….”

“Let’s go to the cafe to have a chat!” Lu Anran smiled and pulled Lingling’s arm. She then said to Yang Xueying, “I think the price set by the store owner just now was quite reasonable.” Lu Anran turned to look at Xue Dingan. “Elder Bro Xue, send Yang Xueying home first! Then come over to look for us.”

“OK.” Xue Dingan nodded and placed his arm over Yang Xueying. “Let’s go!”

Yang Xueying could tell that Lu Anran had important business to settle so she waved her hand, “Let’s talk over the phone tonight.”

“Sure.” Lu Anran waved and then led Lu Anhu and Lingling into a cafe located below the Peninsula bookstore.

After ordering some drinks and desserts, Lingling placed both her hands on the table, “Eldest Young Miss, I have checked. The surgery and whatnots are all false…..” As she talked, Lingling’s tears began to fall. “Eldest Young Miss, Lin Haosheng bribed my uncle to deceive me…..”

“He’s not your Young Master Haosheng anymore?” Lu Anran’s lips raised. “So I was right?”

“Yes….” Lingling looked towards Lu Anran. “Eldest Young Miss, what should I do?”

“Don’t ask me what you should do! You should ask yourself what you would like to do!” Lu Anran replied. “The fact that you are here now shows that you want revenge!”

“Yes, that’s right!” Lingling bit her lower lip with hatred in her eyes, “I was deceived by him, and I lost my innocence, my heart, my everything…. Eldest Young Miss, I want to take revenge!”

“The road to revenge is long and arduous, have you really made up your mind?” Lu Anran looked into Lingling’s eyes and saw the resolution in them.

“Yes, I have.” Lingling said as she clenched her fists tightly. “Eldest Young Miss, I beg of you. Please help me!”

“There is a price for me to help you.” Lu Anran gave a smile to the waitress who served her the milk tea. After drinking a mouthful, she could not help frowning. “I’ll never come here to drink their milk tea ever again! They actually dare to use inferior tea bags! What an insult to my tongue!”

“Drink my coffee.” Lu Anhu switched his coffee with Lu Anran’s milk tea. “This should be okay.”

Lu Anran picked up the coffee to taste it and then she shook her head as she placed it down. “Not good.”

“Eldest Young Miss!” Lingling looked at Lu Anran and said. “No matter what the price is, I will do it!”

“No matter what the price is?” Lu Anran lifted her head to look at Lingling. “Remember what you just said!”

“YES!” Lingling nodded firmly.

“Has Lin Haosheng transferred any money to you?” Lu Anran asked.

“Yes, he did.” Lingling nodded. “100 000 yuan.”

“WOW! Not bad!” Lu Anran lifted her eyebrows. “That’s enough for your first year of tuition fee.”

“What tuition fee?” Lingling was stunned. She was now enrolled in S City’s Normal University which charges 5 700 yuan per annum. How could it reach 100 000 yuan? Lingling was confused.

“There’s no reason for you to continue your studies at the Normal University any more right?” Lu Anran guessed Lingling’s thoughts and said. “You are not fit to be a teacher anymore. Correct?”

“….” Hearing her words, Lingling hesitated but this hesitation was only momentarily. “I know!”

“Here.” Lu Anran took out a business card from her bag. “You should know this person too!”

“Young Master Anming?” Lingling who received the business card, froze. “What do you mean?”

“Call him at 9 AM on Monday and he will take you to a teacher. You can hand the 100 000 yuan directly over to him and he will arrange everything for you. If it is still insufficient, I’ll make up for it.” Lu Anran scooped a mouthful of dessert with a small spoon and nodded gently. “This pudding is still edible.”

“Eldest Young Miss, I…. I am already at my wits’ end.” Lingling said dejectedly. “I quarrelled with my uncle. He knows that Lin Haosheng sent me 100 000 yuan but I refused to give it to him so he hit me…. and wanted me to… to sleep with someone…. It was my mother who helped me to sneak out….” Lingling gazed at Lu Anran. “Eldest Young Miss, I don’t have a home to return to now. I did not even manage to bring out my identity card. When I escaped, my mother stuffed a bank card into my hands. Eldest Young Miss…. What should I do?”

“First, go to the police station and ask them to issue a certificate, apply for a new identification card as soon as possible. Then taking that certificate, book a place to stay in. Stay in one that will provide food and accommodation.” Lu Anran frowned. “The main thing is still your identification card. Report the loss and quickly apply for another one.”

“To apply for another one, I have to return home. It’s too late.” Lingling bit her lower lips and said helplessly.

“In that case, leave it to me!” Lu Anran shrugged. “Go to the police station first! And find a place after getting the certificate. Remember not to find any old cheap place near your University. I have a feeling that your uncle will barrel through all the possible places tonight to look for you!”

“Really?” Lingling was a little worried. “Then what should I do?”

“Go to a five star hotel in the city centre. Generally, these hotels will provide three meals and room service.” Lu Anran took out 500 yuan from her purse and placed it in front of Lingling. “You can go now.”

“Eldest Young Miss…. Thank you…. Thank you so much….” Lingling took the money and kept repeating her thanks.

“No need to thank me.” Lu Anran shrugged again. “We are just taking advantage of each other!”

After Lingling heard Lu Anran’s words, she nodded and then walked out the cafe.

“Anran, how are you going to get back her identification card?” Lu Anhu asked.

“That will depend on you and Xue Dingan!” Lu Anran smiled as she watched Xue Dingan walk in.

Xue Dingan who was being watched, halted. His instinct told him that… his opponent was very skilled… and it was better for him to evacuate as soon as possible! As soon as he turned around to leave, Lu Anran called out and did not give him a chance to escape.

“Big Brother Xue!” Lu Anran called out sweetly, “I have been waiting for you for so long!”

“….” Xue Dingan immediately broke out in cold sweat. What was this poisonous mushroom thinking of doing now ah…..

“HEHEHE…..” Lu Anran grinned until her eyes curved upwards, and was the splitting image of a sly little fox.

Xue Dingan and Lu Anhu exchanged glances. From each other’s gazes, they felt each other’s most heartfelt blessings, “Bro….. Good luck…”

Lu Anran led Xue Dingan and Lu Anhu to Lingling’s house again. This time, Lingling’s house was in a mess. Her livid uncle was also using vulgarity to curse Lingling and her mother. In the mix of all these, there was the loud weeping of a middle aged lady who seemed to be Lingling’s mother.

Seeing the three of them appearing at the entrance, Lingling’s uncle stopped his stream of abuse, instead he looked at Lu Anran angrily. “Who are you! Why are you here!”

“Slap him!” Lu Anran took out a handkerchief and placed it gently on her nose with a disgusted expression. “Such a stench of poverty!”

Xue Dingan’s temples throbbed after hearing Lu Anran’s words, however he still went forward to grab the collar of Lingling’s uncle and smoothly gave him two tight slaps. He also controlled his strength very well so as not to leave any signs behind. He definitely did not want to be sued.

“Aiyo! Aiyo! Someone is being violent here! They are going to kill me! They are hitting me! My head hurts ah!” Lingling’s uncle rolled on the ground crying and howling.

“I’ll count till three. You’d better get up. Otherwise, we’ll continue the beating!” Lu Anran said coldly. “1, 2…..”

Before Lu Anran said ‘3’, Lingling’s uncle nimbly stood up. “Don’t… Don’t hit me!”

“Hmph!” Lu Anran coldly snorted. “What a dog!”

“You…..” Although Lingling’s uncle was unhappy being scolded, he still bowed flatteringly after noticing Xue Dingan’s and Lu Anhu’s muscular arms and threatening gazes. “You… This…. uh….. May I ask why are you here?”

“I am the Eldest Young Miss of Lu Corporation, Lu Anran.” Lu Anran rolled her eyes, and displayed an overpowering arrogance, “Before Lingling left the Lu Residence, she did something she should not have done. Hand the person over to me now and I can let the both of you off! Otherwise…. Hmpf!”

“She…. Eldest Miss Lu ah! It’s not that I don’t want to hand her over, she has ran away ah!” Lingling’s uncle secretly cursed Lingling for always causing him trouble.

Lu Anran signalled to Lu Anhu. The latter then grabbed the collar of the other party and threatened to hit him.

“Don’t… Don’t hit me! What I said is true! It’s her who let Lingling escape!” Lingling’s uncle who was now very afraid, pointed at Lingling’s mother and said. “It’s really her who let Lingling escape ah! Nothing to do with me ah! Eldest Young Miss Lu!”

“Really?” Lu Anran expressed her confusion.

“Yes! Really! Eldest Young Miss Lu, you must believe me ah!” Lingling’s uncle really wanted to kneel down to beseech her, unfortunately, his collar was being held up by someone. Otherwise, he will definitely kowtow a few times to show his determination ah!

“Get lost! I want to ask her myself!” Lu Anran sneered. Dragging Lingling’s uncle, Lu Anhu threw him out of the door and then stood at the entrance to firstly, prevent Lingling’s uncle from eavesdropping and secondly, to frighten Lingling’s uncle and act out the play thoroughly.

“Aunty.” Seeing that Lingling’s uncle has been thrown out, Lu Anran placed down her handkerchief and said, “Lingling is with me. She was the one who begged me to come here.”

“What?” Lingling’s mother who initially thought that she would be getting beaten, was stunned.

“She left in a hurry and did not manage to grab her identification card and all. You can now give me all her necessary documents.” Lu Anran said. “We have already discussed this together.”


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