Rebirth: Chapter 134

Sorry guys, have been busy lately! Here’s your 4 (unedited) chapters for 30 April! Enjoy!!~~

When Yang Weiguo received his daughter’s call, he was very excited! The CEO of Lu Corporation, the legend of S City’s food and drinks brand took the initiative to make an appointment with him….Yang Weiguo looked at the time, there was still an hour until the appointed time so he called his secretary to prepare the car. He was going to personally choose a present suited for Lu Jianhao’s status. He arrived at the arranged meeting spot 15 mins early, making sure that everything was perfect.

When Yang Weiguo sat in the same car as Lu Jianhao to go to the auction, he acted like a humble kouhai. Even though they have met before at important events, it was Yang Weiguo’s first time interacting with Lu Jianhao at such a close distance so he was on his best behaviour which left a good impression on Lu Jianhao.

The car turned a few corners and finally reached its destination. Personally, Lu Anran was not very interested in the auction, she glanced at her watch and quietly ordered Yang Xueying, “go and remind your father that my Grandpa hates it when the other party’s phone suddenly rings, so tell him to switch his phone off!”

“Got it.” Yang Xueying nodded and walked to Yang Weiguo’s side to give him the reminder softly. Yang Weiguo nodded and patted Yang Xueying in praise and then happily switched off his phone.

3 mins after Yang Weiguo switched off his phone, Su Qianlian dialed Yang Weiguo’s phone. She did this continuously for 10 times but only managed to reach his voicemail. Su Qianlian became very anxious and contacted Yang Weiguo’s secretary who told her that her husband has already left the company. She then gazed at all the guests in the room and felt her palms sweating in panic.

“Mom, where’s Dad? When is he coming back?” Su Lin who was dressed in a beautiful light pink dress, asked Su Qianlian. Many of Mom’s, her good friends as well as Dad’s business partners have showed up for her birthday party. On this day, she will definitely make Yang Weiguo change her surname to Yang!

“Err…” Su Qianlian thought for a moment and replied, “your Dad’s phone is switched off, looks like he’s already on his way.”

“Oh….” Su Lin nodded and turned to continue to laugh and talk with her friends.

Time ticked by minute by minute and at around 8.30pm, Yang Weiguo still had yet to return. Su Qianlian’s and Su Lin’s faces were turning gloomier by the second, even the invited guests have started to ask where Yang Weiguo and Yang Xueying were at.

If it was only one person, either Yang Xueying or Yang Weiguo, that was not present, it will be easy to make excuses, but both the father and daughter have failed to turn up! This action was clearly a slap on Su Qianlian’s and Su Lin’s faces!

“As expected for a mistress and her illegitimate daughter ah! It’s no surprise that zero importance is placed on them!” A wealthy lady remarked in disdain to the person next to her, “President Yang and his blood-related daughter are both absent! How could they have the guts to hold a birthday party!”

“Exactly! They don’t even feel embarassed!” Another wealthy lady said in a low voice, “As I thought, a mistress cannot be presented to the public!” From the start, all the guests already looked down on Su Qianlian and Su Lin, who were simply a mistress and a illegitimate daughter who did not even hold the Yang surname. The only reason why they turned up was to do a favour to the Yang Corporation that’s all.

“Hmpf….” Yet another wealthy lady added her comments into the mix, “what significance is there by holding this birthday party? She is just an illegitimate daughter who doesn’t even have the Yang surname! What a joke!”


Mutterings from the guests grew as time passed and Su Qianlian’s and Su Lin’s expression turned pale then red as they heard all the comments. Their expressions were extremely ugly but they still had to put on a facade, especially Su Qianlian who continued to act in her role as Madam Yang, showing everyone a generous and warm smile, and Su Lin who was full of grievances and resentments but had to forcefully suppress it.

Chu Yao observed everything from afar. She also looked down on Su Lin. She originally thought that Su Lin was someone who was very scheming and still had value to be used, but now, it looked like she was just an illegitimate daughter who could not be shown to the public! How could she (Su Lin) have the face to tell her (Chu Yao) to witness her success? Hurhur…. She did not see any success happening, but has watched a good show!

Time passed by slowly and by 9.30 PM, all the guests invited for the party started to find all sorts of excuses to leave. For this kind of party, it was already very good that they had made an appearance! How dare they make them wait for so long?! How disgusting! Su Qianlian and her daughter tried to persuade the guests to stay behind but none of them were willing to do so, and the expressions of the mother-daughter pair could no longer be easily described as “dreadful”.

At the same time, Yang Weiguo has just finished accompanying Lu Jianhao to the auction and was going to Lakeside Restaurant booked by Lu Anran. The atmosphere there was nice and quiet, and very appropriate for discussing business.

After ordering the food, Lu Anran smiled and looked at Yang Weiguo, “Uncle Yang, I’m a vegetarian, so I didn’t order any meat dishes, is there any dishes that Uncle Yang wishes to eat?”

“I’m fine, there’s more than enough food.” The more Yang Weiguo watched Lu Anran, the more he felt like he should let Yang Xueying interact more with Lu Anran.

“Then, let’s just order all these!” Lu Anran passed the menu back to the waitress, “We won’t be having any wine, just send in a pot of Longjing tea!”

“Understood.” The tall waitress wearing a cheongsam took the menu and left the private room after giving a light smile.

After the door shut, Lu Anran said directly, “Uncle Yang, actually I am the one who asked you out today.”

“Oh?” Even though Yang Weiguo has more or less suspected it, he was still quite surprised to hear it himself.

“I am good friends with Yingying and Big Bro Xue.” Lu Anran said with a smile, “We often hang out together and sometimes I will hear about Yingying’s worries. My resturant will be opening tomorrow and I would like Yingying’s help. As you can also see, she is not good at studying and if she is not well-trained, even if Uncle Yang hands Yang Coporation to her as her marriage dowry, it won’t bring Yingying happiness!”

“….” Hearing Lu Anran’s words, Yang Weiguo’s heart sunk, he was also thinking about preparing a generous dowry for Yang Xueying….

“You are also a man. You have a wife, daughters and a concubine…..” Lu Anran was smiling but her words were full of thorns.

“Anran!” Lu Jianhao interrupted her, “Don’t be rude!” It’s not good for Lu Anran to get too involved in Yang Weiguo’s family matters.

“It’s fine.” Yang Weiguo did not look very happy, but he still gave a slight smile, “Miss Lu, please continue.”

“Uncle, Yingying and I are good friends, you can just call me Anran!” Lu Anran smiled and said, “No offense, but you have money, power and a career, but are you able to be devoted to your wife? You can’t! Since this is so, then how can you be sure that in the future, as long as you give a generous marriage dowry, Yingying will be happy her whole life?”

“This….” Yang Weiguo could not help but frown. Even though Lu Anran sounded terrible, but it was very logical! He has indeed avoided thinking about these things.

“Since it is so, why don’t you decide now!” Lu Anran said with a confident smile, “I’m planning let Yingying follow me to gain some experience in business, I am also prepared to let Yingying invest in the new resturant that’s opening. One hundred thousand yuan for one share.”

“One hundred thousand?” Yang Weiguo’s eyes lit up. This price was not very expensive and if he can use this money to connect himself to the Lu Corporation then it will be beneficial to Yang Corporation in the future!

“I hope Uncle Yang can understand Anran’s words!” Lu Anran repeated herself with emphasis, “This share is all because of Yingying, and one hundred thousand is just for record, you should understand that this amount of money is not a big deal to Lu Corporation! But to Yingying, this is her first investment!”

“…..” Yang Weiguo finally understood what Lu Anran meant. The money that he invest into Lu Anran’s shop will only belong to Yang Xueying and has no relation to Yang Corporation or him, Yang Weiguo at all! But to Yang Weiguo, this makes no difference to him, after all Yang Xueying is his daughter! He also hoped that she will become better and better, he does not hope for her to be super successful, but he does not wish for her to stay as her current self, useless and a failure! If she has the money to catch hold of her man’s heart, then she might be able to hold onto her happiness! His previous thoughts were full of avoidance. He knows that he is not a good man and could only hope that his daughter can marry a good man with her generous dowry….. It was only after hearing what Lu Anran said that he realised what he was wishing for was merely a pipe dream!

“Dad?” Yang Xueying nudged Yang Weiguo slightly with her elbow.

“Mm.” Yang Weiguo nodded, “Anran, how much shares are you willing to sell?” If this money was to be an investment for Yang Xueying’s future, then he was willing to spend more!

“Only one share.” Lu Anran said, “you are also aware that this shop is under Lu Corporation, so it is already very difficult for me to convince Grandpa to sell even one share!” Lu Anran smiled and said, “This is all due to Yingying!”

“OK!” Yang Weiguo nodded, “Anran, Uncle will remember your care for Yingying!”

“Uncle, you are too polite.” Lu Anran smiled, she was also gambling, if Yang Xueying was really talented then she would not lose out!

“Lu Anran! Thanks!” No matter how stupid Yang Xueying was, she knows that what Lu Anran was doing for her was something amazing, and felt extremely touched. She no longer felt any animosity towards her and what’s left behind was only trust and admiration.

“No need to be so polite.” Lu Anran smiled and patted Yang Xueying’s shoulder.

“In the future, it’s all these little kids’ sky, it’s good to get some experience early.” Lu Jianhao smiled. He also believed in Lu Anran’s judgement.

“I agree!” Yang Weiguo also smiled and added, “this has nothing to do with us in the future!”

“You are still young!” Lu Jianhao replied laughingly.

“Old Master Lu, you are so witty!” Yang Weiguo joked in reply.

As everyone chat and laughed, the dishes were also served up one by one, Lu Anran tasted every dish and silently judged them. She then proceeded to put down her chopsticks.

“Why are you not eating?” Yang Xueying was wolfing it down in big mouthfuls. She was using her brain more than she had in a month, and could feel her tummy growling in hunger.

“You eat! Eat more!” Lu Anran glanced at her watch to see the time, “I don’t want to grow fat!”



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