Rebirth: Chapter 133

After Lu Anran and Lu Anhu returned to the hospital room, Lu Anran observed that the atmosphere between Lu Anhu and Ji Ling was getting increasing awkward. After hesitating for a bit, she stood up, “Why don’t we leave first!”

“Eh?” Ji Ling said shocked, “Where do you want to go?”

“I need to go to Lu Corporation, I have something to do.” Lu Anran replied as she pulled a confused Yang Xueying out along with her, “I need to help her act out a scene too!”

“Ah?” Yang Xueying said confusion, “act out what scene?”

“Just come with me.” Lu Anran patted her shoulder and turned to say to Lu Anran, “I’ll leave her here. Take care of her Anhu!”

“Don’t worry.” Lu Anhu smiled, but he was also worried, “If I accompany Ji Ling, what about you?”

“Me? I’ll be fine, won’t get lost!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Lu Anhu, “I’ll call Big bro Xue to come pick me!”

“Oh! OK!” Lu Anran nodded, at ease. As long as there was someone by Lu Anran’s side, he would feel reassured.

“I’m leaving!” Lu Anran waved and pulled Yang Xueying along to leave the hospital. At the entrance of the hospital, she called Xue Dingan and went to the nearby dessert shop to wait.

Less than 20 mins later, Xue Dingan came driving a black car to pick the both of them. Xue Dingan asked, “you ended school early today ah! Where do you want to go?”

“Go to Lu Corporation.” Lu Anran said to Xue Dingan. “today is the school’s Anniversary Day, so school ended early.”

“Cousin brother, I haven’t seen you for so long! Why didn’t you ask me!” Yang Xueying pouted in protest.

“You?” Xue Dingan answered with a doting smile, “it’s not like you will get lost, silly! Oh yeah, Anran, are you bring Yingying with you to Lu Corporation?”

“Yep!” Lu Anran smiled brightly, “if I don’t bring her, how can the show go on!”

“What show?” From the start, Yang Xueying never understood what kind of show Lu Anran was bringing her along for….

“You don’t need to know what show, all you need to do is follow what I tell you to do!” Lu Anran felt that there no point trying to explain to Yang Xueying.

“Keh…..” Yang Xueying pouted. This Lu Anran always like to act all mysterious, she was going to see what Lu Anran was going to cook up!

Seeing the way Lu Anran and Yang Xueying behave around each other, Xue Dingan smiled. His current mission was too dangerous and full of trouble. He could die at anytime for his country. If that happened, the person he was most worried about was Yang Xueying.

When Lu Anran entered the Lu Corporation, she caught the sight of Lu Anhua waiting for the lift. Lu Anran scowled in disdain, then quickly entered the lift when it came and pressed the 12th floor with Yang Xueying and Xue Dingan following closely behind. On the other hand, Lu Anhua who has been waiting for the lift, entered it last, his expression turned dark when he caught the sight of Lu Anran. Observing her from top to bottom, Lu Anhua frowned and turn to face one side of the lift doors. Chu Yao has reminded him previously not to make trouble at the company and not to have any contact with Lu Anran. The more Lu Anhua contacted Chu Yao, the more he appreciated how innocent, kind, warm and smart Chu Yao is. Recently, he has been following what Chu Yao has advised him to do and not only has his performance improved, even the way Lu Junan looked at him has changed.

When the lift reached the 12th floor, Lu Anran stepped out of the lift first. As she passed by Lu Anhua, Lu Anran purposely used her shoulder to bump into him. Xue Dingan and Yang Xueying also followed her and did the same action.

“You!” Without giving Lu Anhua the chance to burst out in anger, the lift’s door closed. Unable to control his anger, Lu Anhua kicked the walls of the lift furiously. The whole lift shook instantly and the lights in the lift switched off with a PA! sound. It seemed like the lift has malfunctioned….

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Lu Anhua screamed, but no longer dared to kick the lift walls, only punching the emergency button rapidly. Unfortunately the breakdown this time was related to the electricity and so the emergency button did not work.

The three people who just exit the lift looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. What was this called? This was called ‘no zuo no die’! Lu Anran shook her head helplessly and walked into one of the office nearby to borrow the internal phone and called the reception on the first floor. “Hello, I’m Lu Anran. One of the lifts have malfunctioned, and it seems like there is someone trapped in there, quickly call someone to fix it!” After saying that, Lu Anran hung up.

(T/N: No Zuo No Die: a Chinese internet meme. The original wording of the Chinese phrase, meaning “one would not be in trouble had one not asked for it”)

“Let’s go!” Yang Xueying shrugged, “who was that person just now?” She saw Lu Anran and Xue Dingan bumped into him, so she simply follow suit, but she has no idea who that person was….

“That’s my cousin brother.” Lu Anran smiled and took the lead to leave the office, “someone who can’t wait for me to die!”

“Then why did you save him?” Yang Xueying asked.

“If it was you, what would you do?” Lu Anran asked.

“I will save…..” Yang Xueying said after questioning herself. If Su Lin got trapped in the lift, even if she feel satisfaction at that, she will still call someone to come over to help.

“Exactly!” Lu Anran spread out her hands, “Let’s go!”

“To where?” Yang Xueying was confused from the start to end.

“To go see my Grandpa.” Lu Anran smiled.

“Ah?” Yang Xueying was shocked. Why does she need to meet Lu Anran’s grandfather? They are going to meet the head of family already? Even though Yang Xueying was not knowledgeable about business stuff, she has heard a lot about Lu Jianhao ah! She was going to meet such a famous senpai? Yang Xueying sweated nervously, and started to neaten her hair and clothes, secretly encouraging herself.

Lu Anran pushed open the door to the CEO office and caught the sight of the fully suited Lu Jianhao who was seriously looking over some documents. Lu Anran smiled and called out, “Grandpa!”

Lu Jianhao placed down his documents and looked towards the door, “Anran? You came? School’s over?”

“Mm.” Lu Anran smiled and sat next to Lu Jianhao. “Grandpa, I have someone important to introduce to you!”

“Who?” Lu Jianhao took off his glasses and looked at Lu Anran dotingly.

“Grandpa, this my classmate Yang Xueying.” Lu Anran introduced Yang Xueying, “she is Xue Dingan’s cousin, Yang’s Corporation’s Eldest Miss.”

“Grandpa Lu, nice to meet you!” Yang Xueying greeted anxiously.

“Hello!” Lu Jianhao smiled unsure what Lu Anran’s purpose is for introducing her.

“Grandpa, isn’t the new restaurant going to open next year? I would like Yingying to help me!” Lu Anran said with a grin, “So I came to ask for your opinion.”

“Oh?” Lu Jianhao frowned, and judged Yang Xueying. She looks like a reliable girl, “You plan to cultivate her?”

“Alot of money is needed when the new shop opens. I want to adopt a joint-stock system, one hundred thousand for one share.” Lu Anran said with a smile, “I believe Uncle Yang can afford this price and will be willing to invest as well. Of course, the reason I have this idea is all because of Yingying! I believe she will be a talent worth cultivating!”

Hearing Lu Anran’s words, Yang Xueying was about to cry out in excitement. She has never expected that in Lu Anran’s heart, she was evaluated so highly! Feeling speechless for a moment, she opened and shut her mouth. After meeting Lu Jianhao’s scrutinising look, she immediately shut her mouth and gave him an awkward smile.

“…..” Originally Lu Jianhao wanted to refuse as this shop was extremely important under Lu Corporation’s food and drink brand, and to randomly allow for other companies to become a part of it, is a dangerous matter. But after seeing Lu Anran’s determined and bright eyes, Lu Jianhao hesitated for a moment before nodding his head in agreement. “Anran, it’s up to you!”

“Grandpa, it’s not enough for me to agree to it!” Lu Anran laughed, “I hope you can appear and have a meal with Uncle Yang, so it will be more official.”

“Then let’s do it tomorrow!” Lu Jianhao considered for a bit before calling his secretary to book a place.

“Best to strike while the iron is hot!” Lu Anran smiled, “let’s do it today!”

“Today?” Lu Jianhao asked stunned.

“I heard there will be an auction held in the city centre tonight at 7pm, why don’t you and Uncle Yang set up a meeting to go for the auction and have a meal together after!” Lu Anran said with a calculative gleam in her eyes.

“Alright! I’ll let you set up the meeting then!” Lu Jianhao looked into Lu Anran’s confident eyes and nodded in agreement.

Hearing up to this point, Yang Xueying finally understood Lu Anran’s purpose. Lu Anran planned to force Yang Weiguo to dawdle outside so that he was unable to go home to accompany Su Lin on her birthday! So masterful! If it was her, she will never be able to think of such methods!

“Ying Ying, quickly give your father a call ah!” Lu Anran nudged Yang Xueying with her elbows.

“Oh oh!” Yang Xueying nodded and took out her phone.

“Big bro Xue, bring Ying Ying outside for her to make the call!” Lu Anran said with a frown. This Yang Xueying is so silly ah! How can she make the call in front of Lu Jianhao? This has something to do with etiquette too.

“Mm.” Xue Dingan pulled onto Yang Xueying’s hand and walked out of the office. With each step, the gratefulness in Xue Dingan’s heart grew. He absolutely understood Lu Anran’s intentions. This was all to give Yang Xueying the chance to protect her assets and properties! He will forever engrave this friendship into his heart!

After the two of them left, Lu Jianhao looked towards Lu Anran, “Anran, you can state your real purpose now!”

Lu Anran smiled, “I have 3 main aims, firstly, I really need money! Secondly, the power backing Yang Xueying, if used properly, it can be a card in the sleeves to protect our lives!” Lu Anran analysed calmly. Yang Xueying’s grandfather’s identity was not simple. Right now, Lu Corporation’s enemies were all hiding in the shadows, she needed to make sufficient preparations, so as long as she managed to pull Yang Xueying onto the same boat as her, then she could ask for help when required. “Thirdly, Yang Xueying is someone worth helping!” This was one of the biggest reason why Lu Anran has decided to help Yang Xueying. She admires Yang Xueying.

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