Rebirth: Chapter 123

“So it’s like this ah!” Everyone said with an enlightened expression. Since it was so, then it was fine. It seems like everything was a misunderstanding!

Since it was Young Master Long who was sending gifts, then there was no need to use such underhanded methods! Wasn’t it better to give it straightforwardly? Liu Yue was not willing let go of such a good chance to make trouble wanted to speak out, but just as Liu Yue wanted to start talking, Lu Jianhao gave her a sharp glare which made Liu Yue shut her mouth immediately.

“That’s true…..” Everyone nodded and felt like what Liu Yue made a lot of sense. All of them secretly made guesses as to whether there was something fishy going on between Ji Rou and Young Master Long’s bodyguard. All the gazes directed at Ji Rou were now filled with lust. This Lu Corporation was sure impressive! Their hands stretched so far ah! Just to build a connection with Long Corporation, she could even sleep with Young Master Long’s bodyguard! Hurhur… that must be because a bodyguard’s body is much stronger!

A look of disdain also appeared on Yue Ningshan who was currently standing in the crowd. No wonder Lu Anran was this kind of person. What they said about how ‘if the upper beam was not straight, the lower ones would become slanted too’ sure was true! Hmpf… how could this kind of person have the right to be with Long Yuxing? Lu Anran was not worthy of Long Yuxing!

(T/N: “If the upper beam is not straight, the lower ones will go aslant” basically means if your parents set a bad example, then your children will act in the same manner.”)

“Xiao Rou! Take out Young Master Long’s present!” Lu Jianhao stated coldly. They no longer have a choice. This Liu Yue has always been unable to do anything right!

“Dad… I….” Ji Rou looked at Lu Jianhao then glanced at Lu Anran. She cannot do that. If she brought it out, it would bring a lot of trouble to Lu Anran.

“Give it to me!” Lu Jianhao did not understand why Ji Rou was hesitating, but he clearly understood that if he did not bring out the present as evidence, in the future, everyone in S City will look down on Lu Corporation.

Ji Rou’s heart was full of mixed feelings. Gnawing on her lips, she was still very hesitant.

Everyone who observed Ji Rou’s behaviour deduced that their guess must be right, and one by one, they started snickering.

“Aunt, what are you waiting for? Grandpa asked you to bring it out!” Seeing Ji Rou like this, Lu Anhua firmly believed even more that Ji Rou must have cheated, and felt that this was a good chance to snatch back right of succession of the new shop. He walked forward and quickly snatched the bag Ji Rou was holding to present it like a treasure to Lu Jianhao: “Grandpa.”

Lu Jianhao opened the gift box that was in the bag, and saw the name carved on the swan necklace, Lu Jianhao then understood why Ji Rou was so reluctant to bring it out. The intended recipent was not Ji Rou but Lu Anran. After considering deeply, Lu Jianhao decided to let Lu Anran choose, “Anran, come over!”

Lu Anran walked over and stood in front of Lu Jianhao, who then turned the gift box towards Lu Anran. When she saw the name carving, she smiled with her heart feeling warm. It turns out that Ji Rou’s actions were all to protect her and Lu Jianhao could have disclosed the truth directly but he still made the choice to let her decide. This proved that in Lu Jianhao’s heart, Lu Anran was as important as Lu Corporation, and on a level even more important than Lu Corporation. The love and protection of her family made Lu Anran feel extremely happy….

Nobody understood why Lu Anran suddenly smiled, they looked at each other… What was the meaning of this! Did she get too provoked that she went crazy?

Lu Anran used a finger to hook the necklace and showed off the side with her name to the crowd. She walked around to let everyone see it then returned to Ji Rou’s side. “This is the present that Young Master Long gave me!” Gazing upon the crowd of people who had shocked expressions, Lu Anran said, “this has nothing to do with my mother! If you have anything to say, come and tell me directly!”

“….” Everyone went silent. They cannot believe that they got to witness such exciting things today. It was like a movie with events happening one after the other, without even giving them time to process what was occurring! How thrilling! Furthermore, they have never expected Young Master Long to be interested in Lu Anran, and even personally presenting a gift to her! Does this mean that both families were going to be connected through marriage? Many of the guests had the idea to curry favour. This Lu Corporation should not be underestimated in the future, and they should try to win them over!

Among the guests, there were those who wanted to curry favour and there were also those who looked down on Lu Anran. Many people viewed Lu Anran with disdain. How could Lu Anran be worthy enough to be loved by Young Master Long? For what reason?

Xue Dingjiao stared at Lu Anran’s back as she clenched her teeth in anger. It was all because of this Lu Anran that she was on the blacklist of S City’s upper society circle. In the future, no matter which the banquets were held, she will no longer be invited! The only reason she was invited today was due to the years of friendship between the Xue-Lu families, yet the man she was in love with actually gave Lu Anran a present engraved with her name! How hateful! HOW HATEFUL!

When Lu Junan saw the engraving, he was also surprised. He immediately turned to look at Lu Anxin, who looked away guilty, unable to meet Lu Junan’s eyes.

“Anran!” Ji Rou worriedly grasped onto Lu Anran’s hand. This was the kind of scene that she did not want to see the most. Everyone was gazing at Lu Anran with a calculating look. She was so afraid! Afraid that her daughter would get hurt….

“Don’t worry.” Lu Anran held onto Ji Rou’s hand as well. She was already mentally prepared. Patting Ji Rou’s hand comfortingly, Lu Anran looked around, “Today is my mother’s birthday party, if you want to continue to participate, I welcome you, but if you are dissatisfied with anything, the door is over there, you are welcomed to leave as well.”

“…..” Leave? Those who leave now must be crazy! Everyone looked at each other, but not a single one of them left.

“It’s all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding!” Liu Fang could also see the big picture clearly, and immediately smiled and waved her hands, “I hope Young Miss Lu don’t take offence!”

“Exactly! It’s all a misunderstanding!” Everyone all agreed in unison.

“It’s best if it is just a misunderstanding! But those who framed my mother, mark my words. I, Lu Anran, will make them pay!” Lu Anran gave Liu Yue a cold glare, whose face has turned pale and was sweating profusely at her words. Lu Anran looked away and put on a professional smile, “I hope everyone has a enjoyable time at the Lu Residence!”

All the guests stared at Lu Anran whose facial expression changed quicker than flipping a book, and could not help but to feel stunned. This Lu Anran sure has character! They will need to watch out and not to offend Lu Corporation in the future!

Those male guests who were leering at Ji Rou previously, no longer dared to look at her. They acted so reckless and blindly ah!

“……” Yue Weihai gazed at Lu Anran’s figure as his mind worked furiously. Lu Anran was not ordinary… It would be great if he could get her to marry into his family, if not… he will have to think of a way to get rid of her, or Lu Anran would become an obstacle to that person backing the Yue Corporation.

“……” Lin Haosheng stared at Lu Anran with a sliver of hatred in his eyes. He did not expect Lu Anran to seduce Long Yuxing! How crafty! Looks like he will need to move his plan forward quickly! “……” Chu Yao’s eyes were about to burst into flames. All the honour and glory that Lu Anran was enjoying today belonged to her! This damn Lu Anran! Chu Yao clenched her fist tightly. Although her nails were digging deeply into her palms, she did not feel any pain.

The party continued on, however all the guests present were distracted and one by one, they started sucking up to Ji Rou and Lu Jianhao.

“Lu Anran, you are so capable huh!” The more Xue Dingjiao thought about it, the angrier she felt and walked forward to stand in front of Lu Anran.

“Can’t be compared to you!” Lu Anran sneered, “The last time you were so humiliated, yet you still have the guts to attend Lu Corporation’s party! Young Miss Xue’s skin is indeed thicker than a castle wall ah! Naturally Anran can’t beat you!”

“YOU!” Xue Dingjiao was about to lose her temper when someone pulled her back.

“Jiaojiao! Don’t cause a scene!” Xue Dinggang pulled Xue Dingjiao back before smiling at Lu Anran apologetically, “I’m really sorry, Miss Lu”, and walked off with Xue Dingjiao in tow. This Xue Dingjiao did not learn her lesson huh. She still dared to offend Lu Anran now!

“Hmpf.” Lu Anran scoffed coldly and gave a smirk before walking towards a maid worked in the behind. If she remembered correctly, she gave this maid the job of projecting up some slides. “You, come with me for a bit!”

“Yes, Young Miss.” Cold chills ran down the maid’s back as she followed Lu Anran with her head lowered to stand in front of Lu Jianhao, who also had a bunch of people trying to suck up to him.

“Aren’t I the one who put you in charge of the slides? What’s going on with those three extra pictures just now?” Lu Anran questioned coldly.

“Young Miss, I….” The maid’s eyes were slightly red, “I went to the toilet just now, and when I came back, the slides had started showing already, I also don’t know!” Soon after, the maid suddenly recalled something and pointed in the vague direction of Liu Fang, “when I returned, I bumped into this lady and was even scolded by her….”

“Don’t point randomly!” Liu Fang replied guilty, :”I have never met you before!”

The surroundings went quiet again. Is another exciting show about to start again?

“I’m telling the truth, Young Miss, I didn’t lie!” The maid was also aware that she has no evidence, however every word she has said was the truth.

Lu Anran gazed at Liu Fang, who looked away in guilt and even suspiciously hid her hand behind her back. Lu Anran signalled to Lu Anhu with her eyes, who nodded in affirmation and walked forward to catch hold of Liu Fang’s wrist, bending her hand slightly. The phone that Liu Fang was holding tightly in her hand dropped and was caught by Lu Anhu who passed it to Lu Anran.

“You! What are you doing!” Liu Fang’s wrist throbbed with pain as her eyes started shifting nervously, “Thief! There’s a thief here!”

Lu Anran opened the gallery app in the phone and saw the photos that Liu Fang had taken. With a smirk, Lu Anran said, “It’s you!” Lu Anran displayed the screen of the phone to the other guests, who believed the maid’s words even more when they saw what was being illustrated.

“It’s a misunderstanding! It must be a misunderstanding!” A man who was initially trying to curry favour with Lu Jianhao quickly popped out and walked towards Liu Fang with big steps. “Quickly explain ah!” He was about to blow his top. Why did he marry such an unlucky wife!

“I….” Liu Fang looked at her husband and also at Liu Yue who had put on a pale face on purpose. She was alarmed and bewildered for a moment. What on earth should she do?

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