Rebirth: Chapter 116

After leaving the shopping centre, Lu Anran and Lu Anhu immediately headed back to the Lu Residence. At this time, Xue Dingan was also present in the Lu Residence, who seems to have just arrived back. “You are back!”

“Older Bro Xue, you seem very tired ah!” Lu Anran said after noticing the dusty appearance of Xue Dingan’s. “How did your business go?”

“Uh….” Xue Dingan shook his head helplessly. “I was a step too late again.”

“What’s the case?” Lu Anran sat next to Xue Dingan.

“It’s confidential.” Lu Anran shook his head and smiled. “Don’t worry. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow… I want to print some business cards.” Lu Anran replied. She felt somewhat embarrassed today when Feng Lixian handed her his business card as she could not return the favour.

“If it is printing business cards, I know a person in this line. I’ll just ask him to come over, you don’t have to go out for this.” After Xue Dingan said this, he dialed someone on his phone. “Hua Hua, come over to the Lu Residence. There is a customer for you.”

The two of them chatted for a while longer before Xue Dingan hung up. “Your older brother knows this person too. He will be here in an hour.”

“Oh OK!” Lu Anran nodded.

“What else you have planned for tomorrow?” Xue Dingan continued asking his previous question.

“Teacher Qin will be here to tutor me later. If I am able to complete my homework by today…..” Lu Anran trailed off, pondering for a while before she continued. “I have nothing on tomorrow and will be home all day! Why don’t I personally cook dishes for all of you to eat!”

“Bleaahh……” Both Lu Anhu and Xue Dingan felt nauseated when they heard the end of the sentence. “Anran, we… are begging you…. Please stop mentioning the word “eat”.”

Lu Anran pursed up her lips in discontent. Really! Did they really develop such a serious psychological trauma? It has already been so long! Lu Anran who was a little hurt, replied, “I’m going back to my room to do my homework! Hmph!”


“Take care…..”

The two “brothers- in- distress” waved their hands feebly.

“Ugh….” Holding onto the handrails, Lu Anran went upstairs to her room. After closing her door, Lu Anran sat at her table and took out her small homework record book from her schoolbag. She checked the contents of the book and took out the corresponding practice books and started attempting the problems one by one. The learning points of these problems have all been discussed in class. Lu Anran’s maths teacher was a female teacher in her twenties. Her humorous and witty teaching style made her very popular in Lu Anran’s class. She was also the form teacher for Class 1B. Everyone in Lu Anran’s class envied Class B for having such a good form teacher… If she compared her class’ form teacher, Lu Rui, with Class B’s form teacher….

There is no need to compare!

However, Lu Rui’s standard of teaching was indeed very high and was very talented in languages. This was the only reason why Class D has not submitted a joint letter to ask for a change in form teacher.

After Lu Anran completed her maths homework, she flipped open her Chinese textbook and began to memorise a few paragraphs in the Chinese textbook. Just as she finished her Chinese homework, someone knocked on her door. Lu Anran closed her Chinese book and asked, “Who is it?”

“Eldest Young Miss, Young Master Xue said that his guest has arrived and would like you to come downstairs.” The maid’s voice sounded from outside the door.

Lu Anran stood up. “OK!” After she stretched, Lu Anran opened her room door. The maid who was standing outside her door, was Lingling. When Lu Anran directed her gaze at Lingling, the latter averted her eyes guiltily. She then lowered her head and stood to the side. Lu Anran closed her room door as she looked at Lingling, “Lingling, how long have you worked at the Lu Residence?”

“It has been 3 years.” Lingling replied. “I have worked here part-time since my freshman year.”

“You will be graduating next year?” Lu Anran asked. “Lingling, are you from S University?”

“No. I’m from S City Teacher Training College.” Lingling said.

“Are you aiming to be a teacher after graduation?” Lu Anran asked with great interest.

“Yes. I plan to become a teacher in my hometown after graduation.” When Lingling mentioned her dream, she became more relaxed, her gaze was clearer and there also was a yearning expression on her face.

“A primary school teacher?” Lu Anran continued asking.

“Yes.” Lingling smiled.

“Oh?” The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth raised. “To be worthy of the name of a teacherrr…..” After dragging out this sentence, Lu Anran turned and left, leaving a startled and ashamed Lingling.

Lu Anran went downstairs to the living room. There was another man present other than Lu Anhu and Xue Dingan. The man seemed to be the same age as Xue Dingan. He had a crew cut hair style, tanned skin, well-proportioned features, and a small canine tooth that showed itself when he laughed. He was a boy that was about 180 cm tall, with a bright personality and was wearing a dark blue casual suit. Judging by the craft and style, it was part of Armani’s summer collection.

Noticing Lu Anran’s presence, the man stood up and took the initiative to extend his hand, “Hello Miss Lu, I am Hua Daolin. Your brother, Lu Anming, Xue Dingan and myself are best friends since middle school.”

“Older brother Hua, just call me Anran.” Lu Anran smiled and said, “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Anran.” Hua Daolin handed over his business card, “Xue Dingan has already told me that you are looking to order business cards. Is that correct?”

“Yes.” Lu Anran sat down next to Lu Anhu. She then looked at Hua Daolin, “Older brother Hua, do you have any recommendations?”

“This is one of our designs. Please take a look.” Hua Daolin took out a folder from his document bag and opened it in front of Lu Anran, “These are the designs that have not been officially launched so each of these are exclusive to the client. After the client has selected them, the design will be removed.”

“It’s all quite nice…..” Lu Anran said as she looked at them one by one, finally, her gaze stopped at one of the old-styled business card at lower left corner, “This one!” Lu Anran was very satisfied with the design of this business card. It was of the same style as her shop’s decorations. “I want this style.”

“OK!” After Hua Daolin confirmed it, he immediately took out his tablet to indicate on the main website that the business card style was sold out. “The design of this business card is 120 000 yuan. 100 000 yuan for the designer, 10 000 yuan to the company, and 10 000 yuan is my commission but since you are Anming’s little sister, then I’ll forgo my commission, you just need to pay 110 000 yuan. I’ll also increase the originally planned 300 pieces to 500 pieces.”

“Don’t need to forgo that 10 000 yuan.” Lu Anran smiled and said, “Older brother Hua, do you know who is the designer of this business card?”

“Yes, she is my junior sister.” Hua Daolin nodded as he looked at the business card.

“Can I meet her? Best if we can meet tomorrow. I would like to commission her to design something for me. The price is negotiable.” Lu Anran smiled.

“OK. I’ll contact her now.” Hua Daolin used his phone to dial. After a few seconds, the phone was connected and both of them chatted for a while before coming to an agreement. After Hua Daolin hung up, he said to Lu Anran, “She will be here tomorrow afternoon at 2.”

“Could I trouble Older brother Hua to also be present tomorrow if it is convenient for you?” Lu Anran asked.

“OK.” Hua Daolin nodded. This was nothing.

Lu Anran smiled as she extended her hand, “then, it’s a great pleasure to work with you!”

“Me too!” Hua Daolin also extended his hand to shake with Lu Anran’s.

After Hua Daolin left, Lu Anran looked at Xue Dingan to wait for his explanation.

“It’s suspicious isn’t it?” Xue Dingan met Lu Anran’s gaze head on and started to explain to her, “He is clearly a business card salesman, yet he was wearing stuff like Armani’s limited edition summer collection….”

“And that aura. He’s definitely not a typical business card salesman.” Lu Anran added.

“He is the Eldest Young Master of Hua Dessert Corporation.” Xue Dingan explained. “But Hua Dessert Corporation announced its bankruptcy the year before last. So….”

“What was the reason for its bankruptcy?” Lu Anran asked.

“Failed investments and a mole.” Xue Dingan crossed his arms and said, “It’s such a pity. Hua Daolin can be considered an elite! However….”

“Say… What if I hire him as my manager?” Lu Anran had a very good impression of Hua Daolin. “Would he be happy to work with Big Bro Anming?

“I’m not sure…” Xue Dingan did not like to speculate about such things but he still pursed his lips and said, “As long as the money is good!”

“Money is no problem!” Lu Anran grinned, “It’s difficult to snare a talent!” If she remembered correctly, in her previous lifetime, this Eldest Young Master managed to revive the strength of Hua Corporation all by himself… She was simply unwilling to miss out on such a rare talent ah!

After thinking through, Lu Anran said to Lu Anhu, “Anhu, give Older brother Anming a call and ask him to prepare 200 000 yuan in cash!”

“So much money?” Lu Anhu did not know what Lu Anran was planning but he still nodded in agreement. He just needs to follow Anran’s instructions.

“Ask him to bring the money over here by 2 PM tomorrow afternoon.” Lu Anran lifted her teacup and took a sip. Earl Grey tea….. So tasty…..

After hearing that, Lu Anhu told Lu Anming what Lu Anran has said over the phone. It was evident that Lu Anming was also puzzled but he still agreed.

After this matter was settled, it was time for dinner. Lu Anran wore her apron and personally cooked more than 10 vegetarian dishes, placing them on the dining table.

Xue Dingan could not help salivating after smelling the fragrance of the cooked dishes. After he has tasted the barbecue cooked by Lu Anran when they first met, he has always yearned for food cooked by this little mushroom!

After asking the maid to inform Ji Rou who was working in her room, everyone started eating. Just as they have eaten a few mouthfuls, Lin Haosheng suddenly came home. Noticing the cheery atmosphere at the dining table, Lin Haosheng’s face became gloomy…..

Lu Anran…. I will personally destroy everything that belongs to you! I definitely will!

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