Rebirth: Chapter 117

After the meal, all of them sat on the sofa to chat and Qin Shuhan arrived soon after. Her long hair trailed over her shoulders and her figure seemed fuller than last week.

Lu Anran brought Qin Shuhan back to her room and flipped open her practice books. Qin Shuhan started her lessons and then pointed out several common questions for Lu Anran to practice on.

Lu Anran lowered her head to read the questions carefully, thought for a while and began solving the questions. Soon, she managed to complete all the questions. When Lu Anran looked up, wanting to ask Qin Shuhan for her advice, she noticed that Qin Shuhan was not next to her table, instead she was absent-mindedly looking out of the window. Lu Anran could guess the thoughts of Qin Shuhan but there was nothing she could do to help this suffering couple. It has been a long time since Lu Anwei has disappeared from the world like her father Lu Junhao. No one knew if he was coming back, even Lu Anhu was unable to gather any news about Lu Anwei.

How did things advanced to this stage when it was clear to anyone that the two of them loved each other very deeply? Lu Anran was very confused. Her gaze stopped on Qin Shuhan’s figure. Her back was very straight and seemed very strong and confident. However it was precisely this that made Lu Anran feel distressed.

It was nearly 10 minutes later that Qin Shuhan realised that she was being absent-minded so she withdrew her gaze from outside of the window and turned to look abashedly at Lu Anran. At this moment, the gust of wind blew into room and that originally loose coat that Qin Shuhan was wearing suddenly became well-fitting. As Qin Shuhan tidied her long hair that was blown messy by the wind, Lu Anran’s gaze became full of surprise as she stared at Qin Shuhan’s slightly raised abdomen. “Teacher Qin! You are pregnant!”

“Ah?” Qin Shuhan was stunned. She immediately used her hand to cover her tummy and looked anxious and embarrassed. She then awkwardly laughed, “So annoying ah! I have only gained just a little weight from eating…. I’m not pregnant ah!”

“Gained weight from eating?” Lu Anran was skeptical. Qin Shuhan’s face was indeed rounder than before. She also looked healthy but those eyebags could not hide her tiredness. Could it be that she has indeed gained weight?

“Yeah!” Qin Shuhan tugged at her clothes and continued, “I wasn’t in a good mood recently and binge eat a little…..” She did not mean to deceive Lu Anran however, Lu Anran was Lu Anwei’s cousin, so she felt it was best to keep these matters a secret from Lu Anran.

“Oh I see….” Lu Anran nodded thoughtfully, “Teacher Qin, help me take a look and see if this is correct.”

Qin Shuhan coughed dryly a few times before walking to Lu Anran’s side to check her answers carefully. She then nodded, “The reasoning is correct but the use of these two formulas is not correct! See ah, if X=….” Qin Shuhan became wholly absorbed in explaining. As her slender fingertips moved across the question, her voice was gentle and very patient.

“Mm…..” Lu Anran felt enlightened after hearing Qin Shuhan’s explanations. She raised her head and looked at the side of Qin Shuhan’s face. Somehow, Qin Shuhan reminded her of someone familiar. She could not pinpoint who it was but it must be someone very familiar to her!

The three hour tuition went past quickly. When it was time, Qin Shuhan glanced at her watch, “I’m leaving first.”

“Teacher Qin, thank you very much…..” Lu Anran was a little embarrassed and said, “We originally agreed to meet every Saturday morning yet our meeting times change so frequently due to my own schedule and you often had to go along with my timings. I’m really sorry about that!”

“No problem.” Qin Shuhan patted Lu Anran’s shoulders. “You’re very busy! It’s understandable!”

The both of them chatted for a while before Qin Shuhan left Lu Anran’s room and headed downstairs. When she came to a corner on the first floor, a gentle male voice stopped her.

“Teacher Qin!”

“You are?” Qin Shuhan glanced at the man in front of her. He looks about 18 to 19 years old and was wearing a white shirt paired with jeans and a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles. He was leaning against the wall holding a cup of hot milk tea, and gave off a refined impression.

“I am the adopted son of Lu family, Lu Anran’s older brother in name. My name is Lin Haosheng. Nice to meet you!” Lin Haosheng politely introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you.” Qin Shuhan smiled and waited for Lin Haosheng to continue talking. Since he stopped her, he must have something he’s after!

“Thank you for taking care of Anran. I heard it was due to your help during middle school that Anran could achieve her grades today!” Lin Haosheng grinned and continued, “I really don’t know how to thank you!”

“That’s nothing. Anyway, I like Anran very much.” Qin Shuhan waved her hand. Why did she feel that Lu Anran was not on very good terms with Lin Haosheng?

“Are you free tomorrow? I would like to have tea with you….” Lin Haosheng’s eyes were full of affection and sincerity as he gazed at Qin Shuhan.

“Sorry, I have to prepare for class tomorrow.” Qin Shuhan bluntly rejected him.

“Oh I see! I was being too rude by making this kind of request. I hope I didn’t add to your troubles!” Lin Haosheng replied, showing a disappointed expression.

“To be honest, you better put away that expression of yours!” Qin Shuhan could not be bothered to deal with him anymore. After she got pregnant, her temper became even worse than before. When she was in the good mood, she would at least contribute a few sentences to deal with that person. When she was feeling moody, she would not even care about the other party’s feelings. “Just tell it to me straight! What exactly do you want?”

“Uh…..” Lin Haosheng was stunned. He did not expect Qin Shuhan to say that. After pausing for a while, he replied. “Teacher Qin has misunderstood! I didn’t stop you for any special reason. I just wanted to…..”

“No reason?” Qin Shuhan interrupted Lin Haosheng. “Since there is nothing, I’m leaving!” She then turned away with ease, not even giving Lin Haosheng the chance to continue talking.

As he gazed at Qin Shuhan’s receding figure, Lin Haosheng could not help clenching his fist. F*cking arrogant bitch! He just felt that Lu Anran trusted Qin Shuhan very much and if he could win over Qin Shuhan, it would be quite beneficial to his plan! It would be best if she could be just like Lingling who has become his pawn to manipulate! But this bitch doesn’t know what’s good for her! Hmph!

“Young Master Haosheng….” After Qin Shuhan left, Lingling descended the stairs. She was going to find Lin Haosheng just now, but when she saw him talking Qin Shuhan, she hid upstairs.

“Lingling?”” Hearing Lingling’s voice, Lin Haosheng immediate put on a hurt expression before looking at Lingling, “I… I just wanted to express my gratitude that’s all. I just wanted to do something for Lu Corporation, and for Aunty Ji….”

“Young Master Haosheng, I understand it all!” Lingling frowned slightly as she walked towards Lin Haosheng. “Young Master Haosheng, they will understand your good intentions sooner or later!”

“They won’t!” Lin Haosheng whispered to Lingling. “They won’t! As long as Lu Anran remains in Lu Corporation, they will never get it! They will only care about Lu Anran forever!”

“Young Master Haosheng…..” Lingling’s gaze was full of hesitation. Lu Anran’s words today really gave her a slap in the face. That sentence of “To be worthy of the name of a teacher” was like a huge mountain firmly weighing her down such that she could not even breathe! Her dream is to be a teacher. This was her dream from young yet, if she followed Lin Haosheng’s instructions to frame the Eldest Young Miss…. then even if she really became a schoolteacher in the future, how could she dare to stand on the podium to teach and educate others?

“Lingling, you are the only one left!” Lin Haosheng clasped Lingling’s hands and placed it in front of his lips, “Lingling, the entire world does not understand me, everyone looks down on me because I’m just an adopted son! I only have you!”

This kind of words touched the softest part of Lingling’s heart. Women are soft-hearted creatures. She could not leave and ignore Lin Haosheng who was such a pitiful person, especially since he have helped her and saved her entire family when she needed help the most. “Young Master Haosheng, I…. I will always be on your side….. I will do as you have instructed!”

“Lingling…. I knew….” Lin Haosheng hung his head as though he was really grateful and emotional at the same time. However, at an angle where Lingling could not see, Lin Haosheng was grinned with satisfaction. “Thank you so much….. My Lingling…..”

Lingling bit her lips. It was hell in front of her and a dark abyss behind her. Since she has already made her decision, she must keep on going…..

On the other hand, Qin Shuhan who just left the Lu Residence, drove back home directly where Qin Shumo was brewing lemon tea. “Older sis, you are home!”

“Mm.” Qin Shuhan went up straight back to her room. A short while later, Qin Shuhan came down from her bedroom upstairs. “Shumo, I have something to tell you!”

Qin Shumo was stunned before he placing down the cup he has just filled. He then sat up straight to look at Qin Shuhan, “What is it?”

“From November onwards, you have to make yourself available every Saturday!” Qin Shuhan said, “I want you to tutor Lu Anran for me!”

“What?” Qin Shumo froze. What does she mean?

Qin Shuhan gazed into Qin Shumo’s eyes, “If Lu Anran asks, tell her that I’m busy with my teaching evaluations and is really busy so you have to replace me for a period of time!”

“Why do I have to go instead of you?” Although Qin Shumo was happy to do so, he still felt a little puzzled. Doesn’t Qin Shuhan like Lu Anran very much?

Qin Shuhan laughed forcefully before pointing at her stomach. “Because my tummy is getting bigger and bigger…..” She could still use “weight gain” as an excuse to fool Lu Anran for now but once November comes around, weight gain or whatever excuses…. even idiots would not believe them!

“OK!” Qin Shumo nodded. Under this kind of situation, he was also considered as one who sacrifices his life in times of crisis! In any case, he also felt quite pleased internally. That Long Yuxing was really annoying, and unfortunately Lu Anran was also usually quite busy. If he could spend some time alone with Lu Anran every Saturday, that would be a most welcome opportunity!

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