Rebirth: Chapter 110

“Anran… You… You should be careful!” Chu Yao observed Lu Anran’s expression and silently guessed that Lu Anran has believed her words. After all, Yue Ningshan was Lu Anran’s future competitor in the business world, so it was totally normal if she (Yue Ningshan) does some underhand tricks. Also, Yue Ningshan was their senior in school. It was typical for her to look down upon Chu Yao and Lu Anran who have made a display of their abilities. Her words were so convincing that Lu Anran found it very hard to believe it was all made up.

“Got it.” Lu Anran nodded, and as she spotted a sparkle of smugness in Chu Yao’s eyes, she curled her lips up in a smirk before putting on vexed expression. “Actually, I asked you to come over today to tell you something that has been weighing on my mind!”

“What is it?” When Chu Yao heard that Lu Anran wanted share with her her worries, Chu Yao’s face lit up in joy. Does this mean she has fully regained Lu Anran’s trust once more? Are her days from the past going to come back? She still have so many things she has yet to buy!”

“It’s like this.” Watching Chu Yao’s expression, Lu Anran said, “You haven’t been to my house recently so you don’t know. The son that my father adopted before he disappeared has returned, he’s called Lin Haosheng.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Chu Yao’s heart was beating very quickly when she heard Lin Haosheng’s name.

“The person I wanted to talk to you about is this Lin Haosheng.” Lu Anran said, “He’s handsome, and quite gentle…..”

As Chu Yao heard Lu Anran praised Lin Haosheng, a pleased look appeared on Chu Yao’s face. For her, to hear compliments raining on the man she has chosen, it made her feel more joy than someone praising her!

“But….” Lu Anran suddenly changed the topic, “I just found out that a marriage has been arranged between us since young.”

“What?” Chu Yao said stunned, feeling as if she has just dropped from heaven to hell in an instant. “You are kidding!”

“Why would I lie to you ah!” Lu Anran looked at Chu Yao’s expression and knew immediately that she did not know this. Her plan was to get rid of her arranged marriage agreeement with Lin Haosheng and Chu Yao was the best tool for this. Recently, she has read many psychology books and thought of multiple ideas to counter Chu Yao. Lu Anran was well aware that as long as nothing unexpected happened, she could definitely hold this weakness over Chu Yao and pull off her plan successfully! With a second chance at life through reincarnation, she has absolutely no wish to marry Lin Haosheng again.

“How…How can this be….” Chu Yao felt as though she was punched heavily by someone. She never expected this… She has never heard Lin Haosheng mentioned this before ah!

“That Brother Haosheng seems to be very statisfied with this arranged marriage, and has been treated my mother and I very well, but I don’t feel anything towards him eh…what do you think?” Lu Anran gazed at Chu Yao. Her face looked troubled but her eyes were sharply pinned on Chu Yao’s face, catching every expression that passed by.

“I…. I think….” Chu Yao clenched her fist, pretending to be calm, “I think you should choose to marry someone you love!”

“Yeah! I also feel the same way, but Mom said that feelings can be cultivated….” replied Lu Anran.

“What’s there to cultivate!” Chu Yao said implusively, and only to realise that her tone was not good after it popped out of her mouth. She coughed and said, “Anran, I… I’m also worried for you ah! You might be unhappy at my thoughts! But I think that cultivated feelings are not real and sincere, real feelings are not gained through cultivation, but rather love at first sight! I think that Lin Haosheng is not suited for you!”

“Is that so….” Lu Anran eyes swiveled, “I got it, thanks!” Lu Anran smiled and thanked her, “I will consider it carefully.”

“Mhm!” Chu Yao nodded. Lin Haosheng was hers. No one can snatch him away, especially this Lu Anran! Lin Haosheng definitely cannot be stolen by her! “I will be leaving first ah!” Lu Anran carried her bag and waved her hand, “I’ll call you on the phone if anything comes up!”

“Okay.” Chu Yao nodded and smiled.

Lu Anran left the classroom straightaway. Noticing the reflection of Chu Yao’s jealous face and resentful eyes from the classroom window, she smirked at her. Chu Yao is too conceited. For this kind of person, as long as you master the method to control them, they are the best kind of person to make use of….

It was only when Lu Anran’s back disappeared from view, that Chu Yao let lose all of her indignation, punching the classroom wall. However, the pain was unable to suppress the hatred in her heart and so she punched the wall again. When her white delicate skin was already broken and blood dribbled down her fist, the throbbing pain allowed her to regain her sanity. She wanted to call Lin Haosheng at first instance to demand an explanation but she held back herself. She was well aware of her status and knew that Lin Haosheng was like her. If she wished for Lin Haosheng to remain by her side, the best method was not to call up to cry and threaten him as this would only push Lin Haosheng further away from her. Instead, it was best to become someone more valuable than Lu Anran. Evidently, the reason Lin Haosheng wanted to marry Lu Anran was because of the Lu Corporation so after getting rid of Lu Anran, Lin Haosheng would chose a woman who was best suited for him! All she has to do was to become that woman… So, she has to become very outstanding!

When Chu Yao turned her head, she saw the script on Lu Anran’s table. That should be Ji Ling’s….

Chu Yao gritted her teeth. She has to be the one who plays the role of the female protagonist! As she thought of that, Chu Yao also left Lu Anran’s classroom.

On the other hand, the moment Lu Anran left her classroom, she went off to find Lu Anhu. She told him to come to her classroom door to watch Chu Yao before ah! Where was he? After searching one round, she found him downstairs, and saw that there were two girls with Lu Anhu. If Lu Anran remember correctly, these two girls should be from Class A.

“Sorry.” Lu Anhu opened his mouth, “I have no interest in the both of you.”

Both girls were not satisfied with his answer, “What is it about me that you dislike? I can change it.”

“Same here!” The other girl immediately supported, showing her feelings clearly to him.

“I don’t like girls who chase after me.” Lu Anhu’s words made the expressions of both girls to freeze up. “It’s too un-lady like.”

Lu Anran cannot help but give Lu Anhu a thumbs-up. These words were too powerful! He does not like to be chased after by girls. Ptff…. Those two pitiful girls… They were quite pretty. Only regrettably, love cannot be forced, and truthfully, she also cannot imagine what kind of girl Lu Anhu would like, Lu Anhu…. was probably more suited with a cute little girl….. (T/N: …..Ji Ling?????)

“Anran!” Lu Anhu caught sight of the sneaky Lu Anran and gave both girls a nod after shouting. “Excuse me.” He quickly trotted over to Lu Anran, “let’s go!”

“Oh….” Lu Anran smiled slightly, and gazed at the crestfallen faces of the two girls before turning to leave with Lu Anhu. “Those two girls are quite pitiful.”

“So?” Lu Anhu glanced at Lu Anran, “They clinged onto me the moment school ended. I originally intended to go and find you. Has everthing been resolved?”

“Yes, all done.” Lu Anran replied. “On Chu Yao’s side, it’s almost done. All that’s left is to wait until the school play event, You have to help me keep an eye on Chu Yao and also look after Ji Ling.”

“You’re worried that Chu Yao will do something to Ji Ling?” Lu Anhu asked.

“She is the type to use all kinds of underhanded tricks to achieve her goal, so if we don’t keep our guard up against her when Ji Ling is competing against her for the same role, I feel like she will stab us in the back.” said Lu Anran.

“OK.” Lu Anhu nodded. “Other than Chu Yao, were there any other incidents?”

“Incidents?!” Lu Anran immediately thought of Long Yuxing, “How can anything else happen? No such thing! Let’s go!”

“Mm?” Lu Anhu frowned. It was not often that he get to see Lu Anran panicking. Looks like this little kid is hiding something from him… but he won’t press her, when the time comes for him to know, Lu Anran will naturally tell him.

“Let’s go!” Lu Anran strode off quickly, reaching the car park basement and got onto the car.

“…..” Lu Anhu followed her and got on. “We’re going home?”

“No, to Xing Dong” Lu Anran said. “Today is the first day for the shop to be decorated, I want to go and take a look personally.”

“Ok.” Lu Anhu nodded. “I’ll call Aunt to tell her we are not going home for dinner.”

“En.” Lu Anran nodded.

“Are you going to Xing Dong, Young Miss?” Uncle Zhang asked to confirm again.

“Yes, Uncle Zhang.” Lu Anran replied.

“Understood.” Uncle Zhang nodded and started driving, internally happy that the Young Miss was so responsible, but also worried whether she was pushing herself too hard.

On the other hand, the two girls who have been turned down by Lu Anhu, bawled until their eyes were red and swollen.

“Liu Ling, don’t cry anymore….” One girl comforted the other. “It’s not… it’s not like we don’t have any chance right? We still have three more years…. as long as we become outstanding, Lu Anhu will see our sincere hearts sooner or later.”

“En…..” Liu Ling pouted and sniffed. “But I feel like the gap between us is too big. Lu Anhu won’t ever like us… The way he speaks to Lu Anran is so different to how he talks to us! Xiao Yan, do you think it’s possible that he….”

“Isn’t Lu Anran his cousin?” Xiao Yan denied it instantly. “It’s impossible!”

“That’s also true… Then why is Lu Anhu always running off towards Class D ah! He went there again during lunch this afternoon.” Liu Ling said, “This is beyond the duties of one’s cousin brother isn’t it?”

“This…. I heard previously that he goes to Class D because of Lu Anran’s deskmate, Ji Ling I think….” Xiao Yan said guessing.

“That’s right, she’s called Ji Ling!” Chu Yao’s sudden appearance gave the both of them a fright.

“Class Monitor?” Liu Ling and Xiao Yan gazed at Chu Yao in shock. “How… How come you are still here?”

“Err…. I was busy with Class Monitor work, and just finished.” Originally, Chu Yao was already prepared to leave, but she overheard Lu Anran’s name come up in their conversation and had moved closer to eavesdrop. When she heard them talk about Ji Ling, Chu Yao felt that she could make use of them so she decided to make her presence known, “That’s not important. The most important thing is that it’s a fact that Lu Anhu always run off to Class D because of Ji Ling. I think neither of you are able to match up to Ji Ling’s looks or grades or any other aspects ah!”

Xiao Yan and Liu Ling have never met Ji Ling and only heard of her, so they were not convinced.

“We’re classmates throughout Primary and Middle school, so I can tell you some things….” A dark shadow flickered through Chu Yao’s eyes before clearing up.

This role, she’s determined to win it.


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